– There’s lasers over here. Don’t touch them, or you get zapped. – No you don’t. (electric buzzing)
(Taylor screams) – Guys, we have used all
possible combinations and none of them opened it. – Today’s video, we do a
giant LEGO fort escape room! But before we get started,
give us a big thumbs-up and subscribe to our channel. – [Girls] Hi, SOTY Family! – Alright guys, so today me
and these awesome three ladies are going to be going through
a giant LEGO escape room. – And we’re gonna time ourselves so we can see how fast we are doing it. – Hopefully we are not here all night, but the cool thing is, is that I believe Stephen Yeager and Uncle Derek, are going to be doing the same escape room on their channels in a few days. So guys, you guys can see
who goes through the fastest. – [Girls] It’s gonna be us! – Alright guys, so the first
thing that we have learned when we do an escape room, is we need to look all around so that we don’t miss any clues. – Follow me in the escape room
and let’s see what we find. It looks like we have a bookshelf with– – [Jamie] Drawers, how
many drawers do we have? – [Payton] One, two,
three, four, there’s a key. – [Jamie] Five and six. – There’s a key right there! – There’s a key right here, too! – There’s a key right here. – [Jamie] Where did you find that? – I got it right here. And there’s also an arrow! – [Jamie] There is an
arrow stuck in the wall. – There’s lasers over here. Don’t touch ’em, or you get zapped. – No you don’t. (electric buzzing)
(Taylor screams) And there’s a keypad. – [Jamie] Oh, there’s a lock right there. – [Taylor] I’m too short. – [Jamie] Oh no, we’re never
gonna get out, she’s too short! – And through the lasers I
see another key, what’s– – (gasps) Dun-dun-dun! Alright so, so far we’ve found two keys. Let’s make a key pile so
that we don’t lose any. (metallic clanking) Actually guys, we’ve
found three keys so far! – Hopefully they unlock something. – Since I am the only one
that can reach the lock, I will be unlocking it! Hand me a key, first key. And it doesn’t even fit in. Second key, alright. This one, not even close. Third key. – [Payton] The one that I found here! The one that I found in there!
– I see! And doesn’t work. These three keys do not work. – Then there must be more keys. – Okay guys, I’m dying to
open one of these bookshelves. – [Jamie] Alright, let’s see. – [Payton] Hey, what’s that card? – [Taylor] There’s a card! – [Jamie] Oh, what is it? – [Girls] Two. – Two of clover. – Alright guys, and I forgot to mention, that we have the timer going,
so that will be keeping track of how quickly we can get through this. – Let’s do the second drawer. – [Jamie] Let’s do the
second one, what’s inside? – There’s a note! – [Payton] Sticky note, I’ll grab it! – [Jamie] Let’s see!
– [Payton] Here you go. – [Jamie] What does it say? – It says, well, it doesn’t say anything. – [Jamie] What is it? – [Jordyn] Wait, there’s
something on the top! There’s writing on the top. – [Jamie] Let’s see. Can you guys see that? – It looks like a picture of
four LEGOs stacked together. There’s LEGOs up there! [Jamie] Oh yep, there’s one right there. – There’s LEGOs everywhere! – [Jamie] There are LEGOs everywhere. – But are there ones with four? – I don’t see any, let’s check out the rest of these drawers. Okay, let’s see what’s in the next one. A clue, what is that?
– A door, a door! – [Jamie] What? – It’s that thing. – [Payton] It’s a lock! – [Jordyn] There’s a lock on it! – [Jamie] There’s a lock back there guys! Is that a door? Let me see the picture! – [Taylor] It’s a door. – [Jamie] Okay! – Trap.
– Trap? – [Jamie] It says trap? – Trap.
– We have trap! – [Taylor] There’s a trap somewhere! – Is the arrow the trap? – I don’t know. I don’t know why an arrow would be a trap, but there’s a trap and a door which makes me think that
there’s a trapdoor somewhere. Do you guys know what a trapdoor is? – Trapdoors are doors that are hidden. Like that door! – That one. But that one has a lock in front, it’s not really hidden. Maybe our trapdoor is a little sneakier. We’re going to have to do some looking! – Is that a trapdoor? – [Jamie] I don’t think so,
that looks like a window! Alright, Jordyn, let’s see
what’s in the last one! – Ah!
(Jamie laughs) – [Jamie] See it? What is it? – [ Jordyn] Scart? – [Jamie] What? – [Taylor] Secret. – Secret! – [Jamie] Whoa! Alright, let’s line it out and see. – [Payton] Secret, secret I think is– – [Taylor] Secret LEGO, no secret trap, no. – [Jamie] No, I think the LEGO
goes in front of the door. – [Taylor] LEGO. – [Jamie] No, secret’s first! – [Girls] Secret LEGO trapdoor! – [Taylor] That’s it! – Secret LEGO trapdoor. Alright, so the girls seem to think that the secret LEGO trapdoor
is through these lasers, but guys, you’re forgetting
that we have to figure out how to unlock this to be
able to disengage the lasers, so that we can get through! So maybe the secret LEGO
trapdoor is not over there. – Maybe it’s on this side! – Like there! – [Jamie] Where, let’s
see, is that a trap? – [Taylor] It looks weird! – [Jamie] Okay, just gently push it, see if something happens. – No.
– Nope, nope! – We have to be careful so
we don’t knock down this! – [Jamie] Yeah, so try other things! Let’s see right here! Nope, that’s not it! Down there?
– It’s moving! – [Jamie] What is? – [Payton] This, it’s not connected. – [Jamie] It’s not? – Look. – [Jamie] Let’s see, try
to push a little bit. – [Payton] Maybe it’s not connected. – [Jamie] Guys, what is the green thing? Why is all those colors there? Is that one connected? – [Payton] Wait, guys, wait! – One, two, three, four, no. – [Taylor] Let’s just try it! – [Jamie] Well, there’s four LEGOs. (heavy thumping) – Ow! (Jamie laughs) – Not a trap door! – [Jamie] Not one? – No, wait guys! Look, we have to pull this! – [Jordyn] Try it, Payton, pull it! – [Jamie] Take it off, and let’s see! – [Taylor] I see something! – I pulled it! – I see something! – [Payton] What, what? (Jamie gasps) – [Jamie] What did you do, Taylor? – [Payton] Guys, it’s a number! – It’s a number! – We did it! – Look! – Get everything that was in there! Oh my goodness! Taylor was right, guys! It was a secret trap door! – A three. – [Jamie] A three of spades
and a key inside a lock. How are we gonna– – We need the three keys, the three keys! – We want the keys! – [Jamie] Here they are,
take them, take them! (Taylor laughs) – [Jamie] Alright guys, we’re doing good! Nine minutes and 43 seconds! Can we do this? Let’s go! – Okay.
– Let’s open it and see! – [Payton] You try first. – Let’s try this way. It’s not this one! – Here, try mine.
– Hey, Payton, try yours. – [Taylor] It’s not it. – [Jordyn] There’s mine! – It’s Jordyn’s! – [Jamie] Jordyn, try it! – [Jordyn] Please be it. – [Payton] No. – [Taylor] Twist it this way, let’s try. – [Payton] Can I try one more time? – [Jamie] See Payton’s, maybe she didn’t. – [Payton] Put it in
right, turn it around. – [Taylor] Let me see. – We didn’t have any keys that work! – Wait, but what was the arrow for? – I’m trying to ditch this thing. – Guys wait! Wait, can I use something? – [Jamie] Are we missing a key, guys? – Yes, yes, yes! That one! – [Jamie] Okay, but you
can’t touch the lasers! – The arrow! – [Jamie] Okay, let’s
see if we can scoot it. – [Payton] I’m scared! – [Jordyn] That’s easier! – [Jamie] You’re doing good! – [Taylor] I’ll grab it! No, wait, I think I got it. – [Jordyn] Can I unlock it? – Come on, come to my hand. I think I can reach it! – [Payton] We got it! – [Jamie] Alright, let’s see! – [Payton] The arrow was there on purpose. – [Jordyn] Wait, let
me see if it will fit. – [Payton] I’ll hold it still. – Try it the other way. – [Payton] Turn it around. Please be it, please be it! (excited screaming) – No, you have to turn the lock! – [Jamie] Turn it, baby! Okay! – Got it! – Oh, yeah it is. (excited screaming) – Let’s unlock it, unlock it! – Wait, this doesn’t
look like the key to it. – [Jamie] Let me see. – It looks like it goes to that lock. – [Jamie] Let me see
what the key looks like. – [Jordyn] Just try it! – [Jamie] I hope it goes to that, or else we’re stuck in here forever! – [Jordyn] No wait, let’s do Taylor. – [Jamie] It worked, guys! (futuristic whooshing) – [Girls] Yay! Whoa! – Hey, look at this one! Guys, do you have the keys? – Guys, I know what this is for! Do you know how we have these cards? They have numbers on them! – [Jamie] Alright this is a number lock. This is a character lock that are on cards we have collected. – And this is the key lock! – Alright guys, I think we need to lay out all of the keys that we have found and all of the cards that we have found. (metallic clinking) – I’m going to wiggle it down. – [Jamie] Wait, there’s a card up there! – [Payton] Yeah, we know, I found that! – Now we can finish the pattern! Four of hearts. So we need to do four, two, three. Or three, two, four. Or two, four, three. Or two, three, four. – Alright guys, so this lock, here, involves four characters, and we have only found three cards, so there is a card somewhere in this room! We need to look. Jordyn, go check the time! Where are we at? – It is 16:37. – [Jamie] 16 minutes! – 16 minutes. – Alright, let’s get working! Alright guys, so we’ve
been working at this for at least 10 minutes now trying to figure this out. But we think that this lock right here is what we need to solve before we can get to that lock. Maybe, hopefully there
is a card in this drawer once we unlock it. – So we’re trying as many– – [Jamie] Combinations? – Yeah, combinations. – Like two, four, three, three, two, four. – It’s not it. We have to do four. – [Jamie] So you’re just trying
all of the different ones? – Four.
– Four, two, three! – We tried that. – Four, three, two. Now try two, four, three. – Two, four, three. – Two, four, three. – [Jamie] Is anything working? – One sec, she’s trying– – Two. – [Girls] Four, three. – Try it.
– I’m scared, guys! – Nope! – Okay, that means it will be two, three, no, two, four, three. – She just said two, four, three! – Fine, try this: three, four, two. – Three, four, two. Nope. – Three, two, four. – Nope. – Guys, we have used all
possible combinations, and none of them opened it. – [Payton] Okay guys, two, four, three. – We already did two, four, three. – [Taylor] We’re just trying. – [Girls] Four, three. – Alright guys, so they’re
just kind of doing the same numbers again just to make sure
that one wasn’t done wrong, but after that, I think we need to come up with a different solution. There’s obviously something in this room that we are missing. So these cards are for
sure used for this lock. – [Jordyn] But we need one more! – [Jamie] And you guys are
thinking that these cards are also for this lock? – Yeah because numbers and these. – [Jamie] What if there’s
other numbers somewhere? Do you see any numbers that we could use for this lock anywhere? – Well, we can do these four– – Wait, wait, wait! Check that room and this room! – Alright, we’re looking for numbers! Any kind of clues. All there are are LEGO blocks, though, so it’s really hard to
see any numbers, tricky. I mean, we could count. I don’t know, is there any pattern anywhere on these LEGOs
that’s going to give us any kind of hint? – Right here? – [Jamie] Okay wait, is this tape? – [Girls] Yeah. – [Jamie] Guys, this is
all outlined in yellow! This square, what does this square mean? – Oh, Mom, Mom! It’s a pattern! – [Jamie] Okay, so what does it mean? – I’m trying to see if it opens. – [Jamie] I don’t think it’s a trap door, but what do you mean a pattern? – Under the tape! – [Jamie] No. – Yellow. – Blue and red! – [Jamie] There are blue and red. How many blues and how many reds? – [Girls] One, two,
three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16. – [Jamie] How high do the numbers go? – The highest is nine. – [Jamie] Nine? And how many numbers? We need three different numbers. – Wait, guys! We can do equaling by three, no, by one plus one plus one! – Huh? – There’s three columns. – And nine rows. – [Jamie] And nine rows? There’s three lock combination numbers that we need, and
there is one, two, three. – There’s six blues, three reds. One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight reds. – [Jamie] One blue! – And all blue. – [Jamie] And that means nine. – Yes, wait! Nine on each one! – Do six. – [Payton] Six. – One. – [Payton] One. – [Jamie] You’re going
to do the blues, right? – [Payton] One. – Nine. – [Jamie] Nine, is it going to open? – [Taylor] Let’s see. – [Jamie] Let’s see, hopefully! Fingers crossed, everybody! – [Taylor] It unlocked! – [Payton] It’s unlocked. (Jordyn screams) – [Jamie] It worked? Hurry, hurry, hurry! Open it, open it! – [Payton] It’s a card! – It’s an ace! I’m going to try to unlock
this with these keys. – [Jamie] Okay, Taylor’s
going to work on that and just see if the four
keys that we have work. Jordyn, do you have the cards? – No, Payton does. – There’s these, and
then, where’s the ace? Do you have the ace? – [Jamie] The ace! – We have one ace. – [Jamie] Two of clovers, four of hearts, and three of spades. Alright, Jordyn is going
to take a stab at it! What do we have? – Two of those. – [Jamie] Two of the clovers. – [Payton] Let’s do the four hearts. – [Girls] One, two, three, four. – [Payton] Let’s do three of the bottoms. – [Girls] One, two, three. – [Payton] And then try to pull it. – [Jamie] Did it work? – Nope.
– No. – Alright guys, so it’s my turn, and I’m gonna do it a little differently than the girls were doing it because I just don’t think
it’s working that way. So I put it in order, in
the order that it goes. So I’m just going to do diamond,
clover, spade, and heart. – Diamond. – Okay, so diamond. – Clover. – Clover, okay. – [Girls] Spades. – Spade. (Jamie gasps) – You know what, guys, I
think I just did it wrong! (gasps) I got it right! Alright, Payton, let’s see what’s inside! – [Taylor] Okay, I hope it’s the key! – [Jamie] What is it,
what is it, what is it? – I think it’s a key. – [Jamie] Can you get it open? – Open it! (gasps) – It’s a key! – [Jamie] Let me see the key! – It’s a key! – 34 minutes guys, get
that thing open now! We got to get out of here! – [Taylor] Open it up! – [Jamie] Hurry, hurry, hurry! – Other way! You need to learn how to open door things. – [Jamie] Do we got it? Do we have it? (excited screaming) – [Jamie] Yes, let’s get out of here! (excited squealing) – And stop. 34 minutes, guys! Hopefully Stephen doesn’t beat that! – Take that, Uncle Derek! – Thanks for watching today’s video! – Make sure you check out Uncle
Derek’s and Stephen’s video! – Subscribe to our channel! – Comment below! – Give us a big thumbs up! – And we’ll see you guys tomorrow! – [Girls] Bye! (upbeat music)

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