Giant T-Rex Dinosaur Chases Park Ranger with Jurassic World Dinosaurs Toys For Kids

(suspenseful music) – Come in Park Ranger Aaron. – Yeah, go ahead Park Ranger LB. – Hey I don’t see you on the map, where are you? – I’m over at playground number three, still looking for my backpack that I lost yesterday,
hopefully it’s here. – You know the other day I was at the gift shop and bought some toys. I accidentally left them
at playground number three. Please can you see if you can find them? – Man, you and your
toys all over this park, I’ll go check and see if I can find them. – [LB] Thank you. I just wanted to tell you, the
storm knocked out the power. – Some of the fences are
failing around the park. – The power went down? So that means there could be a dinosaur out here then, you said. (distant stomping) – There’s a dinosaur! Right there! – Park Ranger Aaron, I see a dinosaur! You better get out of there! – I got to run to the playground. (T-Rex roars) – Hey, it’s my backpack. Awesome, I found my backpack, cool. Maybe we can find some stuff in here to get rid of the ol T-Rex. All right, see what we got in here. A skateboard, don’t know if
it’s going to do much good. Hey, a dart-shooting Dilophosaurus. Something tells me that’s not
going to get rid of T-Rex. World’s largest Whoopee Cushion? Oh man, I don’t think any
of these are going to work. I have to go back to the truck. Okay, something in the truck can take care of T-Rex over there. Hey, it’s Park Ranger LB’s toys! Cool! Awesome! It’s a Jurassic World Stegoceratops. That is so cool. He’s going to really be happy that I’m bringing this back
to the control room. Hey look, it’s another
dinosaur toy LB left here. Awesome, an interactive
T-Rex from Animal Planet. Yeah he’s going to be happy I brought this back to the control room. Oh, just got to figure out to
get back past that dinosaur. (T-Rex roars loudly) You know I think I might have something in the truck that will do it though. See if I can get to the
truck without getting eaten! Can’t step on a stick now. (stick snaps) (T-Rex roars) (dramatic music) (T-Rex roars) Oh, that was a close one. All right, let’s see
if I can find something back here to get rid of the ol T-Rex. Okay, this is it. This won’t do it. All right, there we go. A flare, that will do it. Here we go. All right. So, I’m going to use the
flare to distract him. Then, right down here. Hey, this will scare him
senseless when I take off. (blowing air) There we go. Give the T-Rex quite the surprise. Here we go. (intense music) (T-Rex roars) (dramatic music intensifies) (engine starts) (T-Rex aggressively roars) (T-Rex roars) (Whoopee Cushion blows raspberry) All right, she did it! (chuckles) Hey Park Ranger LB, I’m coming back to HQ with your toys. – [LB] Awesome, I’ll be waiting! (making airplane noises) – Hey Park Ranger LB look. I found your toys at
playground number three! – Cool! Let’s open them up. – Awesome, let’s go. Okay Park Ranger LB, so you got a Jurassic World Stegoceratops. – Cool. – Move his tail, and then his head kinda of, like pops up and down. So that will be a cool one
to add to our collection. And then we got this interactive T-Rex! – Cool! – Cool, so why don’t you try him out? I think you touch him, well you wave your hand in front of him first, and his eyes light up. – Right, oh yeah. – Then he starts making noises. But then you touch him in different places to make different sounds, like you make his mouth chomp. (toy T-Rex roars) Don’t let him bite you. Those teeth will bite your fingers off. Here, then back here it’s
suppose to make him snore. (T-Rex toy roars) He went to sleep. (T-Rex snoring) That’s snoring, I think? And back here you can touch him, all here in the back. And then his legs, well
his arms move I know that. (T-Rex toy chomping) – Then somewhere (toy T-Rex burping) (laughing) He burped (laughs) after
he ate his big meal. (T-Rex aggressively chomping) He’s chewing on something now. He’s like (mimics roaring sounds) (T-Rex toy roars back) Oh wait, there’s a spot
down here in the front, you see this one? (roaring continues) He’s going to eat the Stegosaurus. See, he even left a little cut behind. – [LB] Cool. – [Aaron] Yeah, go attack him. (T-Rex roaring) (T-Rex farting) He farted, oh that was a stinky! – Blow it towards Aaron. – [Aaron Voiceover] Hey fans! Tap the ToyLabTV smiley face so subscribe, and find out about our newest videos! You can also tap the pictures to watch more fun videos right now. Don’t forget to give this video, a big thumbs up!

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