Frozen 2 – Elsa & Nokk Water Horse & Anna Fashion Doll Review & Comparison – Frozen Fan Fest

hi everyone I’m mr. supercell and I’m
here with cold hey super sold Union so we are going to reveal you’re a
superstar or junior so we are going to review this honor and we’ve also got em
Elsa and the look look which is the little horsey and so was this is like a
little petronas it just reminds me very much of like how Harry Potter was air
with the stuff like the patron Petronas and so this you see in the clip and that
you can see all over YouTube and it’s like one of the little water horses that
looks at owner but then just runs off it doesn’t sound like a Tucker or anything
so we think this is sort of like here spirit animal kind of thing so let’s
open this one first so we got this warm France mix and this was 30 pounds which
I don’t think it’s back to say how big this set is so let’s get it open know
you might need to get super Sorel’s trusty little scissors out because I
recently put my nail so I can’t peel it off all that well Wow are you excited to
see frozen – we thought that it frozen – we just sort of like a working title and
I thought the might have changed spinner had like a proper title but they also
just went with frozen – whoops so here it says it’s a mythical water
could water spirit I get my teeth in today I need
supercells scissors because they’ve got true so like Disney from they tend to
put table times if you wear although they’re not as bad just disneystore
disney store totally back a lot so let’s get horsey ups so policy is quite solid
and it is hollow in the middle but it’s still really cool and it feels quite
quite robust so it’s not going to be easily snapped which is quite good
especially when you giving it to a child this small and they tend to be quite
sort of like disruptive and they do train and destroy things so this is
quite nice that it’s quite sturdy it even though it’s hollow and it is quite
robust and it’s not likely to snap any minute
I think horsey is pretty cool and there’s some nice so um like waves and
water on them so like on the main that and on the tail when it comes right
round the eyes have sort of like a nice sort of like a glowy definition to it
and even on the tail and the mane they’ve got some nice little glitter on
there so it makes it really quite cute and quite sparkly horsey stands up on
its own and it uses this leg and this one and sort of like balances on the
edge of there so if you get it in the right place it does stand up quite
nicely so I’m hoping Elson might be able to sit on horsey because that is the
first thing kids are going to do they are going to pop and the doll on the
horse very much like what supersoul juni did when bullseye and jessa came out
with my box you couldn’t put them on together and the first thing that she
did was put it straight on the hops to make it ride so let’s see if I can get
Elsa out without snapping off her hair too much
Negus horsey do you like your horsey it’s a water horse she is she’s got one right so she’s really out of the box so
luckily we didn’t knock over super saddles coffee so here we are so she has
some nice sort of like knee joints that they which I have to pull up you could
see so she’s barefooted so this is where
she’s running into the water and she’s swimming so she’s got their leggings on
which is nice it makes it a little bit different from having the dresses one
thing I have noticed is she feels a little bit too loose on the legs and so
she would be a bit of a nightmare trying stand-up on its own because the legs the
knee joints just give too easily however it’s the dress that she has got on is
quite nice with stuff like a snowflake on the side there he’s super glittery
can’t really see it very well on there and but the glitter doesn’t rub Affleck
so it’s well stuck on she’s got stuff like the next Tina Turner sleeves there
as well she’s got some glitter in her hair which she can’t really see very
well um on camera she’s got some nice light silvus like strands coming through
which makes it quite nice he’s tied up there and no doubt that
won’t last very long Asim so Julia will be taking that out and so what else she
got she’s got shoulder joints there around she don’t have any elbow joints
which is it a bit of a shame um she does have sort of like a waist right so he
can sit her down like that she doesn’t have any I’m Corey
so again which is a bit of a shame and and already her knee joints are getting
on my negatives so you can take the dress off if you want to it’s just like
a little velcro there back so I think she is pretty cool and the makeup on
there is pretty neat as well they’ve done quite a nice paint job on their
wares horsey baby me Hank so let’s see if L second sit on the
horse so she just kind of sit on and it’s a little bit awkward where they’re
not having sort of like the elbow joint she can’t really make her hold on to the
horse very well which is a bit of a shame and I’m having to actually hold
the ranch don’t really know go if you balance it great if you bounce it in the
right place you kind of can make a ride it which i think is quite nice what do
you think to that okay yeah I can make Elsa ride the horsey and she’s gone so
onto the M villona this was from Argos which I think was 15 pounds of belief
and so she’s more sort of like a budget version of the Disney Store one again
this is made by Hasbro so let’s rip this one open because of course you’ve got to
have I know if you’ve got else then you can’t have one without the other and I’m
sure at some point we’ll be going back and getting stuff as well just complete
the set so this one is very easy to get out of the packaging which I’m quite
relieved up snip these ones off this one cross the waist so so I think the hair on that is very
very pretty here is on it so she’s got the like the redhead there and supply
some nice detail into her head there it’s also quite twisted I think that’s
quite nice and it’s something a little bit different from sort of like the non
pinup pop yeah yeah it’s not only up I am she’s got something like the purple
cloak on there again you can take it off if you wish it’s just held on by a
Velcro and it has tiny little tags in here just to hold it all together as you
can see of earlier we did sort of do a mini comparison you know you can might
not be able to see it very well with a reflection off the packaging but it’s
it’s less shiny shall we say and the colors are a little bit darker than the
distance tour vision it’s not as glittery and you can tell the quality of
it is a little bit less however it still a really nice doll so if you didn’t want
to pay the Disney Store version and there is sort of like an alternative
which i think is quite a nice way of being able to enjoy the frozen to
merchandise without spending mega books and but I think on there’s quite a
really nice design and she’s got sort of like a nice little sash across the
stomach there which is all sort of like printed and it’s like one piece then
she’s got the boots with the split at the back so you can actually take the
boots off if you wanted to and for some reason her legs a little bit dark and it
doesn’t quite match sort of like a face she’s got like really tanned legs and
which is a little bit odd and but still I like it I think she’s a really nice
doll she’s got some nice heels on there and the detailing on her boots is quite
nice as well and does she stand up that’s the next question
she kinda bounces she don’t quite stand up on the round and I suppose if you bow
let’s say enough you probably could get away with it and so she will probably be
able to ride on the horsey as well and because I know children will so I’ll put
into it link the two together the will sort of and mixing match a bit so I
think she is pretty cute and she’s not bad to say she’s a sort like a budget
doll and the makeup on there is pretty cool as well so what do you think to
these let me know down in the comments below I hope you enjoyed this video and
don’t forget to hit like it subscribe and thank you very much for watching
everybody you

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