GIANT LEGO Pyramid Fort!

– I’m gonna fall. This is how you know you
have true balance here. (whooshing) Hey guys, welcome back to my channel. Today I’m going to be
doing something awesome with these giant Legos. But before I get started,
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(bell dings) Alright guys, today me and my Uncle Derek are gonna do a challenge. We’re each gonna build a
giant Lego fort and see who’s is the coolest. Once I build the fort I have
to hide something in here and Derek has to find it. Guys, I’m gonna build a
pyramid with these Legos like the Egyptians,
with secret rooms, traps and all sorts of stuff. Derek doesn’t stand a
chance in this challenge. So I’m gonna make it
really big at the bottom, a giant base and then
slowly narrow up to a point so that when I’m building
it doesn’t just pshh! ‘Cause that’s not good. ‘Cause you know, once I get the pyramid up it’s never going down. Let’s build! (upbeat music) So what we’re doing is,
we’re building three and then three on top, so
it’s a really sturdy base and it slowly goes up at an angle. Now all I have to figure
out is doing the corner. I’m having a little bit
of trouble on this corner so all I’m gonna do is lay out the base and build it up later,
hopefully this works. If not I’m gonna really have to improvise. Finished with my base, except well, it’s a little bit of a rectangle so it may make it tough
to make it a pyramid, but you know, we’re not doing geometry, it’s just building Legos. So now I’m just gonna
keep building up from here and see what happens I guess. Guys, I’ve just realized, I
can’t have a size of rectangle so I have to make it a
square, so (plastic clunking) get rid of some things. I’m not sure this is gonna
work and be a real pyramid but it’s gonna be fun anyways. (upbeat music) Man guys, this is actually
starting to look like a pyramid. I think it’s gonna be a little small but definitely gonna be
better than uncle Derek’s. Well I have to have a
doorway so we can actually get inside, so it’s gonna
slowly go like this. Bing, bing, bing, bing, bing,
bing, bing, bing, bing, bing. So it’s gonna be like a triangle doorway. Guys, this is actually starting
to look like a pyramid. Well, going back to yellow. Gonna be a little un-sturdy
’cause it’s all learning in towards one area. This back seems fine, but
this wall here and that wall there, they seem to
be collapsing in a little. So I gotta keep doing
this and stabilizing it so that when I reach the top,
it hasn’t fall down by then and I can put the keystone on, which will hold it all together. Think having this doorway is
making it a little less sturry. Sturdy, but you’ve gotta get
in or else it’s not a fort. I am king of the pyramid! Or should I say, Pharaoh of the pyramid. (upbeat music) (plastic clunking) I officially can barely
fit in the pyramid. One more thing and, let’s
just say I’ll be smooshed. So, that means I won’t
be working from inside the pyramid anymore (clicks tongue). Well, almost done, let’s do this. Guys, comment below if
this fort is better than Derek’s lame old normal fort. – [Man] No! – Mission accomplished! Eat your heart out Egyptians! This wouldn’t be a pyramid unless I had a golden throne inside. So, let’s decorate this place. Guys, just here working on my throne. Partly done, a little. So when I’m done with my
throne, I’m gonna take Derek’s phone and hide it in this pyramid and I have the best spot
ever, he’ll never find it. And of course, I’ll beat Derek
in yet another challenge. Ah, I’m ready to rule my whole kingdom. Guys, obviously there’s
not a lot of places to hide this phone in here. We could hide it under these
cracks maybe, he’ll find that. Behind the chair, too obvious. Or I can build a secret
compartment above my head. I stick this up here like so. Oh he’ll never notice this. Put this block right here again. And boop! Oh yeah, he’s never gonna find that. Well I think it’s time to
get Derek, show him my fort and see if he can find his phone. Um Blake, this is my Lego fort,
sorry but, I’m the Pharaoh. – Goodbye.
(laughing) – Or not? Derek welcome to my Lego pyramid. – Hmm, seems a little too
small to be a pyramid. What is this, a pyramid for ants? This pyramid, it needs to
be at least three times as big as this! – Ah, is that supposed to be a joke? You’re old Derek. Derek, unlike your fort
this took so much skill, so much precision, so
much math and it took over 100 years to finish. – So what you’re saying
is with all the skill, math and all that, your dad did it, right? ‘Cause you don’t have any of that. – What are you talking about? (laughing)
Ah! – Let’s put this pyramid
to the test, is it sturdy? It appears so. Sturdiness isn’t the only thing. Fine, fine, it’s sturdy,
but is it comfortable? Uh, it’s not very comfortable. – Well that’s just because
you’re not small enough. You’re too old. Derek, in this huge, huge pyramid, I’ve hidden one of your valuables. Well Derek, if you don’t
find it in five minutes, I keep it, so, better get searching. – So I was about to start
searching but something started vibrating right around here. – Aw shoot, I forgot people might call it! – I win. (speaking away from mic)
(laughing) I’ll destroy this pyramid
to find it if I have to. (plastic clunking) Easy, everyone knows that
pyramids always have secret rooms. – Dang it Derek, I really
wanted to keep your phone. At least my pyramid’s still intact. (tapping)
Sort of. Well Derek you may have won that challenge but can you beat me in
King of the Hill, aye? – Stephen, do you know the
rules of King of the Hill? (plastic clunking) – What was that for? – Oh, oh wow, oh wow.
(Stephen laughing) I’m gonna, I’m gonna get the jump start. – No, no Derek. No!
– See, I scared him off the hill.
– You’re gonna break it. Oh my god. – I just had a thought, if
this goes down I’m done for. – That was the whole
point of this challenge. – Stephen don’t, that
is mov, Stephen stop! Stephen, Stephen, stop.
(Stephen laughing) I don’t wanna die right now. – Derek, I dare you to stand right there. Oh my god.
– Oh (laughs). – Come on Derek. (deep breathing)
(Stephen laughing) – Ah! If this falls.
(Stephen laughs) Don’t try this at home. (laughing) – I guess he wins the
King of the Hill game. – I had a thought, what
if I slide down this, but then I thought,
that’s a very bad idea. – Yeah, do it Derek, do
it, I dare you, do it! Derek, do it. – Ah! (laughs) – Oh man, really? Ugh! Scaling the tallest pyramid
in the world is very tough. Grar, painful and many other
dangerous things happen along the way. Ooh! (clunking)
(laughs) I’m gonna fall. This is how you know you
have true balance here. – I don’t know, maybe
he can get second place in King of the Hill. – I stood on one foot Derek! Guys, thanks for watching
this video, this was so fun being this pyramid and
Derek built his own fort on his channel so go over to his channel and see if I found my phone in his fort. Well, that’s the end of
today’s video, so remember, subscribe, hit that
notification bell and give me a big thumbs up.
(bell dings) See ya! (upbeat music)

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