Ghost & Kids – Toys Gift – Vampire – Kids Playing with Toys – Ghost Playing with Kids

Over View Video Subscribe for Poor Help and Planting. Ten percentage of each video will be dedicated to poor and planting Lets Start video Today we are getting bored We are thinking what we do today Let’s give the kids a swing to this car The kids will be very happy Come back to the car what should we do Take this umbrella to rain Put this umbrella Return the umbrella Do not rain I do not want to return Come sit somewhere Wow, let’s have fun in this season Do it too We feel like someone’s coming Something is coming run run This is a ghost Do not be afraid of me, I’m good. what’s this This is a flower This is a sniper I feel great that all the kids are giving me a gift Let’s get the gift to you Are you scared? Give you a toy Do not hold hands on my hand This will be a ghost baby Come on let me give you more Gift box for all of your children Open you This is open Look at this all gifts Open you with a queen Uncle Ghost gave me this gift Look at how well I look like Ghost Uncle has given a gift I have given this papi a ghost It has also given a small home There are also toys inside this house I love all the kids We give love to the ghost We all children I have to go now We give love to the ghost We all children By By uncle ghost We are very happy, we have all the gifts we have received I feel very good We will play in the car Look baby, you too like our toys See how toys play It’s so good to go its really nice toy It will fall down now Now we will all go baby openly We are having a lot of fun Thank you so much for the ghost Uncle

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