Final Boss Battle! Game Master Revealed SHK HeroForce

Hope! What’s going to wake her up? Electricity shock! I’m so sorry Hope. Whoah, whoah, Eden! I almost tazed you in the face. You almost tazed me in the face? I almost tazed you in the face! What’s happening? Where am I? He stole the ring. What? Mike stole the ring and ran away. I knew he wasn’t trustworthy. I can’t believe you told him everything. (beeping sound) Guys! Thank goodness you’re both okay! That stupid Mike stole my power ring. That’s the Red Skeleton. Wait, but that doesn’t make sense. When I vaporized him he didn’t pixelate at all. All the other bosses pixelated. You both need to get the ring so I can keep it safe. Okay, we will Game Master. How are we going to get the ring back from Mike? You mean, rings? When I looked in the box there wasn’t just one ring, there were three. Wait, so Mike… I mean the Red Skeleton got three power rings? Nope. Only one. You hid them? We don’t have to worry about finding him. He’s going to come to us. Where are the other two rings? Whoah, this stuff is so cool. Are you done fan girling yet? I want to try this. Oh yeah, sorry. Wait, wait, wait. Now go. Are you sure this is safe? Probably? Just put it on. Well that’s comforting. What? Why didn’t it work? I don’t know. Maybe it’s not your color. Oh please. Everything is my color. That’s not what I meant. When you put your yellow ring on, you turned into your costume from HeroForce. Maybe that’s the only ring that works for you. Looks more like my color. Whoah! This is so cool! This one must be mine! You’re right! That is your ring. That means this one must be… Noah’s! I think I lost him. Found you! Oh come on. Can you just let me win one? Well maybe if you were faster than a snail. Maybe you could… maybe you would win if you could… It’s okay buddy. You’ll have a good come back someday. You’re it. What’s that? HeroForce Wasn’t that the video game? Whoah! Noah? What is it? Power ring located. Must return to Red Skeleton. Uh Vortex? Are you okay buddy? Must retrieve power ring by any means necessary. I can’t believe we haven’t found him yet. I know! We are the worst sisters ever. I know! Wait a second! It’s Noah! Uh oh. That can’t be good. Noah are you okay? You found the ring case! I’m fine. Are you okay? Must retrieve power rings. Quick Noah! Put this on! Give me the rings children. And no harm will come to you. There’s one more in the case! HeroForce go! We are HeroForce and if you want these power rings you’re going to have to take them. Oh we’re posing? I thought we were going to wait for….oh okay… Noah! Whoah! I have fire power? Awesome! Vortex? Oh I’m sorry buddy! Are you okay? Noah! What are you doing? Noah! Noah? Electricity powers? Whoah Noah, are you okay? Yeah I think so. Must retrieve power rings. Hope! Eden! Where is your vaporizer? I left it up in my room! Well go get it! I can’t leave Noah! Come on we need the vaporizer! You better protect him. Take this you hunk of rust. Light? They get fire and lightening, and I get light? Light shields! Now I can work with that. Truce, truce. No weapons. Look I know I’ve been a little sketchy. And I haven’t made the best diplomatic decisions. But I swear to you, I am not the Red Skeleton. I know about your Red Skeleton tattoo. I trusted you! I got that tattoo a long, long time ago. You know, I didn’t come from the video game. You can’t pixelate me. I’m just trying to keep you kids safe. But, I have been lying to you. I’m not a plumber. Then who are you? Hey Noah! Are you feeling any better? I could really use your help! Noah? What are you doing? Vortex, remember me? It’s Noah! Do you remember rock, paper, scissors? All you have to do is pick paper and you’ll win! Come on buddy! Fight it! Noah! No! I’m sorry Noah. No! Noah! I’m so sorry. I should have protected you. This is all my fault. Is he going to be okay? Real people don’t get hurt as much from video game powers. But he took it full blast. Okay, when I say three give him a jolt. Ready? One, two, three! Noah come on, come on. One, two, three! One more time. One, two, three! Please tell me I’m still a superhero. Ugh guys! You’re kind of squishing me here. (beeping sound) Someone’s messing with Game-Bot. Vortex! Vortex get the flash drives! Hurry up! Game Master Voice – Oh, uh, hey kids! I see you found your power rings! Don’t move! Put the flash drives in the portal and get those rings. Game Master Voice – It’s okay kids, just give me those rings! Finally! I’m free! Hi there kids! I bet you’re all wondering who I am. Game Master? The Red Skeleton Despite your efforts to protect them, I will get those power rings. I don’t think so! HeroForce will never let you get your hands on them. Vortex! Get them! What are you waiting for? Get them! Vortex? You are useless! I’ll just have to…What?! Fire! What? No! You’re shutting down Game-Bot! I’ll be back for the power rings! Guys! We won. We beat them all. Yeah! Mom and Dad! Guys! Take off our rings! Oh no the ring case! Oh hi mom and dad! Mom, Dad! Oh okay! I missed you all too! Hey Noah, you okay? You don’t look so good. Yeah, I’m fine. We were playing Nerf war and I tripped and fell and hit my head. Do we need to take you to the doctor? I think I’ll be alright. Hey Dad! Guess what? I made a tennis ball machine gun launcher. That sounds really cool. And I can look at it after all of you clean this up. We have to clean? Yes, it needs to look nice for when the realtor comes! What? Nothing mom! Whoah, Mike must have cleaned up for us. Wait, where is Game-Bot? Look! There’s a note! Dear Hope, Eden, and Noah, I’m so sorry for all of the trouble I’ve caused you in the last day or two. You three have been faced with danger no kid should ever have to face. You defeated trolls, an evil sorceress, and a crazy cyborg. Talk about a crazy “What I Did This Summer” essay! You performed above anything I could ever expect. Hope, your leadership skills surpass any general. Noah, your heart steers you when things are uncertain. and Eden, your wisdom is far beyond your years. But for now I know the world will be safe with HeroForce watching out for it. Sincerely, Mike AKA Michael S. HeroForce go! Kids! Come down stairs please! We need you. Coming mom!

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