GIANT LEGO Battleship Game! BOYS vs. GIRLS

(rock music) – No, no, no. Abandon ship! (explosion sound) – [Stephen] What happened? – In today’s video, we do a Giant Lego Battleship Game. But, before I get started, subscribe to our channel
with a big thumbs up! – Hey SOTY Family! – That’s the best introduction ever. – Thank you! – All right guys! What do you get when you take Lego blocks, water balloons and a crazy family? – What? I don’t get it, guys. – Lego hot potato? – Wait, guys! I got it, I got it. Fortnite. Battle bus with water balloons. – A water balloon bounce house? Please! Can we do that? – No guys, no! – A Giant Lego Battleship Game! – Yeah!
– Yeah! – Wait! What are these for? – All right guys, so this is
going to be a competition. Boys versus girls! – Boys, you need to recruit some people. – Taylor, do you want to be a boy today? – No. – Girls, get in pink; boys, get in blue. Meet back here. – I know exactly what we need. Uncle Derek! Where are you? Uncle Derek! ♪ You better turn up ♪ ♪ You better be there when I shake ♪ ♪ Watch me rockin’ ♪ ♪ If I can’t stop, can’t stop ♪ ♪ If I should fall, just go ahead, ♪ ♪ go and catch me baby ♪ ♪ Oooo, I live it ♪ – Let’s compete! – Yeah! – Wait for me. (music) – Before we can play Lego Battleship, we need to build a game board. – And guys, like true SOTY fashion, while the boys build and get ready, the girls play! – Girls rock! – Pink power!
– Whoa! Pink power. (rock music) – Guys, I think we lost
pocket to the boy’s team. – Booo! – Boo! Boy’s team, boo! – Boo! Boy’s team. – All right, guys. We
have a slight problem. We only have this much of our wall built and the sun is going down. – All right guys. So far, we’re up to this high but we wanted to get it that high. – So that nobody peaks over the fence. Mom! – I never cheat! – I do! – I do! – More blocks. We need more. – Guys, it’s coming along. Our wall is just about done. We just have a little bit more left. I know I should be building the wall, but this is just too much fun! – Girl party! (screaming) (laughter) – [Dad] (coughs) The wall is done. – Uh oh! – We got in trouble. – Look at this giant wall that I built. – It’s finally done, guys. Let’s party! ♪ Oooo, I love it ♪ ♪ Crank it up ♪ ♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ Turn it up, turn it up ♪ ♪ On a higher level ♪ ♪ Turn it up, turn it up ♪ ♪ You got this ♪ – Guys? Guys? – Dad? I totally can’t see him over there. – Guys, the wall’s built. But, the sun’s going down so, good night. First thing in the morning, game time! (music) – All right, guys. So, before we can actually do our giant Lego Battleship Game,
we have to build Lego ships. And we have to rebuild our wall. – [Dad] Derek broke it. – [Mom] Thank you, Derek. (blocks collapsing) – [Dad] Uncle Derek! – Uncle Derek! – [Mom] You guys have 10 minutes
to build your battleship. (girls screaming) – All right guys, so our strategy is to
build a boat together. – Yes. – Together. It’s gonna be hard, but it’s gonna be… – Good.
– Worth it! – These Lego blocks are too small. – We need to make more. – Make it taller. – Get more blocks. – All right guys, my strategy is to make
a small, small boat, like a square, that fits around me, so there’s not a lot of area to hit the, for the water balloon to hit my boat. Because I’m not sinking! (music) – I’m building a house. Is it beautiful? – What is that thing? – All right! So my strategy is to get a small boat and put it as close to the wall as I can because then, when they launch it up, it’s more likely to hit the
wall, than actually hit me. So, I think I’m gonna win this challenge. – So guys, what I’m trying to do is build like a kind of a roof, so I can, when the water balloon is
coming right to my head, I can just go right there and it will hit the blocks instead. – Our boat’s gonna be awesome! – Um, my boat’s done. – All right guys, so while the
battleships are being built I’m gonna go over the rules of the Giant Lego Battleship Challenge. Rule number one, no cheating. – Darn it. – Rule number two, if your battleship gets hit
once throughout the challenge, your battle ship is sunk and you’re out. And rule number three, have fun and whoever sinks
all of the battleships on the other side first, wins the game! But before we get started,
here’s our first testing shot. (balloon falling) (balloon explodes) (music) – [Parker] (laughs) Are you crying? – I’ve been hit. – That’s okay because it doesn’t count. Let the game begin! – Wait! I’m not ready. I’m still building my ship. ♪ So you’re thinking you were right ♪ ♪ Bring it on, bring it on ♪ ♪ Prove me wrong ♪ ♪ Go put up a fight ♪ (music) (sirens wailing) – Take cover! – I’m safe. – It’s coming! – Fire our first shot! (tribal music) – Loading the cannon. (balloon falling) (explosion) – You missed our battleships. – Three more shots. (girls screaming) (explosion) – You missed my battleship. – And you missed mine. – There’s two more shots
guys. We can do it! – [Mom] Fire in the hole! (balloon falling) (girls screaming) (explosion) – That was a close one! – [Dad] We’re the pirates! (balloon falling) (explosion) – Ha ha! Not this time, pirates. – They have bad aim. – Now it’s the girl’s turn. – Fortify the ships. The counter-attack is coming! – Guiding us through these rough waters. – Oh brother! – Fire in the hole. (balloon falling) (boys screaming) (explosion) – Ow! No, no, no! Abandon ship! (explosion) – What happened? – To the next ship! – Wait. Did I just sunk a ship? On the first try? (girls cheering) – Take that, pirates. The girls are coming for you. – Oh snap! – Let’s hit them all in one round. – Yeah! – Fire! (balloon falling) – Brace yourself! (balloon falling) – They didn’t clear the barrier. – But this one will, though. (balloon falling) (explosion) – You missed our battleship. – Last shot of the round. – Fire in the hole! (balloon falling) (explosion) – That was a close one. – All right guys, here
is a recap on round one of our Giant Lego Battleship Game. Boys have zero battleships sunk, and the girls have one battleship sunk. – Round two. – We might be down a ship, but
our spirits are still high. – All right. Fire! – Did he just sink his own battleship? – Redo. That doesn’t count. Fire in the cannon. (balloon falling) – Take cover! (explosion) – Is that the best you can do? (explosion) (explosion) – What? We’ve been hit. – You sunk our battleship. Retreat! – Retreat! (yelling) (explosion) – Parker, it’s just you and I left. – Last shot of the round. – Oh no. It’s coming! (balloon falling) (explosion) – They missed us! – You missed our battleship. – It’s time to get revenge. (screaming) – You can’t hit this. (balloon falling) (explosion) – You missed my battleship by a lot. – Liar! – Time to sink another battleship. – Fire in the hole! (balloon falling) (explosion) – She sunk another one of my battleships?! Goodbye, baby. (explosion) – Hop in. Hop in. Man the shield generators. – Shield generators? – I built shield generators in this thing. There’s only one ship left. And it’s badly damaged. – We have two more shots. Let’s take them down. – Fire in the hole. (balloon falling) (explosion) – Don’t worry! I got this. ♪ Shalalalala, don’t be shy ♪ – Our shield generators. You’re supposed to have
been watching those. – [Parker] Fire in the hole. (laughter) (balloon falling) – Parker’s got game! (explosion) – You missed our battleship. (balloon falling) (explosion) – It hit our weak spot. – Abandon ship. (yelling) (explosion) – All right guys, that is it for round two of
our Giant Lego Battleship. And that’s the end of the game, because the boys sunk one
of the girl’s battleships, but the girls sunk the last
remaining two battleships. That means… – Girls win! (cheering) – Boys, are you ready for your punishment? – What? Punishment? – That wasn’t part of the deal. (whistling music) (exclaiming) – Hopefully you guys enjoyed
today’s awesome video. Comment below if you
guys want us to do more awesome games like these! – Subscribe to our channel. – Comment below. – Give us a big thumbs up! – We’ll see you guys tomorrow. – Bye! (music)

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