Fitting Lights to the LEGO Blue Cargo Train, set 60052

Hey Youtube, welcome to this video. Adding
lights to the Blue Cargo Train 60052. This is my solution, what I came up with with the
pieces available to me. It’s not ideal I don’t think but it’s a difficult one to add lights
to really. So, anyway, this is what I came up with. So,
let’s start off. First of all take the roof off. That brings the power switch with it
and take the side panels off, remove the doors, remove this back piece here. The
driver can come out and the front of the cab
as well. So, this now leaves us with a straight run
all the way to the receiver. Where the lights are going to travel. Now one more thing I
am going to do is take out this grill and this 2×4 tile piece, there we go. The reason
I’m going to do that is because I want to attach this part of the lights to the floor
there. I’m just going to clip that there. This gives us enough space for the cable to
reach the receiver. I’m just going to run that underneath the
battery and attach the cable there, it’s on the blue side of the controller, the blue
channel. Which is the right hand dial on the controller. So, we’ve got a cable running
to the front there. So, how do we attach the actual lights themselves to the train? This
is how I’ve done it. We’ve got these pieces here, two 2×1 Technic
pieces, they have two holes in them, and it’s attached to a 1×4 tile piece. So, take the
original lights off and place the lights into the pieces, like so. What we also do as well
is take the original headlights off and place them in the new fitting like so. So it makes
it nice and sturdy and attach those to the front. And now we’ve got this cable that we
need to tidy up a bit. what we can do is lay it down in there, put
the driver back in and there we have it. I put him a little bit far forward, let’s just
move him back a bit. Now we can add parts of the cab back in. He’s got his controls
again, put the 2×4 piece back in as well. SO that’s the main part of the cabling done,
so we have it all cabled into the receiver and the headlights are there, so, how do we
get the front back on again? Now the original piece of the Cargo Train
has got this, but it has a plate here. If we try and put this back on the lights as
it is, it won’t actually fit. The lights get in the way. So, in order to resolve this I’ve
taken the 4×4 plate away and just put it straight onto the 1×4 piece there. Now this does fit
on but, because the cables are underneath it, clipping on is a bit difficult so in order
to resolve that, I have this 1×4 tile and with that we can clip that on top just like
that. That will keep it in place. Nice and sturdy. I don’t have a 1×4 tile to run across
the top so I am just going to use these sloped tile pieces Just add that in the middle there.
It just looked a little bit better than leaving it with the studs bear. Ideally I’m going
to get a 1×4 blue tile and put it there. So, now if we put the battery back in place
like so, put the cables in there, we can add back the doors. Add back the side panels
and the roof, the power switch. OK and that
is the completed train. Now let’s see if it works. It helps if we
turn it on. There we go, we have lights. Now, one problem with this is that the lights do
bleed through slightly at the back there. So, unless we box it off completely and modify
this completely then it’s always going to have this problem. Maybe I will come up with a solution that
boxes this off completely but for the moment this is just how I’m going to do it. This
works in the time being. These cables do have to be really flat otherwise this piece will
jump up. It stays on mostly, so I do like that. This is how I’ve added lights to the Blue
Cargo Train, I hope you’ve enjoyed this. Click Like if you liked it and click Subscribe if
you want to see more. Thanks a lot, thanks for watching.

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25 thoughts on “Fitting Lights to the LEGO Blue Cargo Train, set 60052

  1. Everything is better when you can see clearly, now what about the light on the top? Jk, I wonder if you could light it up?

  2. Thank you for this tutorial – MUCH more elegant way to fit lights than the way I cobbled mine together! I'll re-do mine following your pattern.


  3. The receiver of this train has the wrong output attached to it. It is supposed to be attached to the blue input (the left one) because the right is used for the 60051 set.

  4. This looks pretty neat and tidy! To bypass the problem with the light shining out on the back of the lights, you can use a little bit of heat shrink around it, preferably black. It's commonly used to isolate electrical wires, but it serves more than one purpose 🙂

  5. nice job. How do get the train to power on and off without removing any pieces? I always have to remove them on my two trains to hit the switch….

  6. I see now, it works obviously… again, if I buy 8870, and those 5 elements (1x Element ID: 4651236
    1x Element ID: 4504380
    2x Element ID: 3200026
    1x Element ID: 243126) – is that all I need? No other adapters or motors?

    Thanx… Marko

  7. my autistic son loves your YouTube video. he loves the idea of put lights on his train. but now he asking for something I can't find he would like to have extra train cars for his set. he building a lego city on a table and would love to make his train longer with more cars to pull…
    any suggestions on where to go and how to get this done for him? he 9 year old and I'm new to the lego world his two passions of come together Legos and trains!!!!

  8. you should have removed the black 4×4 plate in front and replaced it with 2 black 1×4 and rub the cables in the middle of the gap this is my solution leaves the original locomotive almost unchanged and the wires are headen

  9. Exceptionally Well Done, you've earned my like and subscribe, that is by far the best modification I've ever seen to a Lego Train, used it myself and it works like a charm to fix any issues with the train running in the dark, keep up the good work!

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