GIANT LEGO Ball Pit filled with SLIME!

– Oh yeah, oh snap. – It’s a slime party! Whoo. I’m a slime finding machine. (upbeat music) Wahhh! I’m cruisin’. – I have a craving for it. I love slime. – Byoo whoo.
(laughter) (upbeat music) (popping) (slime hitting floor) – [Together] Hi friends! – Welcome back to– – Just. – 4. – Girrrrlllss (chuckles). – And we are the– – [Together] Soty Sisters! – Make sure you subscribe to our channel. – Hit that bell. – And follow us on Instagram. – Today we’re doing our– – [Together] Slime Bash! – Which means there’s a ton
of slime in our ball pit. – We each have one minute to collect as much slime as we can. – And then after we smash it! – Who do you think is gonna collect the most slime pockets? – [Together] Meeee. Now let’s let start the bash. (upbeat music)
(balls shuffling) Slime time. (upbeat music) – Start the clock. Ah. (balls shuffling) Okay, first I will go, I
think I will kick the balls. (upbeat music)
(balls shuffling) (grunting)
(balls shuffling) (upbeat music) Uh, no. It isn’t that one. Where is all the slime! (upbeat music) No, nothing. (balls shuffling) (upbeat music) I found one. It’s a green one. (upbeat music)
(balls shuffling) I just got one. Time’s up already. Guys we’re extending it two more minutes, this is not fair. Put two more minutes on the clock. And I think we need more slime. (hard bang) Whoa. I’m ready to rock this. On the mark, get set, go. (upbeat music) No, um. Good thing I didn’t smush it. I have three already. Now five. It’s a slime party, whew! Can’t find the slime. Guys, some of the slime has toys in it. I want to get as much
of these toys as I can. (upbeat music) (grunting) Got. (balls shuffling) I hope I’m not stepping on any. (breathing heavily) (upbeat music) Two at a time. I’m rocking this. I’m finding so many. (upbeat music) No. Op. It’s another green one. (balls shuffling) I just popped one. (balls shuffling) Ohh. But at least it didn’t stick
to the carpet that much. I got three. (slime hitting bucket) Found one. I found the jackpot. 10 more seconds. (upbeat music)
(balls shuffling) I found another two. Times up. I found 28 slime packets. – Put three minutes on the clock. (bells ringing) (upbeat music) (balls shuffling) I feel slime on my feet. What is this first. Try to get some slime. (upbeat music)
(balls shuffling) (gasps) I found two. But first. (upbeat music)
(balls shuffling) I keep stepping on it. Two purple ones. I can get it. I’m so good. Oh, I had two for a second. It’s over here. (upbeat music)
(balls shuffling) I’m the best. (upbeat music)
(balls shuffling) Oh yeah. (upbeat music) (balls shuffling) Slime, I want a slime. No. (upbeat music) I found, I found two. (slime hitting bucket) Slime is my favorite. Green. I found something, no that’s my foot. 10 more seconds. (balls shuffling) Times up. Two, three. I have 24. Oh yeah, oh snap. – Put three minutes on the clock because I’m ready to do this. On you mark, get set, slime. (balls shuffling)
(upbeat music) I gotta dig farther. I got one, I feel one. Let go, let go. I’ll find another one. Nevermind I found it, I see it. (upbeat music) I stepped on it. (balls shuffling) I keep on stepping on it. (balls shuffling) Dangit. (balls shuffling)
(upbeat music) (slime hitting bucket) (upbeat music) I’m a slime finding machine. Whaa! Deeper, deeper, deeper. Done, done. (balls shuffling) Ahh! Whoa. (balls shuffling)
(upbeat music) Dun dun dunnn dunnnn da dun. Dun. (signs) Where is it? (balls shuffling) I keep finding these squishies. Where is the slime? (breathing heavily)
(upbeat music) Jackpot. Another one. And the last one. (breathing heavily) Hoo thaa. I’m cruisin’. Jackpot! (balls shuffling) Another one, another one. 10 more seconds. (balls shuffling) I found one, I found one. Noo! No! Times up. But I found a whole lot. 32 to be exact. – We saved the best for last. Give me three minutes. (upbeat music) Got one. (balls shuffling)
(upbeat music) Why is there some balls. There’s none. (upbeat music)
(balls shuffling) Really didn’t save the best for last. (upbeat music)
(balls shuffling) (breathing heavily) (upbeat music)
(balls shuffling) I need to find some (sighs). I’m running out of time. (upbeat music) I got some. (slime hitting bucket) (upbeat music) (slime hitting bucket) (balls shuffling)
(upbeat music) (slime hitting bucket) I have a craving for it. I love slime. (upbeat music)
(balls shuffling) (slime hitting bucket) (upbeat music)
(balls shuffling) (slime hitting bucket) I have 10 more seconds. (upbeat music) (balls shuffling)
(upbeat music) No (breathing heavily). Times up. I found 43. – [Together] Let’s crack them. (cracking) (popping) – [Mother] That was popped. Nice job. – I can’t pop any. (slime popping) – [Mother] That’s it. (slime popping) – Popping balloons. (slime popping)
(upbeat music) – I got a toy. (upbeat music) – I have a toy. – We each found a toy. – Byoon whoo (laughter). (upbeat music) – Hopefully you liked today’s video. – Comment below if your
guys’ guess was right. Who collected the most toys? – [Together] Don’t forget to subscribe. Just 4 Girls out. – Peace. (electronic music)

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