Goo Jit Zu – 2 Pack of Glow in The Dark Thrash and Rockjaw

Hello today we are going to open Goo Jit Zu Thrash and Rock Jaw This is Thrash He is shark This is Rock Jaw and he is crocodile These two figures are grow in the dark Here they wrote it Grow In The Dark He is super stretchy This is their logo The logo of his group That’s good for press it his body You can do as you like This figure has rocks inside Here are the rocks and there is a sound too … cool He is a little bit soft This is the villain logo of his group Awesome There are fins His tail also can stretch Here is the hand glove too He is the head of the villain group He is a little bit heavy He also wore necklace here golden color Inside got glitter a little His body return to his original shape after you stretch it And then here got shark’s fins These two guys are grow in the dark Moreover his body can twist Here you can see the rocks inside Inside got something with red color cold bottle Here it is the cold bottle with red color He also got something with green color here here These two guys are grow in the dark Here it is. He is shark. very bright…. this is crocodile Here you can stretch it Awesome Both very bright You can hear the sound of rock because of rocks inside And then can here sound of water These two pack shark only grow in the dark This single pack is not grow in the dark And then these two sharks are not the same He got more glitter and the color is more bright His color is a little light and then glitter also less inside He is scorpius He is monkey His body feels like a shark body This two pack also grow in the dark here written as grow in the dark He is tiger He is snake His body is a little hard Here is Goo Jit Zu Blazagon Large size This is small His body also has pearl ball his body also has He got with light and sound You can see there are small balls inside Both are soft He is small and he is big He is heavy Thanks for watching…see you in next video Bye Bye… Hello we are going to ….. brother you are laughing

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