Free LEGO Worlds Content! Free LEGO Worlds Content! Free LEGO Worlds Content!

We interrupt your regular broadcast to bring you a special announcement for LEGO Worlds. I’m Carl Harrington from Carl Harrington’s LEGO Worlds Brick and Stud Emporium. Since LEGO World’s released we’ve brought you free content every month and now we’re doing our biggest giveaway of content ever! It’s the LEGO Worlds Showcase Collection. Pack! Number 1! We’ve got fire stations, samurai hideouts, robot cages, dino traps, toy shops, airports jungle ruins, NEXO Knights, romans, police officers, evil robots, ninjas, monitors, Master Wu, and it’s free. And it’s free! Did I mention free? Free! FREE! FREEEEEEE! More than 25 characters! Over 30 Brick Builds! Over 250 Props!! Loads of new vehicles! Need an ancient arch? We’ve got two! Need an unnecessarily large sci-fi fortress surrounded with boiling lava? You’ve got it! Evil robots and dinos causing you trouble? Lock him up! LEGO City is an emergency? We’ve got you covered! Need to battle evil ninjas? Master Wu! Wu! WUUUUUUU! Get ready to download the LEGO World’s super awesome amazing Showcase Collection Pack Number 1 Available to download now! It’s free! *pretend legal waffle that doesn’t even make a lot of sense* Thanks for watching! Feel free to Subscribe 🙂 This is the end of the video. You can stop watching now.

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100 thoughts on “Free LEGO Worlds Content! Free LEGO Worlds Content! Free LEGO Worlds Content!

  1. +Lego Worlds Game We Need Lego Harry Potter,Lego Marvel,Lego DC Super Heros,Lego Scooby Doo,Lego Ghostbusters And Lego Jurassic World To Join The Lego Worlds Family. No Questions Asked Son. Especially No If's But's Or What's Or Why's.

  2. Screw you developers. A new update brought loss of save data on Xbox one. The game is broken and I am very disappointed. All the golden blocks and buildings have been lost. I will not get the refund because I have a boxed version. I have nothing else to say, just screw you. Goodbye suckers from TT Games … Goodbye 😭

  3. Hello lego worlds i was so happy for this new collection pack one becouse i mist a bunch of brick builds but the stuff wont show

  4. A brand new patch is now live for Xbox One which should address any save game issues some of you were experiencing. That also means you can now download and enjoy all this lovely free stuff too! 🙂

  5. I know this will be far fetched, but I want these I a future update

    -Space Police pack
    -World Racers pack
    -Dino 2012 Velociraptors
    -Dino 2012 Tricerotops
    -Hero Factory Invasion From Below hero costumes
    -An option which swaps all of a certain colour on a building with another colour
    -Boss fights (E.X. the beasts from hero factory like splitter beast)
    -An option where you can make missions for other people using buildings and other things
    -Gamemodes like racing, deathmatch and survival
    -And voice chat

    Like so they can see this

    (P.S. Please update us on the 4 player co-up, I'm dying waiting)

  6. Can create a thing where you pick your character or customise it and this is example you pick the werewolf and want a short black beard but there's the standard white beard what if you can Made a customizer thing for all the pieces to lego worlds and put them in the slot where you pick your character

  7. Can somo one can tell me how to unlock this pack i areldy dowload it
    But they dont show on the game plz help me

  8. Kind people of Lego worlds, how exactly do you unlock and play as the minifigs from the collection? The only character I was missing is Macy and since I can only place her in Sandbox mode with no quests, it is currently impossible to unlock her.

  9. Another Question from me:
    When will new content come to the game?Its a long time now,since this update^^

  10. Am I the only on who has Problems with connecting the server for New stuff ? And I have problems with going on Worlds because the game is planing the Start without a happening . Can somebody help me ?

  11. I have a question to ask people day in order to get the ninjas from ninjago you need to download a brick build and then go in it's world but how do you do that?


  13. Lego Worlds Game, in the Showcase Collection DLC and particularly in the fanmade Winter Wonderland creations, the Festive Cottage brick build is missing and it is replaced by the Hillside Resort house (being wrongly named as Festive Cottage). Have you noticed it, and is it corrected in a later version of the DLC or by a patch? Thank you.

  14. On ps4: After downloading the showcase I only have 4 brick builds #78-81?? How do I access the brick builds containing the ninjago characters!? ?

  15. PLEASE HELP: I can’t download this free content update, it’s not in the PlayStation store and not in the game, if anyone has had this problem and had it fixed please help me.

  16. hi tt games can you make lego jurassic world 2 pretty please also have any of your workers seen the movie

  17. May i please ask, been playing on xbox since the game came out, just bought it for the switch, the showcase items do not appear and I can't download items in the title screen, only the octopus and house is there but I cannot access them and where is the DLC like treasure Island? I have photos as proof, i need help…..also I CANNOT see any of the SHOWCASE downloads in game I contacted TT games and WB but have had no reply

  18. Well is a sick game but why not add more? Like for example: Speed champions, Minecraft, or other things. Honestly making the game better if anyone agree

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