Ghostbusters Toys Haul! Stay Puft LEGO Firehouse! Ecto 1 UNO Slimer Rowan Games Ghost Trap Playset

Hey guys if you like Ghostbusters then you’ve gotta watch this video don’t go anywhere I’ll be back in a Hey guys, it’s Brent here at LucasTV and today I have a whole bunch of Ghostbusters toys. Some of them I’m going to do a video on like the LEGO Firehouse Headquarters, Lego Ecto 1 little Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and a lot more, but some of them I won’t get to and not do a video unfortunately because I have a lot more videos to do like Hot Wheels Star Wars Legos and a lot more kinds of toys. Actually, I take that back I’m not gonna do a separate video on this one because I’m gonna do it right here. So I got this one because he’s very cute and cuddly but he makes no sound but the bigger ones they make sounds but if you want to see those, go in my Ghostbusters playlist and you’ll find those right there. The link to that will be in the video description below and the same goes for these two the Lego dimensions Slimer and Lego dimensions Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. So the little Stay Puft Marshmallow Man has a really happy looking face and he has a sailer outfit with the little tie Boop, right here, Boop. And his hat. so let me get these guys out of the way So now you can see a good look at the ones I’m gonna do a video on except this one this one’s just stickers. I’m not going to do a video on it. And I love playing UNO. so I got Ghostbusters UNO. If you never played that one, it’s really fun. and I’m going to play against my dad in this game but I’m not sure if I want to do a video on it but we’ll see leave me a comment down below do you think I should do a video on it or should I not? But I’m definitely gonna do a video on the ghostbusters Ghost Trap Playset. I’m probably gonna do that video with some other Ghostbusters toys. So here is. Here is Ghostbusters Monopoly. I may do a video on this one and here I got a big Stay Puft Marshmallow Man figure and behind it here is Rowan. He’s the guy featured in the Ghostbusters circle logo. And this one is Mayhem. and both of them light up and this one is the original ghostbusters Lego Ecto 1 and I’m and I’m definitely doing a video on the Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters. This is a humongous lego set and it comes with a lot of minifigures. I really like that one. Hey have you seen my other Ecto 1 video from the newer movie? I hope you have.It’s really awesome video. If you haven’t go in the Ghostbusters playlist and you’ll find it right there. I’m definitely going to use this guys in a lot of videos I’m going to shoot some marshmallows and see and see what else this guy can shoot maybe even some jello. That will make a nice mess. That will be fun. Well I hope you enjoyed looking at all these Ghostbusters toys that I’m gonna do and subscribe to Lucas TV because you definitely don’t want to miss out on all those videos because if you like Ghostbusters toys then you’re like me and if you’re like me then you love Ghostbusters toys. And I’ll see you next time bye bye Hey guys, here’s some of my other videos and I know you’re gonna love them so go ahead and watch them.

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