Giant LEGO Pixel Art Challenge!

– Hi everybody! Welcome to the Carl and
Jinger Family Channel. We’re gonna do something awesome today. Luke recently had a lot of success with the video that he did. What was it, Luke? – It was the Lego Art Challenge. – So we thought why don’t
we revisit that today as a family challenge on
the Carl and Jinger Channel because every day’s a new day. – [All] Let’s make it an awesome one! – [Jinger] Looks like the beginnings of a question mark there, Carl. – Shhh! (laughing) – Come on Carl.
– Some of these don’t – want to stick on here. – [Jinger] (laughing) Come on Carl. – [Luke] Come on Carl. – Stop!(laughing) Let’s not make that a thing. (boys laughing) – [Luke] It looks like one-legged chicken. – [Carl] What is that? (upbeat music) – Luke what are some of the ones that you guys did on your channel? – We did Mario, we did Nerf blaster, and I think, what else
did we do, a balloon! – You’re gonna have to go check it out and watch Luke Fully Loaded
to see his Lego Art Challenge. This was very similar to
the pancake art challenge that you’ve seen people do
where it’s like Pictionary but you make it out of pancakes. We have the same kind of
game that we’re gonna do. We’re gonna add a little
bit of a twist today and I think since it
was Luke’s video idea, we’ll start me versus Luke. You want to do that? And then you’ll go,
Gage will go versus Mom. Yeah! We’ll do that first. So each of us is gonna
get a different mat. Gage you can go stand over there by Mom, and we’ll set this up. (Legos spilling) – We’ll just dump all these
out on the counter like this. – [Luke] That’s a lot of Legos. – [Carl] That’s the best
way to start, I think. We just have them all in
a big mass on the counter. – [Jinger] Wait a second,
that’s not a Lego! – I know, there’s all kinds
of random stuff in here I’ve been picking out. I tried to clean it out, but I missed all these little toy soldiers and stuff in here. Oh look, there’s a Nerf dart
and everything in there too, but we don’t need that. Okay, what we’re gonna
do for the rules here is Gage is going to pick a category for us, so he can say anything that he wants, open-ended or very specific. Then we have two minutes
to try and make that. Now here’s the thing, we can make it either just two
dimensionally like a picture on here where we do it flat like pixel art or we could do it three dimensionally like a actual Lego sculpture. Here we go! There’s Legos and all
sorts of random toys mixed in here on the counter. We have no idea what category
Gage is about to pick. Are you ready for Round One, Luke? – Yeah. (laughing) – I don’t know what we’re gonna do here, but it’s up for interpretation and it’s up to you in order to vote down in the comments below who
you think did the best. Are you ready? Three, two, one, go! What? – [Gage] Favorite food. – Favorite food? – Uh, hamburger! – Pizza. Okay, here we go. Oh gosh.
– (laughing) How do I make pizza out of square? – [Jinger] There is
square pizza, you know. – Yeah… – It just doesn’t look very good. – It doesn’t look right, no. I want to try and at least round the corners off a little bit.
– Come on. Oh my gosh, half a minute already gone. – Oh what? – You’re doing a hamburger? – Yeah. – That’s not even the right color. This is a lot harder than I think. I must have to move a lot quicker than I– Oh my gosh. Oh! I just realized we’re really
not moving fast enough for this challenge.
– Tomato. Here we go. Now I’m making myself like
a Tetris mess in here. – Oh, what else do I need? – How’s your hamburger
– You guys better hurry. coming along over there? 58 seconds! I’m not even close! Oh my gosh, I don’t even
have the dough done. I’m just gonna have to like wing it here. – [Jinger] Looks like the beginnings of a question mark there Carl. – Shhh! (laughing) I wish the clock wasn’t even over here. If I was oblivious, I might
not be panicking so bad. – Come on. – I keep just grabbing
these little, mini pieces and it doesn’t work. I need yellow! Yellow! This is so bad!
– Come on red one. Okay, I’m gonna have to make it smaller. I gotta move these
pieces to the inside now. This is looking awful.
– I don’t even know – what this is. (laughing) – It looks like a hamburger, but mine just looks like a disaster. Luke, what’s happening? – I don’t know. – This is so bad, I don’t
even have toppings yet. – Oh sesame seeds. – Ten seconds! Here’s some pepperoni, guys. Look at this, here’s some pizza sauce. Argh, pepperoni. (alarm ringing) You’ve gotta be kidding me!
– Time! That is too fast. That is too fast. So you’re favorite food was– – Hamburger. – [Carl] Luke made a hamburger. – I got the top bun, some sesame seeds, and tomato, lettuce,
cheese, burger, and bun. – Dude, that looks so good, man. That totally looks like a burger. You even got sesame seeds on there. Look at that! – It looks like a house too. Hamburger house, yeah.
– So for mine, – I started off making pizza, but I decided to go more general for like Italian food. It’s an impressionistic piece. This could be spaghetti,
a little spaghetti sauce, or maybe, you know, pizza.
– Or also just a spill. This could be some pudding
and some strawberries. So whatever your favorite food is, Luke won this round you guys. – [Jinger] (laughing)
No, they have to vote. – Vote down in the comments right now. – Luke won this round, guys.
– You won round two. – [Jinger] Round one, who won, vote below. – Alright, round one, vote
down in the comments below guys and make sure and turn on notifications if you haven’t already,
’cause we upload all the time. We’re having a great time. ‘Kay, Jinger and Gage One Up are up next. Round Two, we’ve got
Jinger verses Gage One Up. – Bring it Gage. – Luke have you thought
– Bring it. of a category yet? – [Luke] Yes, I have. – [Carl] ‘Kay, I have
timer ready right here. – Did you hear how he said that? “Yes, I have!”
– “Yes, I have!” – [Carl] In three, two, one, what is it? – [Luke] Outdoor activity. – What? – [Carl] Outdoor activity. Mark, get set go.
– Oh my gosh, okay. Two minutes. ♪ Da, na, na, na, na, na ♪ This is a great game. – Ah, an alien. – [Carl] Anybody could
play at home as a family. This is a really fun one. It’s like Pictionary with Legos, right. This is so cool.
– I don’t know what to do. What are you doing there
Gage, do you have an idea? – No. – [Carl] What is your outdoor activity? – [Gage] Oh, driving an R.C. car. – [Carl] An R what? – I don’t know. – [Carl] You’re gonna make an R.C. Car? – He’s gonna make an R.C. Car? – [Carl] That’s really cool.
– Argh! Oh, you’re losing pieces on the floor! What are you making over here? – Uh, a hiking trail. (laughing) – [Carl] A hiking trail? – What? – Hey, that’s like a very good activity. – [Carl] That is a really
good outdoor activity. I don’t know how
– It’s a good activity. you’re gonna make that with Legos in one minute and 10 seconds. – Oh, you just watch! – [Carl] ♪ Da, na, na, na, na ♪ One minute, ten seconds left. – [Jinger] A hiking trail. The trail that goes nowhere. (all laughing) – [Carl] Let’s see… What do you got going over here? Looks like a couple of tires
– I don’t know. and may be like some red over there.
– I need some – bigger brown pieces. – [Carl] Oh no. – [Jinger] Oh, man. – [Carl] You’re making a hiking trail? It would be funny to
see if people can guess what they were without telling them what the idea was like real Pictionary. That’s what we should do
– Look, this is little if we play this again.
– this is a little, – um, grassy nubbins. – [Carl] I don’t know if
you have time for nubbins ’cause you only have 35 seconds. 35 seconds left.
– Oh, look a little. – Oh gosh!
– a little grassy thing there. – (laughing) Grassy nubbins. – [Carl] How are you
finding actual plant pieces? That one actually
– I don’t know. has leaves on it any everything. – [Jinger] Look at, there’s another one. – [Carl] 20 seconds. – No!
– Oh no! – I’m not ready.
– This is, guys, – this is gonna be– Oh look, I even have a Ninja
Turtle who’s going hiking. – [Carl] You have a Ninja Turtle? – A hiking Ninja Turtle! – (laughing) – [Carl] Oh my gosh, that’s so funny. Five, four, three,
– Oh, no I need two, one.
– one more plant, one more. Time, wee! – I didn’t give it a remote. – [Carl] That’s it, you got it. That was two minutes and
you guys did awesome. – Hold on, I’m given
him a remote real quick. – [Carl] Luke, you picked the category for outdoor activities. Let’s see what you guys came up with. First, let’s see what Jinger came up with. – Right here we have a Ninja
Turtle on a hiking trail. – [Carl] Oh my goodness,
so what are the features that you came up with? – We have little, wild plants
that don’t have names yet. And a little grassy nubbin, I don’t know. – (laughing) – [Carl] Okay. – He looks like he’s
having a great time hiking a very flat trail. – [Carl] Alright, outdoor
activities, Jinger came up with a hiking trail. If you think Jinger’s is the best, then vote for her down
in the comments below. Gage One Up, what did you come up with? – I made an alien driving an R.C. car. – [Carl] Alright, so he’s
got a little controller there in his hands. – [Gage] I don’t really
know what that actually is. – [Carl] Let’s see your R.C.
car and some of the details. – [Jinger] Maybe it’s the antenna. – [Carl] It actually does
look like an R.C. car. – It looks more like a Powerwheel… – [Carl] Like a truck. – Gage has
– Like a truck. a pretty good design. – [Carl] It looks, really good. We’re gonna leave it
up to you guys to vote down in the comments below
if you think Jinger won or if Gage One Up won. Vote down below and we’ll
see who the winner is. Round three, we’re gonna
do Jinger versus Luke. For the category, I’m going to pick the category this time. – Oh no! (laughing) – [Carl] We are going to do
in three, two, one, vacation. – Oh, vacation! Oh, oh, oh, oh.
– Vacation, two minutes. – [Carl] The timer has started. – [Jinger] Okay, we’re gonna
fight over all the tan pieces. – [Carl] Maybe the glue, what if someone– Oh, look, they are. Look at that! They’re definitely going for some– We’re not gonna tell you what it is. This time keep it a secret and we’ll see if we can guess correctly. Me and Gage will try
and see if we can pick what they’re making. Jinger’s making some kind
of a beach-type thing. It looks like the ocean.
– I can’t get it to stick. Well, you better figure it out. You’re already one and
a half minutes left. – [Luke] Ugh, let’s do this. – These pieces don’t fit. He’s winning! – [Carl] All you have is a blue square. Okay, here we go. Let’s see what they come up with. You’ve only got one minute left. Look at that, one minute, three seconds. Time is ticking.
– Oh my goodness! This is pretty interesting. Like that one newscaster.
– Interestinger, interstinger. Things are getting interestinger and interestinger. (laughing) Okay, 45 seconds.
– No! – [Jinger] Okay, um, I’m gonna go– – [Carl] It’s almost more difficult because there’s all these pieces. You have so many pieces
that it’s like impossible to find the ones that you
need in two minutes or less. – Yeah. – [Carl] It’s kind of a
crazy time crunch, huh Luke? – Yeah, it is. (laughing) – [Carl] I like your Steven Sharer– – Yeah, Sharerghini! – [Carl] They send us a
whole box of cool merch and we’re getting ready
to launch new merch on our website. It’s gonna be awesome, but thanks Steven. Share the love. 15 seconds left.
– Oh no! Time is almost up.
– Okay. – Okay, what else, what else goes on it. I mean, I just don’t even know. – [Carl] I don’t know. Whoa, Luke has got super creative there. I really like that. I think it’s amazing you guys
almost did the same thing and time is up!
– No! Time is up. There we go, that’s the end of the timer. Alright, let’s see what we got. You ready Gage? – Yeah. (laughing) – [Carl] Let’s find out. First up, let’s see what you made, Luke. Tell us what, wait, wait, wait! What do you think it is? – I think it’s a tidal
wave or an ocean wave going against the sand
– Uh, huh. on an island. – [Carl] I could see that. So, Luke give us your interpretation. What did you make there. – This is a beach here and
this is a wave coming over and this is in Hawaii. (laughing) – [Carl] Oh, cool. So the white pieces are
like the white ocean break when the wave–
– Yeah, when it breaks. Awesome, ‘kay so if you think
Luke did an awesome job, tell him down in the comments below. Jinger, what did you make? – I made a very angry woman on a beach. My only question
– Why is she angry? is I don’t know why she
would be angry on the beach. – [Carl] Because she’s
the first one you grabbed, – Well, yeah. (laughing) – [Carl] and you realized afterwards– – So, she’s sitting on the sand and the waters like washing out. See how it’s smaller here? – [Carl] Oh yeah. – The idea of the art is
that it’s washing away. – [Carl] And you found
the see-through pieces for the top of the waves.
– And the see-through pieces. So that’s really clever, as well. So vote down in the comments below which one you think looked better in the Lego Art Challenge. Was is Luke Fully Loaded or Jinger? – I have an idea. – [Carl] What. – She’s angry because all of
her stuff got washed away. – [Carl] Ah. (laughing) Alright, we have one more round to go, it’s gonna be me versus Gage. Let’s see who wins. This is the final round. We don’t know who’s gonna win, that’s up to you down
in the comments below. First Gage, let’s mix
these up just a little bit. They kind of get divided. Alright, I think that’s pretty good. Alright, so I’ve got the
timer over here again. Jinger, do you have the
category figured out what we’re–
– I do. You do? – [Jinger] I do. – Okay, let’s here it. Three, two, one, go.
– Are you guys ready? – [Jinger] Video games. – Oh, I’ve already got a good idea. – [Luke] Wait, I know
what Gage is going to do. – I haven’t moved yet, okay. – [Jinger] I haven’t moved yet. Carl’s going in slow motion.
– Oh gosh. Come on Carl, come on now. – Come on Carl.
– Some of these like – don’t want to stick on here. – [Jinger] (laughing) Come on Carl. – [Luke] Come on Carl. – Stop! (laughing) (all laughing) Let’s not make that a thing. Here we go. – [Jinger] Oh my goodness, I have no idea who’s gonna win out of Carl and Gage. – I don’t know, this is
getting really crazy, though. – [Jinger] Whoa, I think Gage is a master. Look at him go. – I am a master of Legos. – You’re gonna run out of time over there. Oh my gosh one minute, speaking
of running out of time. – [Luke] What are you making? – [Carl] Me? – [Luke] Yeah. – You don’t know, you can’t tell? – [Gage] Oh, I know what he’s making. – Ah ha, I’ve got a good
plan going on over here we’ll see if it works.
– Oh, I just noticed – [Luke] what Gage is making. – [Jinger] Luke, who
do you think gonna win? – Gage. – You think Gage’s is gonna win? – [Luke] Yeah. – If I can get this done in time, I will. – Oh my gosh, I almost started whistling the theme song here. – [Jinger] (laughing)
Are you guys building from the same game? – [Carl] Possibly. – [Luke] Oh, yeah, you guys are. – Are we really doing the same deal? – I think we are. – Oh my gosh.
– Oh man. – [Jinger] Head to head
on the same game even. – I don’t know what’s gonna happen here. 11 seconds! – 10, nine,
– There’s no way. – eight, seven,
– I don’t have enough time. – six, five, four,
– Come on faith, faith. – three, two, (laughing) one.
– faith. (laughing) – That’s it, that’s it.
– I got no! – No way!
– Oh my goodness! – [Jinger] Ready, one, two, three, go. – It’s me (laughing), it’s a Mario. See it’s a side portrait
of Mario and his mustache. See right, we have–
– I mean. – Looks like Mario put on
a few pounds. (laughing) – Here’s his, well it’s just his head. This is his hat, there’s his eye,
– Where’s is eyebrow? edge of his nose. They got, I don’t– It’s pixel art. Here’s his mustache.
– I mean Gage’s. (laughing) I don’t know. (laughing) – [Jinger] Gage looks
like one-legged chicken. – What is that? Or just a chicken if you turn it this way. What is this? – [Gage] It’s suppose to
be the Mario mushroom. – [Carl] Oh, I see, this is the bottom. – [Gage] See what I was going for? – [Carl] So this is the mushroom and this is Mario’s head over here. That is so funny. – [Jinger] That is pretty funny. Okay, everyone tell us
down on the comments who won the final round. – Was is Gage
– Gage? or Carl?
– or Carl. You tell us down in the comments below. You guys, that’s it for our
Lego Art Challenge for today. If you like this video, make sure to smash that like button and
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screen in order to subscribe or to watch more videos. Go check out Luke’s Lego Art Challenge that he did with Gage. It was really fun. Also Gage One Up has a channel if you haven’t checked that out. So go check it out. Subscribe everywhere you can. We love you guys and we’ll
see you guys next time. – [All] Bye!

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