GIANT LEGO CANDY DRIVE THRU Candy Dispenser Restaurant Store!

– Hey fun squad. Come on in, and today we’re doing a giant LEGO box fort candy store. Come on, let’s go build this thing! Welcome back to Kyle’s Toys & Games. Let’s have some fun. I got one of these giant LEGO bricks and look, this is a normal LEGO brick. When I mean giant, I mean they’re giant. So we’re gonna use this whole space here and we are actually going to build a giant LEGO box fort candy store, which is gonna be awesome. And before I get started, make sure to thumbs up
this video and subscribe. Oh, and check out our new merch on Amazon. The link is down below. I might need some help by Gage and my Mom to build this thing nice and big, but we’re gonna start the
timer ups in 3-2-1, Go. (upbeat music) I’ve already started to build the walls, but should I let the customers inside? Or should I have a drive through window? So, should I do a door or
a drive through window? Comment down below. (upbeat music) Over on the Carl & Jinger channel, we did a pool video with
these LEGOs and they’re still kind of wet so I had to
put a towel around because there was drops of water everywhere. (upbeat music) We have our drive through
window all build guys. This looks awesome, and
also this is where we are at so we got, just barely got this done, the back wall, as you can
see, is not done at all. We still gotta build up
these sides, the side walls, and definitely this back wall. Hey guys, check out this box we build. Come on in, let me show ya. So right here, we have the order window. Then there’s a back wall and
then we have this other window here if they wanna come
through this window. And also, this is actually
huge to you guys, right? Well it’s actually really big to me, too. We need a table to put
all of our candy on, and we need some candy. So let’s get those and I think we’re gonna be ready for some customers. This is what I want it to
look like, so you can see what I have, like what kinda candy. All I have to do is just go
like that and it comes off. Don’t you guys think that is cool? I mean, I think it’s very cool. Let’s tape the rope inside of our box fort so then we can hang the candy. So I got my tape and I got my string, but I actually have a really
good idea with the string. We put one end right here on the green, and one end over here on this green. So then when we put the candy on, it stays straight and tight. Here’s the first piece of
tape and then over here on this string is the
second piece of tape. We’re gonna hang up our
first candies so we know where to put the second rope. So this is the first candy, Skittles. It’s holding up good, which is awesome. So now we’re gonna do the
Pay Day with a blue one. Okay, I’ve figured out a
way to hang that one up. Now we got to do the Twix. And we’ll do that. There we go. There’s … (yells) No. We
need to do that like that. There we go. That’ll work. We got it! There’s the first string
so now I know where to put the second string, which
will be right there. This is good, right here. Let’s do this right here,
and then for the other side, doing it right here on this yellow. That should hold up pretty well. Now we need to hang up
the second set of candies. Okay, we got our second set of
candies, let’s hang these up. The Skittles is done. Comment down below. What’s you’re favorite type of candy? Skittles, Twix, or the Cadbury Eggs? My favorite is definitely
the Skittles ’cause they can last a really long time. We are done with the box fort. I even have my own little sign, and we are ready for some customers. (shouting) Customers! Kyle’s Toys & Games Candy Store is open. Anyone? What? Got any customers? – Oh, hey Kyle. What’s up? – Hey. – I just saw you made this really cool candy box fort, which is so cool. – What candy do you want? – Oh man, oh. Let’s see here. There’s so many candies to choose from. Whoa, I almost broke your
little box fort right there. (laughter) Well, I mean, I wanna know what about, can I just have all the Skittles? – That depends on how much money you got. – How much money I’ve got? Well how much money does it cost? – Two dollars a bag. – Two dollars a bag? – Two dollars a candy. – Inflation, I’d say. How does this look? This is how much money I got. – Okay, that’ll at least give you the OG’s – Good luck with your
candy store, man, Okay. The first customer was awesome, and I finally got some money. I wonder if that other
girl told her friends that there’s a candy store. Is there even gonna be any more customers? (sigh) There might be a customer coming. – Hello – Oh, my second customer. – Kyle’s Toys & Games Candy Store? Awesome. – What candy do you want? – Oh, look at all these options. We have Skittles, Twix, or a
bunch of other candies, oh. – Oh, I’m gonna go for the
Donettes, the powdered donuts. – Okay, that will be $1.50. – Thanks, see ya later dude, awesome. – Have a good day. – My money jar is looking
very good right now, but my candy stash is
getting smaller and smaller. Now I just gotta wait here
for the next customer. Which customer is gonna be next? Vote up in the pool right now. Just waiting for some customers. Wait, I hear a customer. Hey, where did you, where’s the customer? – What’s up, Kyle? – Oh. (laughter) Hi. – Uh, can I get some wild berry Skittles? – That is two dollars. – Um, Um … I don’t have any money. – Then you’re gonna have to
do like a dance or something. It’s money or moves. – Money or moves, like dancing? – Yeah. – I can kinda dance, but
I only know one dance, and this is my favorite dance
of them all, okay, ready? Cue the Hawaiian music. (Hawaiian music) – Okay. (laughing) Okay,
you’ve earned the Skittles. – I want Skittles, Skittles. Keep that Hawaiian music going. Okay, I think I deserve these. – They’re wild berry, too, so … – Alright. – See ya later. – Hang loose. – Surf’s up, dudes. He was the weirdest out of them all. I have no idea what to expect next. (sigh) What the heck? (laughter) – Yes, I would like a number four, please. – We don’t serve food. – You don’t have a number four? – No. – Can I get four of anything?
Does anything come in fours? – Um, no, but you can have
this, this pink snowball. – I’ll take it, it looks amazing. – Hands off, you have to
pay for it, two dollars. – Will you take this as payment? I don’t have any cash. – Sure, this works. – Thanks so much, Kyle, you’re
the best candy store ever. See you later. (Kyle laughing hysterically) – That was the funniest customer, and we had actually a ton
of funny customers come, and I also have some candy
left over that I can eat. And join the fun squad by subscribing and turning on notifications. Thanks for watching. If you like this one,
you’re definitely gonna like these other ones ’cause I
picked them just for you, and I’ll see you guys next time. Bye. Mine. (upbeat music)

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