(slap) – I’m so sad. – Defend our kids’ only fort! (laughing) – Hi Soty Family. All right guys, so today we are going to be … – Building a giant Lego fort! – And parents are not allowed. – [Steven and Jamie] What? – Yeah, so bye-bye. – Go find somewhere to relax. Bye-bye. (door slams) – All right girls, it’s time to build our Lego fort mansion. First, we need a plan. A floor plan. So, we’re going to build a mansion where we each have a lot of space. We’re each gonna have our own room with a big common space
for all of us to play in. – We should have a big ball pit in the middle of this room. – That’s real big! – We can have a theater
and with popcorn maker. That’s the wrong way, but it’s fine. I know, we can have a giant
trampoline in Parker’s room! – That’s huge! – This could be the slime room! I’m drawing lots of slime! Table. Slime. – A basketball court! – A soccer goal! – A closet for my mermaid tails! – A dance floor! – [All] Perfect! – All right people! Let’s get to work! This thing’s not gonna build itself! – First we need to lay the foundation! (upbeat music) – I’m a working machine! – So I thought it would
be really nice relaxing, but I kinda feel left out. – I hear a lot of noises out there. – Oh, I think they’re
building something cool. I don’t like being not included. (blocks crashing) (baby babbling) – Our outside walls are almost done! Good job. – And we have a window! This thing’s standing so big, it’s taller than me now! – Me too! I built a chimney! – All right guys, now it’s time for the ball pit pool! – Yeah! – Payton, are you sleepin’ on the job? Get up! (yawning) – I had a nice nap! – Guys, I’m just really curious what they’re doing out there. Shhh! I’m just gonna peek. I just wanna see. They’re building! What are they building in there? – Hey, get out of here! No parents allowed! – Oh, I got caught! That’s not good! – Now that our pool’s built – [All] Bring on the ball pit balls! Ahh! – This is nice, but we need more! – I just heard them say ball pit balls! – [All] This is awesome! – Let’s go swimming! Wait, guys! Back to work! – We got most of the major
structures in our fort, so time to make it homey! Everybody, go get your
blankets and pillows. – Watch out below! – Here comes the master staircase. Jordyn, you grab that bottom place. And I grab right here. Ehhh! – [All] And we’re done! – Pool party! Get to the staircase. Whoa! – Whoa! Are you wearing your swimsuits, everybody? – Yeah, it’s pretty much
exactly like the plan! – Wait! We forgot
something very important! (slap) – Awww, I’m so sad! – Have a good time! It’s a celebration! – I love my Lego fort! Watch out, Jordyn! – Well, you guys seen our ball pit pool, but have you seen our dance floor? – So, this is a dance floor! (dance music) – They have a dance floor, too? – Wait! Did you guys hear that? – Oh no! I think I got caught! Shh, shh, shh! – There she is! Get her! (slapping and yelling) – I gotta get outta here! Ahh, ahh, ahh! I have got to figure out a way to get into that Lego box fort! – Will these help? – Shhh. (laughter) (baby babbling) (action music) – You ready to take over this Lego fort, once and for all? Knock, knock! Who’s there? – Mom and Dad! (screaming) – [Stephen] I’ve been shot! – [Taylor] You can’t get me! – [Jordyn] Or me! (screaming) – Ha, ha, ha, ha! – Get him! We need more! We’re running out of balls! – Stop, please! – Defend our kids’ only fort! – Ha ha ha! – It’s our box! (screaming) – Retreat, retreat! – We’re safe. – We have to think of another way. – Guys, we need to work on
fortifying our Lego fort. – What does fortifying mean? – To make stronger! – Yes, we definitely need that! – [All] Because we’re
never leaving this fort! – I know the perfect way
to get them to leave! (crashing) – Guys. Did you smell that? (sliding) (slapping) – Guys! Guy, guys, look! Look! – [All] Candy! – Candy! Gimme! – Candy, candy, candy! – The fort is ours, the fort is ours! It’s our fort! – Ha ha! Ahhh, this is the life. No kids allowed. – Thanks for building us a Lego fort. – Uh, did we make a mistake? – I can’t believe we traded
our Lego fort for some candy! – But it was good! – Just look at them! They’ve been there for days! (laughter) – I can’t believe they
just stole our Lego fort! (screaming) – Do I need to remind
you guys of the sign? No Kids Allowed! – Yeah, so go and find something to do. (heavy footsteps) – Guys, we need a plan. We need our Lego fort back. – We need somebody for a inside job. – Ahem. – I’ve just the thing. (tape ripping) – You’re gonna want this. (rustling) – It’s perfect. – All right, Parker. You know what to do? – Of course! – All right, go get us
lots of information. (door slam) – Shhh! – What are you gonna do
in this fort all day? – You know, all they
have is this ball pit. Nothing else really to do. It’s too kid-ish. – I know. It’s like a little kid Lego fort. – Wait, I think I just found something. – What is that? – Whoa, has this been
in here the whole time? It’s a floor plan! – Do you think there’s
anything else in here? (balls clacking) – [Steve] Ow. – [Jamie] Wait, I found something. – What is it? – [Jamie] A sharpie. All right, well now I have a sharpie. He’s stuck in there for awhile, but I’m going to change up this floor plan to make it a little bit
more parent-y or adult, whatever you want to call it. – I’m gonna make my escape. Oh! – [Jamie] You are breaking it! – This is gonna be a long day! – Okay! Let’s make some changes! Well, I know that Steve is definitely going to want a kitchen. – [Steve] How ’bout we get
rid of the jumping room? – [Jamie] Definitely
not the sleeping room. – [Steve] We want that. – We want that. Jumping room? – [Steve] Lame. – [Jamie] Lame. Food. – [Steve] Awesome. (spy music) – Jamie, we’re gonna need
so many more of these. – [Jamie] Got ya covered! Giant blocks. – Lego me up. – We are gonna make this so much better. All right, so I am thinking
that we are going to be needing some shelves. What do you think? – On it. – I wanna be able to see
all of the good snacks that I can have displayed out there so I know exactly what I wanna eat. – Well, look at your drawer. (sliding) – [Jamie] What?! It’s a hidden one! That’s where I’m gonna hide
all of my treats from Steve! That’s my new favorite thing, guys. My new favorite thing. Are you building another one? – I didn’t leave any space for this one to have food in it, though. This is yours. – [Jamie] It’s a false one. _[Steve] Wait, wait. Ingenuity. – The bottom drawer’s bigger, so that one’s mine. And guys? Right here? This is our open shelving, where we hide the snacks
that you can have. It’s time to stock our shelves. So we have a couple waters. Those will be right there. Wheat Thins, those are Steve’s favorite. – Love ’em. – There. Some granola bars, my favorite. Right there. And themnwe get to the popcorn, which is a personal
favorite and treat of mine, so I’m gonna stick it in here. And now I just realized that
we have to build a microwave! – Let’s nuke it! – We have Mentos for Steve, because he needs fresh breath. And we’ll put it in here. Some Macadamia nuts, right
there, and some chips, which I am gonna also
put in my special spot, because these are my chips! – I prefer Doritos. – Stuff it in there. There we go. Got it, got it, almost there. I like little piece of chips. – Are you thinking what I’m thinking? What else do they have on here? Dance floor, is that a basketball court? Uh, are you enjoying yourself down there? – Yeah! – They have a basketball court, but I don’t see a hoop. This is where Dad comes in. – So a basketball hoop would be cool, so you build that. And I’ll enjoy my chips. I’ll give you moral support. – Thank you so much, honey. – [Jamie] All right, so Steve looks like he is actually going to be
building a basketball hoop! You know, in all honesty, I
didn’t think he could do it, but he’s doin’ it! – That’s skill! I’m a master builder. Don’t touch it! – Now, who can make the most baskets? – Who’s got the skills to pay the bills? – We are going to see who
can get the most baskets in one minute, so start the timer! – Hey! One. – [Steve] One, two. (ball crashing) – Two, three. – [Steve] Shoot! Four. Or three! (laughter) – [Steve] Four. Five. Six. – Four. – [Steve] Seven. Oh no, six! – Five. – [Steve] Seven. Eight. – Six. – [Steve] Hey, I knocked it in! – Seven. Eight. Nine. – [Steve] Oh no! – Ten. – [Steve] No! – Eleven. – [Steve] Nine. – Twelve. – [Steve] Ten. Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen. – Thirteen. – [Steve] Fourteen. (cheering) – All right, well it broke. I’m not sure how long that was, but he got one more before I did, before the thing broke, so I guess Steve won. – I’m the winner! What else do we have on here? – Oh, look, they have a dance floor. I don’t really wanna get rid of that. I like dancing. – Oh boy. – Cue the dance music! (dance music) – Reverse it, bring it back. Bring it back. Robot. Mamas and Dads are the coolest. – [Jamie] Parents only! Parents only! Lego fort! No kids allowed. – Do you wanna watch it guys? Here’s a present? – How was it Parker? – It’s not good. – Let’s take a look at this bad boy. – [Jamie on Video] Whoa,
has this been in here the whole time? It’s a floor plan! – [Steve on Video] Jamie,
we’re gonna need so many more of these. – [Jamie on Video] Got ya covered! Giant blocks! – [Steve on Video] Nine. – [Jamie on Video] Twelve. – [Steve on Video] Ten. Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen. – [Jamie on Video] Thirteen. – [Steve on Video] Fourteen. (cheering on video) – [Steve on Video]
Reverse it. Bring it back. – We need to get our Lego fort back! – I know! I’ll use the force to get
them outta the Lego fort! – Us kids have a better idea. – [Payton and Jordyn] Yeah! – Nothing is better than the force! (grunting and hissing) – Uh, we’re not doing that. – Fine, I’ll do it by myself. And if I get them out, it’s a boys only Lego fort. – And if we get them out? – [Payton and Jordyn]
It’s a girls only fort! – Fine. It’s on! (struggling sounds) (yawning) – I am so glad that I
left in the sleeping room. – [Stephen] Ahem! You will leave this Lego fort. These are not the Legos
you were looking for. Thou shall not stay! Wait, wrong movie! Thou shall leave! Hey! Hey! I will have to force you then! I will have to force you then! (light saber sound) – Is he serious right now? – Does this look serious? (explosion sound) (buzzing sound) – And that is exactly why the kids are not allowed in our Lego fort. – Prepare to surrender your Lego fort! (light saber sound) – Bring it on. (balls crashing) (hissing sound) – [Steve] Welcome to the dark side! – I thought you were going to
have aim like Storm Troopers! Ahh! My hand gun! Ahh! I can’t see with this on! – Yes, yes! Yes! The parent only Lego fort has survived! – We need to use brains
instead of brawns, Stephen. – Guys, they’re asleep! – Perfect! – Guys, let’s deal with Dad first. (snoring) (plastic rustling) (gasping) (blocks crashing) – My food! It’s gone! Girls! (laughter) (screaming) – What happened to my kitchen? My food! Where’s Steve? Did he leave the parents only Lego fort? Am I the only one left? – Guys, we just got Dad out. – Yes! – That means, it’s time to get Mom out. – But what are we gonna do to get Mom out? – I know what she hates
more than anything! – [All] A mess! – Mom! We’re jumping on your bed! – What was that sound? What did they say? – Oh, Mom’s gonna hate this! (drawers banging) (laughter) – This is gonna be fun! – What are you girls doing? Stop that now! – Let’s go mess up Mom’s car! – [All] Yeah! – Now you’ve taken it too far! Get back here! – Shhh! (cheering) – [All] We got our Lego fort back! – Whoa! – Oh I almost forgot! That’s more like it! – We’ll see about that. – Good job, Blake. You got it almost taken down. It’s about time you got rid
of the parents only Lego fort. It was an eyesore. Girls! (upbeat music) – Take all these blocks
to our new location! – Three, four. – Oh! Almost forgot. – This is perfect! – [All] Let’s build! (door slamming) (evil laughter) – All right, I think we
chose the perfect location. – Mmm-hmm. – It’s not too big and it’s not too small. – Mmm-hmm! Just right! – And it’s super comfortable. – It comes with beds! – Mmm-hmm! – Keep those building supplies coming! (ticking clock) – All right, the plan is to
build all around the beds. – [Payton and Jordyn] Agreed! – Because we’re gonna be tired
after we build this thing! – And we need to build
sturdy walls, ladies. ‘Cause this thing is gonna last forever. – [Taylor and Payton] Agreed! (blocks banging) – Good work, ladies, good work! – Get to work, ladies! (sighing) (sighing) (sighing) (sighing) (sighing) – Guys, this is hard work. Harder than I thought. Should we hire some help? – Yeah. – Sure. – Siri, call Mom! Mom? We need some help! We’ve been building and building, and we’re so tired! Please can we get some help? We’ll let you visit our Lego fort. Thank you, Mom! (whooshing) – Good job, Mom! You’re doing great! (blocks slamming) – Doing good. – Keep on doing the good work, Mom! That was the best phone
call you ever made, Taylor. – Yep. (blocks slamming) – What are they building in there? (drilling sound) (hammering sound) – I need to bring out the heavy artillery, if I wanna take over that Lego fort. (electric buzzing) – [All] It’s finished! – And we have construction
worker Billy Bob Joe to protect our Lego fort. Thank you, Billy Bob! – Come on! – Hey guys, come and see my bed! It’s so comfy, I’m so glad we built it here. – Don’t forget my room! – Or mine! And we even had a secret room. The stuffed animal room! Wait! I forgot something very important! Jo-Jo! Now it’s ready! – Wait! (slapping) – Now we’re all ready! (scratching) (slapping) – BB8, are you ready to
enforce some building codes on the girls? Maybe they’ll be getting
an eviction notice soon. (beeping) – Let’s do this! (electric buzzing) – First, we need to repair BB8! Go, BB8, go! – What’s that sound? (electric buzzing) – What the? (screaming) – Code enforcer? – What does that mean? (electric buzzing) – This is the Code Enforcer! Your building is not up to code! (beeping) – [Stephen over Robot speaker]
Your building is being condemned! You must evict immediately! (electric buzzing) – [Stephen over Robot
speaker] This is your last and final warning! – You’re not a code enforcer! – [BB8] Yeah I am. – No you’re not! Stephen, I know that’s you in there! (robot beeping) – Knew it! (robot beeping) – You’re not taking over our Lego fort! (ripping paper) – Hmm! (robot buzzing) – Go, get away! Go! Let me give you a boost. Go! Go, go, go! Yes! (electric buzzing) – Bye, bye! (laughter) – Oh my gosh! (knocking) (door slam) – Billy Bob Joe, you
didn’t protect us one bit! I need to take your hat. Sorry. – [All] Our Lego fort is safe! – Take that Stephen! Take that Stephen! – [Slow Motion Echo] Stephen! Stephen! – What am I gonna do? I don’t have any ideas left! BB8 was the best idea I had! BB8, you failed me! (sighing) – Hmm. BB8? (electric buzzing) – Quit back-talkin’! Goodness gracious! I may not be able to get
them out of the Lego fort, unless… Guys, guys, guys! Jo-Jo Siwa’s right outside to meet you! Come on! – Huh? – What? – O-M-G! (screaming) – Shh! Shh! – [All] Jo-jo! – See ya! – [Girls] What? (evil laughter) – Yeah! (slapping) – This Lego fort is officially boys only! But I can’t have my
giant Lego fort in here. Time to move it. Ahhh! This may have been a mistake! Man down! Man down! Are you kidding me? Jo-jo survived? I need to get these blocks
from the girls’ room to my room. If only I had some help. (door slamming) – Thanks for offering to help, Derek! Let’s build the world’s best boys only giant Lego fort! – Yeah, sure, no problem. – Yeah. (techno music) – All right, before I get any more Legos, let’s plan! (slapping) (whooshing) – Let’s build! (yelling) (laughter) – [Derek] Oh the Legos! They hurt! Ow! (grunting) – First thing we need to build, is the foundation. – We need to build a wall here, and a wall here. And a secret wall here. – How did I get roped into this? – He volunteered! – More like volun-told. – Man, this Lego fort
is gonna look awesome! Hey, hey, hey! – [Derek] Why don’t you
get up here and help? – Fine! It’s so much more fun watching, though. We’re almost done, Derek! – Phew, finally! (upbeat music) – Who’s there? – Is someone trying to spy on us? – The girls! – Go check it out, Stephen. I’m gonna keep building. (knocking) – Girls? – [Girls] What? – Have you been in there the whole time? – [Girls] Yeah! – Guys! What have you been
doing in my Lego fort? – We weren’t in your Lego fort. We’ve been down here the whole time. – Really? – And thanks for stealing our Lego fort. – You’re welcome. – Stealer! – Derek? – Yeah? – They say it wasn’t them. – We need to defend our fort. – Did you finish it? – Yes. – Wow, that was fast. Before we defend anything, we need to show this thing off. – So, this beautiful room here, is main headquarters. – It’s HQ. – And this is where
we’re gonna be spending most of our time. – This is our pantry. And this is our blaster room. My favorite room! And this is how we’re
gonna defend my Lego fort! ‘Cause I won’t let the girls
do the same thing to me, that I did to them! I’m not fallin’ for that kinda stuff. – We’re too smart for that. – What was that? – Man your stations! Let’s get these blasters ready! – Taylor, Payton and Jordyn are coming! I just know it. (banging) – Oh, Stephen, this thing looks awesome! – Look at this! Let’s get ready to defend this fort. (slamming) (upbeat music) (plastic rustling) (giggling) – Hmm. – Huh. – You know what? I’m getting kinda hungry. Maybe I should go to the pantry. Be right back. – Get me something. – We’ve been raided! – Oh no, we didn’t! Not the animal crackers! – This means war! (door slamming) – Did you eat our candy? – Just look at him! Of course he did! – [Derek] Cover me, I’m reloading! – Does it ever stop? I didn’t eat your candy! – Apparently this Lego
fort isn’t as secure as we intended it. – Then let’s secure it. – All right, so I think we need to build a staircase to block off the entrance. – Sounds good to me. – Then we can peek over the top as well. – Mm-hm. (blocks slamming) (upbeat music) (blocks slamming) – And that’ll do it. Uh, Derek? Where are all our darts? – Stephen, they couldn’t
have just vanished. – Where are they? – What? – There’s nothing. – Stephen, we’re dealing
with a professional. – Definitely. Derek, we need to get
to the bottom of this. It’s interrogation time. – [Derek] State your full name! – Parker Ann Yeager. – Where are the missing darts? – I’m just a little girl. I don’t know. – [Derek] Are you subscribed
to Uncle Derek’s channel? – I don’t know how. – [Derek] Hit the subscribe
button, and the bell. – Have you been sneaking
into this Lego fort? – No way. – I don’t trust her as
far as I could throw her. But I think she’s clean. Get outta here, little girl! – My name is Jordyn Yeager, and I know nothing about missing darts! – How did you know we had
missing darts or candy? – I plead the fifth! Look at my teeth, I can’t eat candy! – But you can eat darts! (giggling) – Payton Kim Yeager, what’s
your favorite uncle Derek video? – Um. Um. Help me out guys! Let me say this once again. I do not have your darts! – I bet you really love
Lego forts, don’t ya? – Kind of… – Hm. – Tell us. – My name is Taylor Katelyn Yeager. – Can you spell it for the record? – T. A. Y. L. O. R. – This one’s suspicious, Derek. I think she knows something. – Hmm. So that’s how this is gonna go. – We’re prepared to do
this all night long. – All night! – All. Night. – I can’t take this pressure any longer! – We gotta three-two-three. We gotta runner. – Get ’em! (dramatic music) (upbeat music)

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