Gog (1954) Drama, Sci-Fi, Romance Full Length Movie

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70 thoughts on “Gog (1954) Drama, Sci-Fi, Romance Full Length Movie

  1. Somehow a funky steampunk robot survived until 1954! Shocking.. but true! Gotta admit tho this would be fun in original 3D.

  2. Absolutely beautiful copy of this movie. Thank you! Now could you possibly upload my favorite sci fi movie in HD if possible. “Target Earth”

  3. strange—everything in this movie has come to be and is true today even though the movie was made years ago. God help us. PS==look up our new military branch called=Space Force

  4. I better go first it's pretty hot and I am wearing the shower curtain so I will be safe! Lucky you came in behind me this level of radiation will kill you.Oh it already did kill someone so lucky I'm in my curtain and we can ignore the fact your not wearing no protection.

  5. Pepe, the subject of the experiment at the opening, is a New World monkey, a capucin, genus Cebus. New World monkeys have prehensile tails and Pepe wraps his tail around his caretaker's forearm.

  6. F-86s magically transformed into T-33s, and back to F-86 for the landing. Stock footage, where would 1950s movies be without it…..

  7. 1st guy: "The brain just took over ."
    2cd guy: "the brain ?"
    1st guy: "Yes . It's an organ of soft nervous tissue contained in the skull of vertebrates, functioning as the coordinating center of sensation and intellectual and nervous activity. But that's not important right now ."

  8. "Radar beams" are microwaves in case you didn't know. Soldiers and other personnel used to keep warm by standing in proximity to radar installations, that's how the tech was repurposed for consumer use "microwave oven." Housewives wouldn't like "radar oven."

  9. That is one of the ugliest helicopters I've ever seen. Oh and nothing serious just a little too much radiation?

  10. If someone could digitally insert Leslie Nielson, Steve Martin and Bill Murray into this it'd be a blockbuster called Radiation Rocket Robots of Sector Seventeen

  11. I was hoping someone would upload a better quality version of this great early 50's flick! Thank you!
    Now, how about "Riders to the Stars"?

  12. a real golden turkey award winner of a movie if ever i have seen one……..on the same level as revenge of the killer tomatoes.

  13. 1954 into the future. This is 2020 technology modified and into infinity of the future!! Thumbs up to this video!! 👍👍

  14. 1:05:30. I knew a bitch slap would straighten her out. Just kidding. I don't advocate violence against women. Remember Airplane where the passengers lined up to pop the hysterical woman?.

  15. The only protection against radiation is : Time , Distance and Sheilding. Translated that means stay out of the reactor containment area unless it's absolutely necessary to enter it. Spend the least amount of time in there when it is necessary to enter it and wear a lead lined suit when you do enter it . Oh ! and don't depend upon a woman to have your back while your locked inside……Any variation of that procedure could be highly hazardous to your health so quit and go home

  16. I just watched this on Amazon the other night. Surprised I missed this one as a kid. I'm pretty sure Gog and MaGog (Andromeda ?) gave birth to a bunch of baby Daleks !

  17. I can just imagine what those actors were thinking when they read the scripts, "This is the bottom of the barrel"..

  18. A person watching this in 1954 probably would have thought we'd have everything figured out by 2000. Surprise!! We aren't even remotely close to nuclear fusion.

  19. The very beautiful alrine towne with the hypo in the opening shot, also in white heat, best known for the commando cody
    T V show in 1955 plus the 1952 serial Radar men from the moon at republic studios.

  20. Oh gods! Punch cards and Punch Tape…. I remember having to learn to read punch cards even though they were phasing them out.. Uhggg!

  21. A flying television set orbiting the earth observing everything that happens. That would prove wether the earth is flat or not.

  22. I loved this movie when I was a boy. It is still fun to watch, but some parts are laughable now. At 50:00 they are standing in front on a picture of the generators in Hoover Dam. They show F86 Saber jets taking off, but then cut to a shot of a T33 training jet. Oh well, still a fun flix. And yes some parts do remind me of The Andromeda Strain.

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