Filming our Barbie Toy Video for Mattel | Behind the Scenes

(upbeat music) – [Mother] Today we
are filming a video for Tic Tac Toy that is all about Barbie. (soft music) – Scene seven. (guitar playing) – Today we are filming a video for Tic Tac Toy that is all about Barbies. We have a lot of Barbie toys here, we’re getting everything set up so we can start filming in about, it’s gonna be half an hour. – Okay so I’ve been flipping through this. The first thing says
Addy’s ninth birthday. – [Mother] (laughing) Yes. – And then the second note I
found was Jason: Decorations. – [Mother] Yes, so what do
you think our video’s about? – Um, probably gonna be a
surprise party or something. – Yes, today’s video that we’re filming is going to be about it’s
Addy’s ninth birthday. Even though she’s already nine, we’re pretending it’s her ninth birthday, and we’re planning a Barbie party for her. – Yeah, and it says
you’re baking the cake. – I’m making the cake.
– Wait we’re having a cake in the video? – We are having cake in the video. – Yes! – The girls love when we
film with cake in a video because then we actually get to eat it. We’re filming today and Addy has no idea what our video is about. Isn’t that true most of the time, Addy? – Yes. – A lot of people think that we practice scripts throughout the week. Do we ever practice a script Addy? – No (laughing). – Do you ever know what we’re
filming before we film it? – Nope! – Nope! Usually we just film, I feed the girls the lines and we get to the video. And by the end of the video
they’ve kind of figured out what it’s about but they don’t get the full picture until we actually
see the finished product. Is that kind of a weird feeling? – Yeah, but once we’re,
once we start filming it and we get like half
way through the video, I kinda get the sense
of what we’re doing but, not through the whole video. (laughter) – Oh, and here’s Miss Maya. – I found, Maya, so apparently it seems like in the video like you guys are planning me a surprise party. Dad’s gonna be doing the decorations. You’re gonna be doing the presents. And mom’s gonna be doing the cake. – Wait, what surprise party? – [Mother] It’s for the video today. – For whose surprise party? – [Mother] It’s a pretend
surprise party for Addy. Even though it’s your birthday
in like a week and a half! Maya was especially excited when she saw what toys I was bringing up. Do you wanna show the toys that we’re gonna be featuring in the video? Because we getta open these in the video, which means you getta play with them. – [Colin] Me?
– [Maya] Yay! – [Colin] Me! – [Mother] You wanna play with them too? – Yeah! – [Mother] Yeah, okay! What do we have here Maya,
do you wanna show us? – Okay, so, this is for this
big old airplane, it said– – [Mother] Yeah, we have a
couple Barbie travel dolls. – [Maya] Addy’s gonna get
the one with the pink hair she wants and I want the
one with the blonde hair. – [Mother] Oh, really? – [Maya] Here’s a jungle one,
and Addy’s gonna get this one and I’m gonna get this one. – Yeah, we’ve already
planned out which ones we get for the video. (laughter) – I want one with the car! – [Mother] You want what? – Car.
– [Mother] The car! – Yeah. – Yes, Colin has his eye
on the Barbie Camper. The Barbie Dream Camper. We’ll do a quick peak at it.
– [Addy] I need this. – [Mother] What do you think, Colin? – It has a, it has an outdoor piece– – [Mother] It does, it has a pool. – [Maya] A Campfire, a bathroom, a pool, a bedroom, a
dining room, a hammocks. – And not only do we have
the Barbie Dream Camper, we have the Barbie Dream Plane too. – Yeah. – [Mother] Show me the plane, Maya. – [Maya] This is the steering wheel– – [Mother] Oo, yeah,
that looks pretty cool! – [Colin] And bags. – And you put the bags up here. – [Mother] Yeah, I
know, the seats recline! I think this is gonna be a fun
video for us to make today. The toys are pretty exciting for everybody and I think they’re just
dyin’ to get to the scenes where we actually get to get
them opened and out of the box. While the girls are
checking out the Barbies a little bit more, I’m gonna head down to
the basement because the way I wrote the script for this video, a lot of the scenes
have just Addy in them, or just Maya in them. And so we have some fun
activities downstairs I wanted to bring up, that
I thought they could do when they’re not needed on the set, when they’re not needed in the scene. – [Maya] I heard that! – Oh, you heard it Maya? – [Addy] I heard it too! – [Mother] Oh, what are you doin’? – I heard you say you had some activities. – I have some activities. We got a package shipped to us with a whole bunch of glitter dots in it which is like a fun arts and craft thing. – [Addy] Yay! – [Mother] Here we are in our toy room. – [Maya] Here they are!
– It looks like you– – Oh they all fell! – [Mother] So I’ve never used these, but we’ve had a box with a
ton of these glitter dots. They’re supposed to be
glitter with less mess. Oh, what’s this Maya? – [Maya] Look at this pack! – Okay, this one’s like a sparkle station. – [Maya] Here, but we– – And there’s another one over there too. There’s one more I think
you make like stained glass. Wanna hand me that one Maya? Or not stained glass, but– – [Maya] Here.
– [Mother] Like little window. Oh key chains, like window key chains. – [Addy] Oh we can each make our own! – [Mother] I figured we’ll
bring a few of these up. We’ll have them out on the kitchen table, so when the girls aren’t filming, you guys will have, no what do you mean no, no, no, no? – We’re bringing a whole crate. – A whole, we’re not, no,
we don’t need a whole crate! – Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– This is too much glitter. A few of these are all we need. – [Addy] Yes. – [Mother] You’ll have to watch, we’re gonna have a Vlog coming up where we are gonna clear
out every single one of those toys over here. We’re gonna be donating them, so be sure and watch for it so you can see where they end up. We’re pretty excited for it actually. (light, upbeat music) So Maya, you’re taking all
of the glitter dots out? That is so crazy!
– [Maya] All the gold out. – [Mother] Get the gold out. There’s lots of other colors in here. And smush it around (laughing). – [Addy] Oh! It’s gonna be a sloth. – [Mother] So the idea
behind these is all the fun of glitter, but it doesn’t like it’s gonna be nearly as messy cause whenever the girls play with glitter, we usually have glitter
all over the floor. So I’m hoping by the end of the day we don’t have glitter all
over the floor with these. So thank you to Crayola for
sending these to us, for free! – With glitter, Maya makes these mixtures, where she puts a bowl of water and adds a ton of glitter to it, so me and my friend kind
of secretly take it away. – [Mother] You don’t do that, do you Maya? – Yes, I do! – [Mother] Yes, you do! – They do that, they take it away. – And it is officially filming time now! So let’s see, Miss Maya,
I’m gonna need you girlie! You gotta step away from the glitter! I know, I know you love the glitter. – I’m gonna finish this.
– [Mother] Okay. Addy’s gonna keep havin’
some fun with the glitter. We’re gonna get filming,
get a couple scenes done. Our script today is kind of long, I think it has like 24 scenes in it, but really short scenes, so, I’m hoping it doesn’t take too long to get the whole thing done. Our first scene is in the living room. We have all the lights
set up and generally, we try to film all the scenes
that are in the room first, even if we’re not filming in order. So for example, the scene
that we’re starting with right now is actually scene two. And then we’ll probably
move on to like scene five after that because we try
not to move the lights a whole bunch if we don’t have to, because it’s kind of a pain. (calm music) – All right, we’re ready. – One mistake that I have
been known to make, Jason, with filming with that camera is, do you want to tell them
what I do sometimes? – You–
– If you’re not in the room? – Oh, you’re talking about volume. – Yup. – Yeah we tend to forget to
turn the microphone on a lot. – I do. So we’ll shoot a whole scene, and then I’ll go back and realize I didn’t have the microphone on. So we’ll have to go back and
film the whole scene again, which is never fun! – Scene seven! (upbeat music) – In the video we’re filming, we are pretending that
Addy always finds her birthday presents and Christmas presents before party day. Have you ever found? – [Addy] Oh yes!
– Yes, I’ve– – Wait, you both have?
– [Addy] Wait– – I have, so when it was my birthday, I was in the laundry room and I saw a big present
and I think it was like, I don’t know if it was for
my birthday or Christmas. – I don’t remember this. – I saw it, it was like, it
was like the American Girl. – I don’t remember this,
did you know about this? – No, but I do remember another
time when she was younger. So we were in California for her– – I know what you’re talking about, yup. – And we saw her unwrapping
a Scooby Doo playset and she’s like (gasps) “It’s Scooby Doo!” And then we had no idea, so we all ran over and we’re like “you’re not supposed to open
that ’til your birthday!” – Do you remember that, Maya? – How old was I? – She was probably like three years old and you know who you blamed? Because we all said,
“Maya, did you open this?” And who did you say did it? Do you know? Sandy! (laughter) She blamed it on the dog! Poor Sandy! – And I do know someone else who did it. – Who? – Colin on his third birthday.
– Oh, he did too– – We actually have a Vlog about that so if you guys go and
check out that vlog– – For his third birthday
party, that’s right. We went in the room and
he was already opening– – Cause we heard crackling,
like (imitates crackling). – Yup. – And we went into the
next room and we were like, “Colin you’re not supposed
to open that yet!” – It was pretty funny wasn’t it Maya. – Yeah. On my birthday, I blamed
opening my present on you, girl! On her, on the dog!
– I know. – Oh no, ah, you like threw
me up and I’m like ah! – Jump!
– Pick me up! – [Mother] Are you making
it hard to pick you up? (laughter and groaning) – Stuck on the ground. – Help me up. Pick me up, one. Wee, I’m the queen of the world! – We’re about half way
done with the video now, it’s about lunchtime. Jason’s gonna run out and get Jimmy John’s for everybody and pick up our Barbie cake, which is going to be super exciting. – It, we’re using the Barbie cake that we used in the Toy Cafe Baking contest, so make sure to go check that video out so you can see what the cake is. – [Addy] Well of course after this. – That’s right, we’re getting a cake that we’ve already used
in another video actually, but I’m excited because it means we get to eat cake after we film, so I’m always down for shooting
a video that requires cake. (instrumental music) And how are the crafts coming girls? Let’s see how the glitter
dot projects are coming. – Look at all mine, look at all my– – Show me what you did. – So I made this cute kitty. – [Mother] So this is
the key chain you made, so you just push the glitter
in there and you closed it up? – Yes and I also. – [Mother] Oh, you have two more? Wow you’ve been busy! – I’m working on this one. – Most of the filming we’ve done so far has involved just Maya. Addy has been in some bits but mostly Maya and coming up are a lot of Addy’s parts, so Maya’s gonna get a
chance to get caught up on her glitter projects. What have you made so far? – Well I made this one, this has ice in it and he’s skating so he’s ice skating. – [Mother] Oh your sloth
is ice skating on there? – And I have one that, two
that I wanted to dry quicker so I put it in the freezer. – [Mother] In the freezer to dry? Oh my goodness. – Okay, it’s like um, a
little dog from up above, the golden are it’s little eyes, these are it’s ears– – [Mother] Oh wow.
– Head. – I should clarify that it
doesn’t mention anything about putting them in the
freezer to dry as far as I know. But I guess it’s a theory
Maya is testing out. – [Addy] Well she– – This one was in the freezer too. It’s this and then this is what
it looks like on this side. That’s why I like this side better. – [Mother] Cute. – She puts lot of things in the freezer. – From a mom’s perspective,
I will say there is a lot of glitter stuff goin’ on
and there is a little bit of glitter on the floor, I
will admit, but I have to say that it’s very minimal and
it looks like a lot easier to clean up than normal glitter projects that we do in our house. Now it’s time for the
fun part of the video where we start opening the
toys and the Dream Plane is our first toy that needs
to be opened and played with. Oh and here it is! Oh, this looks so fun! Sometimes I feel like
the kid in me comes out when it’s time to open the
toys and play with them, because when I was a kid, I
was obsessed with Barbies. My sister and I had a playroom that was really just a Barbie room. It was a giant Barbie
house with tons of dolls and my favorite thing to do
with them was arrange them and take family photos with them. I know it sounds kind of strange but that’s what I loved to
do with my Barbie dolls. I’m putting all the stickers
on the Barbie airplane now and there is so much detail on this thing. Even on the backs of the
chairs, they have TVs, and telephones, little
magazines in the magazines rack. You can see here’s the pilot seat and the two passenger seats. They move and they recline. The girls came up to test
out before we actually do our scene with it. I think it’s pretty cool,
what do you girls think? – I love it. – [Mother] You love it? What about you Maya? – I love it. – You can move their seats. – [Addy] And they’re adjustable. – [Maya] Yeah. – [Mother] And a snack
cart’s here it comes out. This is where the luggage goes up here. – Yeah the overhead compartment. – This could be all the way back here. – Oh yeah, and let’s
put everything back in and watch the plane take off. Three, two, one, takeoff. – Takeoff! – [Mother] Woo!
– It’s takin’ off. Fly, fly! – If you girls like this one, just wait until we get the
Barbie Dream Camper goin’ too. Is it coming in for a landing Addy? Woo, smooth landing, girl! I think I hear Sandy coming. You comin’ too? Check it all out Sandy. Well, I’m glad you girls
like the Dream Plane because now it’s time to film with it. So right now I just need Addy and Maya can get back to
the Crayola Glitter Dots. – I, yeah, I can make
that whole new picture. – [Mother] All right
we’ll see you later Maya. (upbeat music) – Wow, I just love this
Barbie travel plane set! Plus, she’s even got a
puppy travel companion! – We got all the scenes done
with the Barbie Dream Plane and the Barbie Travel Dolls. We only have left, the Barbie Dream Camper and I think Jason is
assembling it right now. Let’s go see how it’s coming. How’s it comin’? – Oh, it’s very well,
you see, this is fun. – Jason is watching
football and assembling my Barbie Camper, so I think
this would have been done a lot quicker if we weren’t
distracted by football. – Perhaps. – [Mother] Perhaps so. It’s amazing how much time we lose when we’re filming videos, just picking toys out of
packaging and out of boxes and putting them all together. Whenever we can, if we can
help it, well hello Sandy, we try to buy two of the
toys, that way we can have one already open and
assembled and ready to go. And the other one still in
the package because most companies we work with
like us to show the product in the package and out of the packaging. So having two of them, really helps, but this time we only had one of each, so we’re having to assemble them. And Sandy is not much help. Gettin’ all the accessories out and ready. Lots of little water bottles and cooking materials for camping. This stuff is all really super cute. I can’t wait to see the Barbie
Camper all put together. This is so easy to put together! – Yeah, it goes together like a breeze. – [Mother] And the Dream
Camper is finished! Good work, Jason! – Thank you! – Now, time to get our
last set of shots done in Addy’s room with the Dream Camper and then we have the scene with the cake, which we’re all looking forward to. (percussive music) What do you girls like best? The Dream Plane, The Dream Camper, The Play and Wash
Station, The Travel Dolls? We’ve opened so many Barbie things. – [Maya] I like this one. – [Mother] The airplane Maya? Oh that got bright in here. Jason’s adjusting the lights. – I like this. – [Mother] You like the camper? – And this. – [Mother] And the Play and Wash Station? – [Addy] Yeah.
– [Maya] I like everything. – [Mother] You like everything? I kinda like it all too. We just spent a lot of time
filming with the camper and it does a lot of neat things. It opens up, there’s hammocks. There’s a pool, there’s a bathroom inside. There’s a dining room, there’s a kitchen. It’s amazing what all they
can squeeze in to a tiny, I guess I shouldn’t say tiny ’cause it pops up pretty big. But it’s amazing what they can
squeeze into a Barbie Camper. And the pool pops up, show
’em how the pool pops up. That’s pretty neat. – And you can go up the water slide, wee! (upbeat instrumental music) – [Mother] Hello.
– Hey. – [Mother] All right, I
think it’s time to turn off my Vlog camera and turn
on the Tic Tac Toy camera. – [Addy] Wait! – [Mother What, what, what? I found this. – [Mother] Whoa I didn’t even notice that. You’re right!
I didn’t see that! The luggage comes out there. – [Addy] Yeah, it’s so cool! – I just discovered it.
– [Mother] That’s pretty neat! Maya, what are we so excited for? – Cake!
– [Mother] Cake? – I got the cake.
– [Mother] The Barbie cake! – None for you, Sandy. – [Maya] It’s gorgeous! – [Mother] Oh, yum! – It’s purple this time! – [Mother] Oh, she is pretty! Now we gotta figure
out how to get her out! – Whoa, hu-oh. – [Mother] Did you mess her up? Wow she’s pretty! – Om nom nom. – [Mother] We only have two scenes left and then we get to eat Barbie cake. And Colin’s gonna be home soon. Colin always goes out
for a super fun play date on our filming days and
he’ll be home in about half an hour so as soon as he gets home, I think it’ll be cake time for everyone! All right let’s go finish
up our last two scenes with our beautiful Barbie cake. – Barbie!
– Oh, she is heavy too! I’m kinda nervous walking with her. Well let’s get these two scenes
done and then eat some cake. – [Maya] Yes!
– Yum! – It’s the Barbie cake! – Look, I got all five of the confetti’s. – Colin is home, the video is done, which means, it is cake time now! (kids cheering) – [Mother] You want cake, Colin? – Yeah. – [Mother] Yeah, I thought you would! How do we cut it? – You literally just give us a huge slice. – I just cut it, like here? Here we go, oh wow! I don’t even know how to pick this up, this is a huge slice. Oh my goodness, here we go. Wow! That’s a big piece of cake Colin. (gasps) – [Maya] Start eating! – We got them confetti filled this time. We didn’t have that last time. – Yay, my piece, it’s fat! I like ’em big! – I like ’em chunky, chunky! Time for mine, I’ll take all this. I’ll take the whole cake. – Okay, I don’t think so. I tried to cut them all
as equally as I can. – Make mine bigger, make mine bigger. – No. All right, hold your plate up for me. – Oh, sorry. – Wow! – She wants our food. I don’t have anything. – [Mother] Sandy’s always
tryin’ to get in on the action, aren’t ya Sandy? Trying to find your place to get in there. Sandy! Well we’re gonna go eat our cake now. Thank you for joining us to see some behind the scenes action of Tic Tac Toy. We’ll see you guys next time. Be sure to subscribe to Tic Tac Toy and Tic Tac Toy Family and we’ll see you guys next time! – [Girls] XOXO! – XOXO. – XOXO!

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