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Wow guys awesome news today playmate
toys got to call first Godzilla toys license from what I could see I went to
several different Walmart’s and I found all of these awesome Kong and Godzilla
toys let’s go ahead and check them out and I hope they are coming out with a
lot more because the movie doesn’t come Godzilla vs Kong Toys 2020 Movie Toys King Kong Vs Godzilla WD Toys community section of my channel which
one of these toys you want to see me unbox first okay so we’re gonna start
with the King Kong so this is calm it says Scott Island but since Scott
Island movie came out like years ago I’m sort of wondering did they get the item
the rights for the Skull Island toys or is this leading up into the new Kong vs.
Godzilla so this is definitely a new King Kong I mean I think he looks pretty
cool he’s not as big as the one from Lander toys so as you can see the Lanyrd
wand is a lot bigger in my opinion I think laner did a better job on it I
mean if you look at this King call number that looks a lot more realistic
than this one this one here looks almost more toy like I mean he does have the
scratches and everything and I know the one from the Skull Island one that King
Kong was a juvenile Kong so maybe this is in a dot-com or they are really just
remaking the toys from Skull Island but me it seems kind of a coincidence
why remake the toys from Skull Island now especially with the Kong vs.
Godzilla movie coming out and if they are remaking them then playmates toys
probably has license for Kong vs. Godzilla but right now I’m gonna say
these are the new Kong vs. Godzilla toys because it’s just too close to the
release of the movie I know it’s November but the toys come out way ahead
of time so there you can see the new and then they also made a smaller Kong so
again this is come from Skyland this one looks a lot more docile I mean you could
see he looks totally relaxed I don’t know maybe King Kong had a kid I have no
idea you don’t know what happened in Scotland that was 50 years ago 50 years
before this one’s released so in 50 years a lot lot could happen so here you
got a big Angry Kong and here you’ve got like I don’t really care Laidback type
of pong so there again you can see it is talking about Skull Island
but Kong is gonna be King Kong is gonna be coming from Skull Island so it’s sort
of my so this is definitely the monster
verse and then I don’t think it’s a coincidence and they are coming out with
the new Godzilla toys at the same time as they’re coming out with the King Kong
toys so to me it seems like they definitely got the license I mean these
could be the Godzilla toys are ready from Kong verse Zilla I mean I know it
says 2004 but maybe they’re gonna come out with a whole line of the Godzilla
ones so this is cool too you got a good movement on the arms and the head it is
a big figure right in line with the COG one and from what I’m reading Kong is
supposed to be about the same size as Godzilla and the new one so Kong has
growing lock one thing we didn’t check was movement so not that much movement
on the Kong figures pretty much similar to the Lanyrd ones so this is talking
about the 2004 Godzilla final Wars but it is playmate toys 2020 license like I
said I think they got the licensing rights for the
syllabus and then they also came out with 2016 Godzilla which is leading me
up to the same theory I think they’re gonna come out with a whole line of the
past Godzilla’s leading right up to the new one this one does look cool it’s not
as cool as the neck of one NECA did a much better job but it is decently
affordable I believe this one was $15 at Walmart so you can see they will have a
gig and that’s this Godzilla hair they’re gonna have a destroyer and space
Godzilla which I already have so the Godzilla the king of the monster toys
which came came out like two years ago those were made by Jack specific so it
looks to me like Jack specific lost the license to them so playmates toys
definitely is looking like they’re gonna be the ones that’s gonna have the
license for Kong vs. Godzilla so that’s gonna be coming out this year 2020
November so once again you’ve got four of them so I’m hoping they do come out
with the whole line of them you know not much movement and or anything but it’s a
new line of Godzilla toys so I’m super excited for the Godzilla’s and the
clones and once again you can see if you look at the smaller calling figure they
have and lines up exactly with the Godzilla toys so once again it’s showing
Godzilla and Cuong are gonna be pretty much the same size so I’m sort of
wishing they almost came out with another one of the big figures that are
that Lander toys did I I can’t say enough of Lehner toys guys I mean
they’re like a toy production company which a lot of
don’t know about the lantern went all out I mean when they do a license I mean
they do a great job so they did do the King Kong Skull Island ones which are
actually the rest of this week guys I’m gonna be showing you guys those toys
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