– Welcome home everyone, you’re here on the Carl and Jinger family channel, and today we are going to try and attempt to sink our giant LEGO box fort into the bottom of the swimming pool because everyday’s a new day – [Together] Let’s make it an awesome one. – [Jinger] Will an individual block sink? – Don’t break yourself, careful! And–
– Three, two, one go! (yells)
– Oh no! – [Jinger] In the last
video, we built this giant LEGO box fort, which is so
cool, and it’s still standing! – Yeah!
– Yeah! – [Jinger] Which is so
cool, we actually built this a couple days ago and it’s
just been sitting there. We’ve had a couple wind storms, and it is pretty solid which means it’s really really heavy.
– Oh yeah. – That’s definitely gonna be a challenge getting it into the pool, but I think it will be a benefit once
we get it into the pool, I think it will end up
sinking ’cause it is so heavy. And every one of the
blocks has holes in it, so the water can go through
it, which is awesome, but Kyle had a good question,
what was your question Kyle? – How are we going to lift it?
– How are we gonna lift it? That is a brilliant question. I think lifting it is possible, but lifting and moving
it is gonna be tricky. But we do have some tools at our disposal, so I think we can get it. The other question we had is will an individual block sink or will it float? So we’re gonna do a
couple experiments first before we try to stick this whole thing into the swimming pool, we’re gonna take a couple of the blocks,
maybe do a mini stack. Put it in the pool see if it will sink, or if it will float,
what’s your guys’ vote? – I think they’re gonna sink,
’cause there’s the holes. – I definitely think they’re gonna sink. – I don’t know, I think
they actually might float. I think there’s a chance, ’cause we’ve done something like this in the past, I don’t remember exactly what it was but, I’m pretty sure that they’re gonna float. – You guys, tell us up
in the poll right now, do you think that the
blocks are gonna sink, or are they gonna float, I wanna know. Okay, so Luke’s actually
gonna go into the pool, we’re gonna give him a couple blocks, and we’re gonna see if they sink or float. Now Luke, I think it’s really important if you take a single
block, you’re gonna have to sink it to the bottom
of the pool, and let go, and then see what happens because we want a good, valid test, right? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Jinger] Kyle, while
Luke’s gettin’ ready to get in the pool, will you get a stack of five big blocks, and stack ’em up so that we can have a test stack. – Yeah. – Luke already grabbed the single block, so we’re gonna do that test first, then we’re gonna stack up a few of them and see if they sink or if
they float better or worse so that we know, when there’s
more grouped together, if we’re gonna need more weight to go on top of the entire structure or if they’ll hold each other down. – Okay you guys so I
have one of each block, I have a small block here,
and I have a big block, and I think I’m just gonna
go for the big block first, and see if it’ll sink or if it will float, then I’ll do the same with the small block and then we can do a
whole bunch of blocks. – [Gage] Luke, is the water warm? – Yeah it is actually, I’m
gonna hop in right here. Ah yeah, look there’s even
steam coming off of the pool. That is so warm.
(upbeat music) (yells) – [Gage] Oh my gosh! – (laughs) You scared me! (laughter) – [Jinger] (laughs) Did you?
– Yeah you did! – You guys were all serious over here! Okay you guys, I think me and Luke are ready to test out the blocks, whether or not they sink or float. – Okay, this is test number one, we have a single red large block. Alright, let’s do this
and three, two, one! – [Gage] Man I wonder
if this is gonna work, I don’t think it’s gonna work since the plastic’s lighter than the water. Wait, is it working? I think it’s working. – Okay, so the single large
blocks sunk under water but it kinda slowly floated up, so I think a little bit more weight will allow it to stay under water. – I totally agree with you Luke, I think we should try
out the stack of five that I have already created.
– What about this! – Woo!
– Yeah! – We are going to try
this for test number two and see if just a little bit
of weight will hold it down. Let’s do it Luke.
– ‘Kay! Test number two, a stack
of five big blocks, alright ready and three, two, one! – [Gage] Okay, now I think this is definitely not gonna work. – It seems to float pretty well. I think I’m gonna go and try to lay it on its side this time,
let’s go in three, two, one! (upbeat music) – Yeah I definitely don’t
think that this is gonna work, ’cause I feel like since
all of the plastic combined and all the air bubbles inside the plastic and the fact that the plastic’s lighter than all of the water, I don’t think that this is gonna work, so we’re gonna have to add some weight on
top of the entire box fort. – Gage, I think you’re totally right, we need to get some
sort of weighted object to put on top of the box fort that will kind of stay in place,
do you guys have any idea? The first thing I thought
was like mini sandbags, but we don’t have anything like that. – We have like medicine
balls but like those– – I think they’ll roll off though. – Yeah. – What if we use like real bricks? We have leftover landscaping bricks, do you wanna try that?
– Let’s do it. – Let’s grab a brick and see if a brick will hold down even just
five of the plastic bricks, which I think it will, but let’s just go ahead and test it out so
we know what we’re doing, and see if it will balance on top. – This is test number
three, a stack of six and a real brick, let’s do
this in three, two, one, go! – [Gage] Now I’m really curious to see if this one works ’cause the brick is definitely heavier than
all the plastic LEGO blocks, but I don’t know actually about this one. We’re gonna have to see. – Okay you guys, Gage,
Gage, that totally worked! – [Gage] It did?
– That totally did work! – Yes, it’s totally
standing there so secure it looks awesome, I think that
should be our plan don’t you? – Yeah, let’s do it.
– Alright let’s do it! Oh man, that swimming pool is warm, but it’s not that warm out here, so I had to put on a nice warm hat, but I think we’re ready to actually try and move the giant LEGO box
fort into the swimming pool. I’m so excited, are you excited? – Yeah!
– Oh look there’s Carl, Carl! – Did you guys come out here and do experiments without me already? – [Jinger] Yes, we already
know how the floating is gonna work, we definitely
have to weigh it down. – Did they all just
float right to the top? – [Jinger] It was slow, it was so funny because when you float one block, it floats up really slowly, but if you float multiple
blocks, it floats up faster. – Really? So extra blocks doesn’t add more, it doesn’t add more weight,
it captures more air and makes it more buoyant or something. – [Jinger] Yes, yes, so Kyle grabbed all these bricks, and we did a test of six bricks and they
just stack right on top and balance on the giant LEGOs so we’re ready to move this into the pool and get it sunk and weighted
down are you guys ready? – I say that we do it
because look at this, it’s like all we have to do
is put it on these carts, wheel it right up to the edge, right? – [Jinger] Right. – And then as we wheel it
off the edge, we can pull the carts off to the side.
– Yes. – And just set it in there. And if it like, tips
over, it all floats right, so we can just try to hold it together. – [Jinger] Exactly! – And we’re rotate it
and sink it to the bottom and then we’ll put the bricks on top. I think it’s gonna work as long as it doesn’t break apart right? – [Jinger] (laughs) Right. So we have the furniture rollies that we’re gonna put it on and roll it to the edge of the pool.
– Alright let’s do it. Jinger’s swimming down there, she’s getting ready to set up the camera, the underwater camera because we’re about to put this on the carts and dunk it in the deep end, you ready to help me out Gage? – Yeah, I’m not sure if
this is gonna work though. I think it’s too buoyant and it’s just gonna overwhelm the weight of the bricks. – [Carl] Well I don’t know, we’re gonna put it in the water, try
to get the air out of it and find out.
– I’ll help you guys! – Alright, sounds good. Let’s see, we gotta pick
it up from the bottom and get the cart underneath it here. Uh-oh, it’s already breakin’ apart. You have to lift.
– You gotta be really careful! – Oh no, our doorway’s
already comin’ apart here. – This part right here. – ‘Kay we got that. We might have to rebuilt some of this down in the deep end, but–
– Need help over here! – Okay, okay, here we’ll
get this back side. You slide this under
when I lift, you ready? – Yeah. – I gotta get my fingers under there, so slippery, and now it’s
tryin’ to roll away from me now! (laughs) It’s like a little puzzle!
– (laughs) Yeah. – I can’t even get a grip! There we go, maybe if I just push the whole thing, it’ll slide. There we go, Kyle guide us!
– Okay! – Steer it!
– Ah, this way! – Don’t break it Kyle, careful! (plastic scraping) – [Kyle] Oh no! – Wait wait wait,
communicate, communicate! (talking over each other) – [Luke] Alright I got this. – Ah, it’s all comin’ apart Kyle! (record scratch) (laughing and yells of disappointment) Alright, we’re gonna have to
rebuild this under the water, let’s get this out of the
way and get it in the pool. (plastic scraping) Alright, we’re getting to the point where it’s about to go in
the water, are we ready? – Yeah.
– Yeah! – [Carl] Okay, in–
– Three, two, one, go! (upbeat music and yelling)
– Oh no! – It’s definitely, well
that’s kinda sinking. (upbeat music) Alright, well there’s no other solution, we’re gonna have to
sink this to the bottom and try to build it
under water, oh my God. Wow, this is really cool lookin’ though, I kinda wanna jump in and swim around. – [Gage] I mean it’s kind of
like a giant LEGO raft now! – [Carl] I know, it kind of is! – [Kyle] Let’s go!
– Go. – Alright we gotta push it all the way to the bottom
of the pool you guys, ready? Here we go, one, two, three, go! – [Gage] Awh man, I’m not
sure if this is gonna work! ‘Cause all the pieces, they’re just like floating everywhere, oh my gosh. – We have to get bricks! – [Gage] Dad, is it working down there? – It keeps floating up,
I think the trick is, we’re gonna have to go down with like three bricks at a time and just pin it. – [Luke] ‘Kay.
– ‘Kay. – Here, everybody take
a brick except for Kyle. – Okay got it, Kyle you’re just gonna help us push it down okay?
– ‘Kay! – Ready?
– Yeah! – Let’s try to pull it all the way to this back wall so we can use the wall to help push us down.
– Okay. – ‘Kay ready?
– Yep. – ‘Kay ready, go.
– Go. – [Gage] Oh gosh. This is crazy! Oh my gosh!
– Woo, I think we got it! – [Gage] You got it?
– I lost a brick! If you can get me two more bricks, my feet are on it holding it down. – Okay go Luke! – Get me two more bricks and we’ll get it. – [Gage] Hurry hurry hurry, it’s working! – I got one. – This one down and put it on Kyle. (upbeat music) – [Gage] Dad, is it working down there? – It’s totally working, I think
we got four bricks on it now and we got it pinned down, now we just have to put the rest of the bricks on, get the scattered pieces,
and rebuild this thing. – [Gage] Man that thing
looks crazy down there! – It’s awesome, let’s go check it out. (upbeat music) – [Gage] Now all these
guys are gonna start rebuilding like one of the front entryways or one of the walls, and it’s starting to look better already, this is crazy, I can’t believe we’re doing this! (upbeat music) – Here’s the thing you guys, trying to swim down with
giant chunks of the wall, they’re just so buoyant,
you have to swim down with like bricks and
help and all this stuff, it’s super difficult, so I think we just need to start grabbing small chunks at a time
or one or two bricks and just swimming down as fast as we can and just rebuilding it
one piece at a time. – I think that’s a good idea because it seems to work really
well like three or four. – Yeah but if you try to do a whole wall, you just can’t even get it down, it just floats you right up.
– Yeah it’s impossible. – Yeah it’s too buoyant it doesn’t work. (upbeat music) – [Gage] How’s it going down there? – I mean it’s goin’ pretty good right now, we’re just
tryin’ to build that wall and that corner around there, and I think it will be awesome. – [Gage] Ooh, it’s goin’ good so far! (upbeat music) – One more corner you guys, oh yeah! – [Luke] Yeah!
– Yeah! (upbeat music) – Oh you guys, that’s a lot more difficult than you would think. Going under the water, the LEGOs really try to float up on you, and even when you put the bricks down, the buoyancy of the water and the movement and everything goin’ on down there, it’s really complicated
and really challenging to try and build a box fort
under water with these LEGOs. But we did learn a lot didn’t we? – Yeah we did I think
one of the main things is that we should build
the windows and the doors more securely and with more layers instead of having a single layer over the top of the door or the window it needs to be multiple
layers, so I think we learned a lot and I think next time we’re gonna definitely
have a different approach. – Yeah I think the way that
we loaded it into the pool was the big problem and the culprit, and we weren’t ready for how much it was gonna just float
all apart like so easily. So I think we’re gonna
make some adjustments. Let us know what you think
we coulda done better down in the comments below. But for now, let’s go
down and kind of explore how much we got done.
(upbeat music) I think we made the box
fort under the water about as good as we could today. We’re gonna have to revisit this using your ideas, in a future video. But now I think it would be really fun if we went down and took all
of the bricks off the top and watched the whole thing float up like a giant LEGO iceberg,
are you guys ready? – [Together] Yeah! – [Carl] Alright, let’s do
it in three, two, one, go! Here we go, oh man. – [Gage] I wonder how
fast it’s gonna float up. Oh this is gonna be crazy, takin’ off all the bricks now. (upbeat music) Oh man, here it goes. Oh yeah you can totally see it! (yelling) Whoa! The whole side’s flying up!
– Whoa, whoa! – [Gage] Oh my gosh, oh
the whole wall broke off. – [Luke] That is crazy! – [Gage] He was holding
it like a LEGO iceberg. – [Kyle] That was crazy!
– Wow! That looked so cool, look at the water. I got this whole thing just floating up to the top like a giant iceberg. – [Jinger] That was so cool. – [Gage] Look at that thing! Wow, this is so cool. – The whole thing is
totally broken apart now, it looks totally awesome. I think that’s it, we’re just gonna have to clean up all of these LEGOs, get ’em out of the pool and then dive down and get these bricks. What do you think, was that fun or what? – That was so awesome.
– That was way cool. You guys, that’s it, we made a giant LEGO underwater box fort as best we could, we’re lookin’ forward to your ideas. But it gives me an idea with
how much this is floating, I think we should make a giant LEGO boat, don’t you think we should do that? – [Luke] That’d be cool!
– Yeah! – We should do saran wrap and try to make a giant boat out of this stuff, and click on the screen anywhere, if you like this video, you’re gonna love these other ones that
we picked out for you, we’ll see you guys next time. – [Together] Bye!

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