Frozen Elsa with Brown Hair & Fire Powers! Kids Toys

Wow it’s so cool to have kids in the neighborhood.
What are your guy’s names and where are you from? My name is Peppa Pig and this is my
friend Candy Cat, and we are originally from the UK and just moved here to Arendale not
to long ago. Um I didn’t know pigs could talk. So Elsa how are you liking your brown hair
does it feel really different? Oh you know it’s taken a little while to get used to it.
I look in the mirror and I’m like whoa my hair but I like it, I probably wont keep it
forever though. Hey Elsa It’s getting a little warm in here do you think you could cool it
down for us. Oh yea, I was juts think it is getting a little toasty in here. Let me just
whip up on snow. An hey maybe i will throw in a little ice. *Wind Noise* Whoa what on
earth. I have fire powers, Where is my snow and ice? This is crazy fire powers. Guy’s
are you seeing this. yea i’m seeing this what on earth Elsa seriously. How come you get
all the powers I’ve got nothing. Gee maybe i just need to color my hair brown or something.
You flames were awesome mom, they were blue and purple so pretty. I just don’t understand,
this is all just so wild. I mean it must be the hair dye. Something inside of me changed
and now i have fire powers. Blond with nice and snow powers and now I have brown hair
i have fire powers. I don’t want fire powers. Elsa I don’t know if i am going to like your
new fire powers because i am already starting to melt. And if there is one thing i have
learned fire and snow do not go together.I think i am going to go home before i turn
into bacon. It’s really weird though because when i was creating the flames I didn’t feel
hot at all. I was actually feeling kind of cold. Here let me try it again. *wind noise*
Whoa fire. See its not hot at all. It feels kind of chilly. Whoa your right Elsa this
isn’t hot at all it feels kind of relaxing. But what do you do with cold fire? Yea it
seems kind of useless. Look mom i set the table on fire now we can be fire buddies.
Stop Felicia put that out, we talked about this. Your fire burns things and ruins our
furniture you can’t do it just willy neely like that. yea Elsa your fire powers are really
just pointless I mean well there pretty and all but really what can you do with cold fire?
I know i am already missing my frozen powers. I really like making snow and ice and pretty
dresses with my frozen powers. yea but Elsa Barbies out of town she can’t color your hair
right now. Who’s going to do it for you? I know just the guy Ariel recommended him. Uh
let me go give him a call. Oh thank you thank you so much for coming over. You are saving
me. This is Mike the Super Merman and I know you have all heard of him. He is amazing.
and he is going to change me back to a blond so i can have my frozen ice and snow powers.
You’ve got it Elsa! I Mike the Merman can channel all the powers of the arctic ocean
to grant Elsa back her snowy icy powers that she was gifted with from the beginning. *singing*
Oh yes yes yes i am back to normal. I am a blond again and now i can build a snowman.
Yay. Mom i wanted you to have powers like me I wanted to be fire buddies. Why not exactly
little one. Why what do you mean? I not only let you have your ice and snow powers but
i let you keep your fire powers so if you ever want or need them, because i am that
awesome. Whoa you are awesome lets try it out. *wind noise* Whoa check it out i’m able
to make the fire powers and i still am blond. This is the best of both worlds. oh this is
just ridiculous how come Elsa gets all the powers. If you enjoyed this video please click
like also let me know if you like m brand new fire powers. Click on a picture to watch
another fun toy video. Thanks for watching and have a great day!

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