GIGANTOSAURUS VS T-REX!! Huge Box New Dinosaur Adventure Toys Vs Jurassic World Dino Toys

t-rex first began to sore ass who will
be our Victor Wow today we have a big huge box full of together sorta stores
boy I’m super excited guys check specific sent me this big huge box of
began to Sora’s toys you can see the gig ant asaurus is so huge he takes up
almost the whole front of the box here GIGANTOSAURUS VS T-REX!! Huge Box New Dinosaur Adventure Toys Vs Jurassic World Dino Toys Wow and inside here they have a big huge
awesome box began to Saurus plays so here is our gig and asuras heroes I do
apologize guys I did not get a chance to watch the show yes so I don’t know their
names if you know all four of their names put
it in the comment section down below so you can see the box is really cool
it’s just box of gig into Soros toys but without further ado let’s go ahead and
open it up okay so let’s see what is in the box
whoa we’ve got a gig an – Soros war and stomp
giganto awesome you get the Soros Dino friends set we have a plush rocky plush
crore and we had another Oh another awesome began to Soros okay then on top
of all that they gave us a bunch of big huge dinosaur footsteps ha ha ha
footprints I mean and a big awesome background to play with cool ok let’s go
ahead and check these out while our big huge Jurassic world
Dino wars in the background awesome so gigantasaurus is supposed to be the
biggest Dino but our big colossal to Gant asaurus again
this bike it opens its mouth and roars roaring sounds stomping sounds it says
press the spike on the back of kantos head for chomping action and roaring
sound tail moves and head open all samus check her out okay so our gig antal does
have stomping sounds and roaring okay so you can tow is awesome his arms will
move he does have a bunch of Awful’s here but this is like let’s expensive
odd toy for I would say younger kids but you know I I like it myself it sounds really cool all these toys
were sent to me by my friends at Jack’s Pacific to review for you guys but next
to my colossal t-rex thank you to Soros is tiny okay let’s check out this
giganto so this is a smaller one that was in there
let’s see okay I don’t know if he does anything let’s check it out okay so this
was more of a simple toy I mean his arms and his legs move so it’s a really nice
solid heavy toy you can see compared to the big big ant oh it is quite a bit
smaller so I guess this one could be giganto baby okay now you can’t the
surahs these are the Dino friends says so we have bill Mizzou rocky in tiny all
song was go ahead okay so we’re gonna go ahead and check out bill first I built
looks awesome so he’s got his arms up in a punching
motion so I guess when the gig into storage comes around to threaten his
brand-new site and then masu will have to pop out to save his friend so he’s
got like a fist and finger and then rocky will pop off Rocky’s got
double fist action here so he’s gonna box deck you can’t do like what it puts
with my friend and then of course tiny ends gonna pop all my knees like so tiny
is looks like he’s almost playing like rock paper scissors with his hand could
move his hands out so tiny is just a really cute little dinosaur okay then we
have some awesome plushies says begin to soar rocky so
awesome rockin hides awesome I really like this one and we have and we have like I said I haven’t watched the show
yet it looks really fun so cord to me looks like one of the bad guy so let me
know guys I mean it’s thick you can to Saurus really a bad guy in the movie or
is he a good guy trying to help these little guys you know against the other
bad dinosaurs let me know but anyways these are all
the awesome toys that were sent to me by my friends that Jackson Pacific I really
love these began to soar toys and I’m sure you will do so if you want in today
secret word is the word go ahead and put that in the comment section below the
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