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Greetings, and welcome to Earthling
Cinema. I am your host, Garyx Wormuloid. This week’s artifact is The Empire Strikes Back,
the fifth film in the Disney franchise Star Wars, and the most critically acclaimed until
Episode 12: Rise of Darth Goofy. The film is a sequel, which means means all
your favorite characters are back: Vader, Leia, TARS, this guy. Even Luke couldn’t
stay away! When Empire begins, the gang is hiding at
a ski resort called Hoth. Vader is pissed that they’re hogging all the slopes,
so he attacks them with giant robot turtles. Foregoing a concentrated attack from behind,
the rebels fly around erratically, then make a trip-wire out of the strongest rope in the
universe. Han and Leia escape with their sidekicks and
hide inside a snake. Luke escapes to planet Dagobah with his sidekick and meets Yoda,
who inexplicably acts like a crazy person just to trick Luke for five minutes.
Luke begins his Jedi training, which consists of wearing a backpack while doing some light
exercise. Meanwhile, Han and Leia go to the lazily-named
Cloud City to get ambushed by Vader, who freezes Han in carbonite just to show he can afford
it. Fun fact: actor Harrison Ford ad-libbed the
line “I know” instead of using the written line “I know you are but what am I?”
Leia and the sidekicks escape with some help from the mayor, but not before Luke falls
for Vader’s bait like a total Yajj noobula. Vader disarms Luke and tries to have a heart
to heart with him, but Luke bails. Classic teenager, embarrassed to be seen with his
dad. The Empire Strikes Back is visually distinct
from its predecessor, and not just because of the decisive lack of sidebuns. Whereas
before it was mostly sand and starships, here it is predominantly snow, swamp, and clouds,
with some lizard bowels thrown in for good measure.
Still, the film touches on a few of the same themes, such as humanism and nature over technology.
Yoda, like Obi-Wan in Episode IV, lives a simple life on the bayou — the Jedi master
way, but not something traditionally associated with power. When Darth Vader is in his power
pod, we catch a brief glimpse of his milky white head, revealing that he does have some
humanity left in him, and probably takes his helmet off for naps and showers. Later, when
Luke misplaces his hand, he puts on a cybernetic prosthesis, symbolically moving him one step
closer to his father, a hybrid of man and machine. He’s still got that squeaky voice
though. Must’ve gotten that from his mother’s side.
The Dark Side of the Force becomes a central conflict for Luke. Swiss psychiatrist
Carl Jung believed in something called “the shadow,” the unknown dark part of human
personality. Inside Yoda’s cave practice facility, Luke confronts an illusion of Darth
Vader and defeats him by slicing his neck with the light-thingy. But behind Vader’s mask, Luke sees
his own face. As Jung say “Everyone carries a shadow,
and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it
is.” Black and dense like… Vader’s helmet? Ooh, I’m getting goosebumps! Which, of course,
means it’s nearly time for me to molt. You might say that the Dark Side threatens
to turn Luke’s world upside down. And indeed, Luke does spend much of the movie inverted
like some sort of bat-boy. This can be related to the idea of the Hanged Man as seen in Tarot
symbolism. Remember Miss Cleo? Yeah, me neither. Luke is upside down three times in the movie:
in the wampa cave, training with Yoda, and trying to fix a TV antenna, and in each instance
Luke uses the force. This is in line with the description of the hanged man as being
in deep concentration — complete calm and assurance — rather than pain. Another element that separates this film from
the previous one is the addition of Yoda, a very popular character among humans and
frogs alike. Yoda’s name means “warrior” in Sanskrit, and “badass” in every other
language. The make-up artist Stuart Freeborn based Yoda partly on his own face and partly
on the face of celebrated patent clerk Albert Einstein. In addition to being a handsome
devil, Yoda ascribes to the principles of stoicism, an ancient Greek philosophy whose
faithful believed emotions like fear, envy, lust, or passion arose from false judgments. “Excitement, a jedi craves not these things.” The sage — a person who had attained moral and intellectual perfection — would not succumb
to such trivial pursuits, despite a love for knowledge-based board games.
Empire’s most lasting impact is the line “I am your father”. Often misquoted as
“Luke, I am your father,” this phrase was inescapable on Earth, especially at adoption agencies. Vader’s reveal was one of the original twist endings in Earth’s cinematic
history, and therefore a source of the very first spoilers. In fact, historians believe
they can trace the phrase “spoiler alert” to a ticket line outside a screening of Episode
V in Pensacola, Florida. This alert lead Earth down a dangerous path, eventually culminating
in a spoiler culture that left humans paralyzed with fear of checking the internet unless
completely caught up with Game of Thrones. Fortunately, this all stopped when their planet
exploded. For Earthling Cinema, I’m Garyx Wormuloid.

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  1. You forgot to mentioned the theme of temptation, which both Jesus and the Buddha confronted at some point in their life. Both of them dealt with temptation in 3 waves. In short, your video would have been about 10 minutes plus with that theme as part of your discussion. May the force be with u.

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