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– Welcome back to Kyle’s Toys & Games and today we’re making a
Giant Gummy Birthday Cake. Yeah! (upbeat rock music) First we have to make the gummy. I’m a witch. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. I’m a gummy witch. (dinging) Shout out to the Notification Squad. You can click that bell, right by the Subscribe button, so you don’t miss a video. We have our pink layer
of Gummy Cake right here, that’s done. And over here is our blue layer of Giant Gummy Cake. Lemme show you how we do it. To make it really colorful
we’re gonna add milk to make it really white. (upbeat rock music) Look at how white that is. Now we gotta mix it up. (stirring) Now to make it really yellow we add this yellow food coloring. We have our pink and blue one, now let’s see how yellow this one is. (stirring) That’s really loud, isn’t it. (chuckles)
(stirring) Look guys, the Gummy Cake is all setup. That looks so cool. Look how good it setup. (drumming) It’s like a drum. (plopping) Check out Kids Cooking and Crafts, they do all this like
awesome cake experiments. – They inspired us to do this video so we’ll leave a link to their channel in the Description below. – Let’s assemble this cake. – I’ll move this one and then we can put it in
the middle of the table. Oh that looks cool! – Uh huh! I gotta get this part. There we go. – [Gage] Look at that. Whoa! – This part’s gonna be the bottom, right? – Yep, this is the bottom, and then it’s gonna yellow and then red. You get the back.
– Oh, team work! – Team work! Need more team work. Team work is always the best!
(drumming) When the yellow was setting
up, it kind of leaked, but luckily it setup in time
so it all didn’t leak out. – This is how we undo the yellow. So we do that, and and then we gently take this off. – We don’t want this cake to tear. – Whoa! Oh, ho, ho, ho, ho. – Okay. Now we’re gonna move this onto the yellow. – [Kyle] Onto the blue! – [Gage] Onto the blue! I meant the blue. – There we go.
(clapping) – And then we’re gonna do the red. Kyle thinks he put the
pink on top by himself. Oh! He did it! High five.
(slapping) Yeah! – It looks like a real cake. – I know.
– It went from big to small. – Yeah it’s like one
of those wedding cakes where it goes really big on the bottom and then is goes medium size and then (plopping) really small on top. But this one’s (drumming)
super jiggly. (slomo drumming)
super jiggly. – Our Giant Gummy Cake is pretty awesome. – It looks really good. – Oh! We got the decorations. – Oh, go get those real
quick and we’ll put ’em on. – We had all this leftover gummy so we decided to make all
these Lego decorations. So all we need to do is
to get the candles ready and light ’em, and then we’ll take a bite! We have green gummy
Legos, yellow gummy Legos, and the blue gummy Lego, and, we also have these awesome Lego guys. My favorite Lego guy is the blue one. – I really like the green one. I think that one is really cool. Oh kind of like, not that
sweet, like the other two. – Okay, I have five. – I have, here! I had seven. So now we have the same amount, and dropping ’em. Na, na na, butter fingers! – Okay. – It’s definitely harder to
put the candles in a gummy cake than a normal cake. – I’m gonna put some right in this hand. Oh no, they’re tipping over. Let’s not put him there. – Yeah, let’s just keep it on the cake. – Yeah. – There, now all we have
to do is light the candles. – Yes! – Wait a second. – It’s not your birthday, it’s not my birthday, it’s the Lego’s birthday! – Yay! Happy birthday to the Lego guys. (whooshing) Let’s take a bite
(clapping) out of the cake. (upbeat music) – Mm! It’s time to cut our Giant Gummy Cake. – Let’s go. Oh that’s super satisfying to cut. – [Kyle] Oh! Let’s cut it with a candle. – [Gage] That looks good. Do you want that piece Kyle? – [Kyle] Yeah. – [Gage] Okay. We’re gonna pull it out. Get your plate ready. Oh! Don’t fall. Oh, that looks so good! Look at that! – [Kyle] ‘Kay but, plop it on the plate. – [Gage] Yes! – [Kyle] Ooh! – Look at that! That looks so good. High five. (slapping) That wasn’t good. (smacking) There we go.
– Ha, ha, ha, ha. – Ha, ha. – [Kyle] I’ll take this top piece. – And I’m gonna take the bottom piece ’cause it’s the biggest one and I always get the
biggest pieces of cake. – Three, two, one, go. – Mmm, that–
– Tastes like a gummy bear. – Tastes so good. – Thanks for making a Giant
Gummy Lego Cake with us today. Click anywhere on the screen to Subscribe or watch more videos. And we’ll see you guys next time. Bye!

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