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(screeching) (sobbing) – [Daniella] You gotta show me what it is! – I can’t believe this! – [Daniella] What’s really
cool about that Barbie? – We found her first patch
on January first of 2017, and then, her hair fell
out within 21 days, and then she lost her eyebrows
a couple months later, and then the rest of her body hair a couple of months after that. – But for some reason,
my eyelashes stayed. – When it first happened, like,
we’ve always just been like, oh yeah, bald is beautiful. That’s kind of been our
slogan, just ’cause it doesn’t matter if you’re bald. And, I mean, she can rock it. – I think the biggest
thing is that, just making her feel normal, because she is. Like, I go and talk to
her class every year about what alopecia is, and you
know, just letting those kids know it’s not contagious. Like, people have brown hair,
black hair, straight hair, curly hair, short hair, long hair, and she just doesn’t have any hair. (screeching) (sobbing) – [Daniella] You gotta show me what it is. (sobbing) How cool is that, huh? – I can’t believe this! – [Daniella] What’s really
cool about that Barbie? – There’s two, I can have twins. The really cool thing is that
they’re bald just like me! – [Daniella] (laughing) Can
you say thank you Alopecia Areata Foundation, huh.
– Thank you Alopecia Areata Foundation. I like this one because
it is bald like me, and it’s different than all the Barbies, and I like this one ’cause it’s me, and I also like that I can sleep with her. – This little crocheted doll
came from a friend of mine who makes these, and she
was making it for one of her nieces and before she attached
the hair she realized that it looked like Nessa and
so she sent it to us. – When I got these dolls,
I feel really happy ’cause I finally have stuff
that actually show me. – There’s been times
that she’s made comments, like we’re watching a movie, “Why are the bad guys always bald?” or something like that. So it was kind of good
to see, like, hey there’s cool, bald dolls as well. – I think it’s really
awesome because we’re all unique and different, and
you’re just very courageous and brave, and I love you for it.

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3 thoughts on “Girl surprised with doll that is bald like her | Humankind

  1. Deadpool is bald and he is not a bad guy. Professor Xavier also bald also not a bad guy. Nick fury, Hobbs and Shaw, all not bad guys. List goes on…..

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