Frozen Dolls Elsa and Anna Pool Party Vacation to Legoland Water Park Slides by DisneyCarToys

Hey Elsa check out this Lego Land Water Park.
It looks like so much fun. Lets go check it out. Wow Lego’s and water together this is
brilliant. But what do we do here. I think its a water slide or something. Might as well
try it out. Um I am getting really wet here. I don’t know how i feel about thins. I love
it Elsa this is awesome wow! Whoa did you see how fast i was going. Well Ana this water
is taking us somewhere and I don’t know where. Um i think I want to try something else. Alright
alright how about the lazy river. That’s nice and simple or Elsa look there’s the Pirates
Reef. No way this is scary. See look all you do is ride in this boat and go up the big
ramp then you go down a big ramp and get soaked that’s awesome. oh well I was think a little
more of on the lines of a toddle spray pad look it looks like a zoo and there’s a lion
and polar bear. Oh come on Elsa that’s just as exciting as sniffing these plastic flowers
right here. Hey well follow me i have a perfect idea. See we can just sit in these chairs
and get some sun. I’m are really pale any way. No i would rather do something more exciting
well Elsa you wont believe it there is a giant water slide here. Now if you let us go in
this. then i will let you pick the next thing. Elsa lets go. Ah Ah Ah. Oh Elsa don’t scream
this is fun. Ah ah ah. I don’t like rides. Oh Elsa don’t freak out. This is so fun. This
is so fast. Hey we are almost done anyway. Ah ah ah. Yay. Hey maybe we can compromise
on this. This looks like fun for all. No there’s so many people. No way Elsa look you can ride
in your own Lego boat. I have got to do this. Wow! Whoa! Hey everyone don’t forget to like
this video. And subscribe. Click on a picture to watch another fun toy video. Thanks for
watching and have a great day.

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