Giant Toy Story Toys Collection with Buzz Lightyear Sheriff Woody and Mcdonalds Power Rangers

hey guys welcome to show-and-tell toys
ready daddy well check it out what’s in this box that we’ve found in
the garage what is this a buzz lightyear spaceship whats that, rex what else is in there come out pull it back pull everything out ok
but what else is in there to pick up the bag put a break here dump it out these
Toy Story toys and slinky and rex and ham heres your ok move these over ok ok pick this up and dump it out your
toys out looking puppet puppet you put it on your hand look at all these buzz lightyears all right let’s get another bag what else is in there
McDonalds Happy Meal toys and that was that horse is from pocahontas or I mean all right pocahontas look at this bullseye falls over and gator lets see here we go its a more toy story toys old toy story 2 kite, look at this buzz lightyear thats pretty weird and here is RC you want to open this pink power rangers toys well thats it for this episode of show and tell, check out my channel for other Toy Story videos and for more
exciting toys you like seeing really cool and exciting
toys then click on the video that just popped up at the top of your screen will
check my channel for like two different ways like cars trains new box at the
Combine Thomas and Friends star wars Hot Wheels color changers high tide
transforming late McQueen minions Thomas inside out and many many more show and tell toys is the place to be to see
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100 thoughts on “Giant Toy Story Toys Collection with Buzz Lightyear Sheriff Woody and Mcdonalds Power Rangers

  1. We want some toy.s please my mom can not afford woodys or buzzlight year so please can we have some😖😖😖😖😖😢

  2. Hey great video! How often do you post? I'm a brand new channel and a new Subscriber 🙌 looking for some pointer on how to grow

  3. its kinda creepy to see how great condition the intergalactic buzz is, i've seen some wich still in the box in a terrible condition.

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