Florida Travel: Discover Family Fun at the LEGOLAND Beach Retreat

– [Matt voiceover] I’m excited to tell you about LEGOLAND’s Beach Retreat! Staying at this resort is as
carefree as a beach vacation. And it starts with a
drive-through check-in. – Ahoy there! Welcome to the LEGOLAND
Florida Resort Beach Retreat! How was your journey in? – [Both] Great! – We’re ready to check in. – What room are we in? – You guys are gonna be
in Shark Suit Guy’s Cove. – Yay! – Woohoo! – Let’s go!
– Let’s go! – Have fun! Sail on in, guys. – [Matt voiceover] From car
to cove, in just minutes, my friend Elijah came with our family. And we loved getting to run
and play around the property. – Shark Suit Guy’s Cove! – [Matt Voiceover] The cool
bungalow rooms are placed around 13 different coves, each with its own playground and a funny LEGO character name. The place looks just like a LEGO city. Each one is filled with LEGO guys designed in a special bunk room just for kids. – Whoa! Bunk beds! – [Matt voiceover] Then
there’s a giant swimming pool right underneath the lighthouse, where it’s okay to throw
LEGO bricks in the water. Plus, there’s a sandy beach
and a super fun play area, where we can practice our Ninjago skills. Brick’s Beach Bar offers food
and yummy drinks, poolside. And Sandy’s Castle Restaurant
serves up a yummy buffet with all of my favorite choices. Now this is a real sandcastle. Like us, you might want to spend your time building creations to add to the giant LEGO sandcastle. And when the sun goes
down, the s’mores come out. When you’re staying here at the LEGOLAND Beach Retreat, you can also get early
access to the LEGOLAND park. So you can get a head start on all your favorite attractions. – [Both] Ninjago! – [Matt voiceover] It’s
the perfect balance for fun and freedom for kids. And ease and relaxation for our parents. Elijah and I rate this trip a 10. For VISIT FLORIDA, I’m Matt Jones.

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  1. Why isn't there more videos like this with kid narrator showing off hotels and resorts! Disney is slacking and now I want to bring my family here! GREAT VIDEO

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