GIANT LEGO FORT! No Boys Allowed

(lively music) (Nerf gun shooting) – We’re under attack! (yelling) – Hi Soty family! – In today’s video we break into Uncle Derek’s and
Steven’s giant Lego fort. – Look at that giant Lego fort. – Guys that’s full of boy stuff. – Maybe we should change it. (lively music) – Um, guys? We may need to do some redecorating. – Goodbye, fishing pole. – Star Wars (lightsaber) – We don’t need this. – Guys, this looks like
it’s our Lego fort now. – Guys, but it’s missing something. A girl’s touch. (Yelling) – Alright guys, we’re all finished setting up our Lego fort and we’re going to show you a tour. – Psst guys, come in. Check out our giant Lego fort. Come in. Right here is our gallery. We have our cameras hanging and we have our photo things. – They’re called photo albums. – Photo almuns! – Photo al-bums. – Bums!
(laughter) – We’ve tooken a lot of pictures. And about to take another one. (Camera flash) Say cheese, ladies. (Camera flash) Now we can remember our
girls only Lego fort forever! – Alright guys, right
now I’m just finishing up my seat to my desk. Uh, I had to tear apart
Uncle Derek’s throne. But who cares? – I don’t care. – This is the perfect place
to make my new fiction novel. – Say what? – Uh, I like writing, guys. – News to me. – One day there was a… My pen ran out. That’s not good. I’ll be right back. – Psst guys, come check out
my room while she’s gone. Alright guys, this is my big bed with my JoJo blanket. Of course I can’t forget to
bring my pet horse, Rosie. – I didn’t want to forget Duncan, either! – They’re best friends. This is also my room
but it’s also a salon, cause I brought JoJo
with me to do her hair. Lollipop, for kids in candy store. – Guys, she’s obsessed with JoJo. But I think you already knew that. (upbeat music) – Welcome to Peyton Kim’s room. It’s a place full of music. (ukulele strumming) ♪ Girls, rule the world, rule the world. ♪ That’s all I’m gonna show you. The rest is a secret. – Uh, Peyton? I think your beautiful
voice put Jordan to sleep. – And this is our indoor pool! – Uh, Parker? How did you get in here? – I don’t know. (lively music) – Guys, I could literally stay
in this Lego fort forever. – Yeah, I could too but we need to make more
things exciting in here! – Like eating food. – No, like having a girl party! Hit it! (“Angel (James Reynolds
Remix)” by Mantric) ♪ No boys allowed, no boys allowed. ♪ ♪ No boys, a-boys, boys,
ba-ba-ba-boys boys. ♪ No boys allowed! (upbeat music) – That was one crazy girl party. – Guys, I can’t live like this. Now that’s more like it. (humming) – What is this? This is my Lego fort. What is going on here? – You need to read the sign. (Nerf gun shooting) (yelling) – We’re under attack! (yelling) – I’m out of bullets! – Still under attack! (slow motion throwing) – Turn around! – No. – Ow, ow, retreat! – Get away! – Retreat! – Get out of here! – This is a girls only fort! – We defended our Lego fort! And it’s forever ours! – Goodbye, boys. Party, woo! – Guys, let’s build a stage
and have a talent show. Here’s our stage. I’m ready to shine. (upbeat music) – ♪ Girls, rule the
world, rule the world. ♪ ♪ I know, I know how they do. ♪ (upbeat music) Sleep, Duncan. Sleep. Shh, he’s sleeping. Wake up, Duncan. Wag your tail. (Barking noise) – Giddy up, Rosie. Turn. (upbeat music) – I bet you’ve never seen a
talent show like that before. Well guys, I think we’ve
tooken over this Lego fort. – And we’re never leaving it. – Unless, we could build a better one. – The question for the day is, should we knock down this
fort and build a better one? One, two, three! Push! – It’s going down! (Screams) (Legos crashing down) – Oh. – Subscribe to channel. – Comment below. – Give us a big thumbs up. – And we see you guys tomorrow! Bye! – Thanks for watching, Jessica. (lively music)

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