Feminist Agenda Bombs Lego Movie Sequel – Get Woke Go Broke

Welcome back to Thinking Critical this is
Wes and let’s talk the feminist agenda bombing yet another established movie franchise. Lego Movie 2: The Second Piece opened this
weekend and was forecasted to bring in $50 million, well below the $69 million haul of
the original but still a hefty sum. Warner Brothers Studios are likely wondering
what the hell happened as forecasts were readjusted to $30 million, a stark 40 percent under original
industry estimates. Lego Movie 2 will still have no problem winning
a sluggish weekend box office. The sequel is directed by Mike Mitchell, not
the original powerhouse of Lord and Miller but they did write and produce the sequel
effort. The original surprise hit Lego Movie has spawned
a total of 4 films in the franchise and Lego Movie 2 sits as the second lowest opening
above the $20 million The Lego Ninjago Movie pulled, with much less name recognition and
star power. Lego Batman, also a February release, was
able to amass a $53 million opening. Some might say the failings of Lego Movie
2 is a continuation of a downward trend, as customers have grown weary of the franchise. I believe there is a much more obvious answer;
the ham fisting of the regressive lefts ideological agenda into what should be a family film for
all audiences. In the months prior to the film’s release
word started getting out that the film would focus on gender issues, which at this point
is industry code for feminist indoctrination. As a parent of a toddler I’m well aware of
the entertainment industries not so covert agenda to indoctrinate our children through
popular culture. What once was a fairly muted effort has come
to the forefront as Hollywood studios are pushing their leftist agenda on children harder
than ever. Parents across the nation heard the rumblings
in the entertainment press and decided to take a wait and see approach. And it was a good thing they did. Reviews have been pouring in, confirming many
parents suspicions that the sequel is filled with “cultural commentary.” Or as Dani Di Placido of Forbes describes
it, “The Lego Movie 2: The Second Piece manages to be equally insightful, shining a light
on the troubled state of gender relations, feminism, and toxic masculinity.” Just what every parent wants when they take
their youngsters to the movies (a not so cheap entertainment option these days) takes on
gender relations, feminism and toxic masculinity. The lefts favorite buzz term to trash and
disparage any semblance of traditional male roles and behaviors. Di Placido writes, “The Lego Movie 2 cleverly
frames the troubled relationship between big brother Finn and little sister Bianca as an
alien attack, a foreign invader coated in sugar, spice and everything nice. Subverting the trope of the sly supervillain
who hides their true evil intentions, the shapeshifting Queen Watevra Wa’Nabi sings
a song of how ‘not evil’ she is, failing to understand how malicious this makes her look.” Later in the review Di Placido writes, “Rex
is a hyper-masculine action hero, equipped with cool gadgets and surrounded by dinosaurs. His philosophy is based around destruction,
rather than creation, and he regards the Lego figurines dancing to Bianca’s pop tunes as
brainwashed. Cucks and soyboys, essentially.” “Emmet soaks in Rex’s philosophy, meaning
Finn is allowing his destructive side to control him. As a result, he angrily breaks Bianca’s Lego
creations and demands that she stay out of his space. He doesn’t care what she plays, as long as
his toys aren’t involved.” “But the entire conflict boils down to a misunderstanding;
Bianca is not trying to take anything away from Finn, she is trying to share an experience
with him. Lucy, Finn’s Lego character, only understands
Queen Wa’Nabi’s intentions once she lets her guard down, once her black hair dissolves
and her colorful self emerges.” See in the eyes of the Lego Movie 2 creators
boys are poisoned by their own masculinity. They can only be fully enlightened when they
drop their natural proclivities towards masculine behavior and accept their feminine, obedient,
side. It’s wrong for men and boys to want any hobbies
or pastimes for themselves. We need to obey our leftist puppet masters
and turn over anything men hold dear and sacrifice it on the feminist alter. These are the same ideological extremists
who were upset Star Wars was traditionally enjoyed by a majority male audience. It so infuriated them, that men and boys might
like something more than women, they completely altered purpose of the franchise, ruined legacy
characters and shoved Mary Sues down our throats. They then had the temerity to chastise customers
for abandoning the franchise and letting it bomb at the box office, on our own toxic masculinity. Of course, the failings of Lego Movie 2 won’t
be their fault either. They’ll point to a snow storm in Montana,
the rise of Netflix, or any other excuse, rather than recognize their customers are
tired of leftist ideology being pushed through entertainment. At this point radical feminism has vanquished
Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Oceans and now the Lego Movie. How many lucrative entertainment properties
must be destroyed by Hollywood groupthink before they wake up and admit, normal hardworking
Americans don’t want this garbage? Not to mention the fact that far left ideology
is even more toxic to the coveted Asian movie audience, most of all the Chinese. Until then, it will continue to be bombs away
on franchise after franchise that puts ideology over entertainment for their customers. Of course these are just my opinions, what
say you? Do you think there were other contributing
factors? How many franchises have to die before Hollywood
wakes up? I would love to hear your thoughts in the
comments down below.

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24 thoughts on “Feminist Agenda Bombs Lego Movie Sequel – Get Woke Go Broke

  1. My son (6) and I went to see this and over the weekend. We did a review and the best thing is when he said his favorite parts were the MasterBreaker punch and talking dinosaurs. I'm working on video about the movie's revisionist history of the first movie and how they completely discredited Emmitt. The feminist plugs were desperately sad.

  2. Another Intellectual property done in by feminism. How about Hollywood making a movie without pushing a far left political agenda?

  3. Definitely felt the overarching feminist agenda when seeing this. Went in not seeing a trailer or having any expectations and I felt that immediately

  4. Yeah, that is the reason my wife and I did not take our son to see it, even though we all loved the first one. Get woke, go broke.

  5. I saw this immediately in the trailer when they said how "the woman did all the work but the man got the praise"…. Alarm bells started ringing and I knew I wasn't gonna see this at the cinema….

  6. Damn, I wish I saw your review yesterday. Took the wife to see it without seeing the gender articles. What a blunder on my part. The message they were projecting was so obvious. I felt so bad for all the kids in the theater. Brain washing at it's best. I found this video after seeing that Angy Joe didn't pick up on it in his review. So I left a bit of a rant on there to wake people up a little.

  7. Wow, Feminist in Lego movie 2? You guys… If you have brothers / sisters, most parents (excepted yours maybe?) would like you to play with them, and even share your toys with them. This is very common and not about Feminist. I wonder if the movie change the character into 2 brothers, your so called "Critical Thinking" would come out an idea that they want you guys to be gay by having 2 boys playing together. That is so funny. And do you guys see the Lucy disrepect Emmet in anyway? No. They both respect each other. There is a strong female character didn't means that it is about Feminist. In the story, Emmet do not do the fighting thing but he is strong too.

  8. The really pathetic thing is that the forced agenda ruined the movie on a structural level. The lack of any malice from any of the sis-star characters created plot-holes, and left them less interesting as a whole. (Bad Cop from the first movie was a great character! General Mayhem from this movie….had no character.) And dismissing the master-breaker philosophy as 'toxic masculinity' takes away nuance…You can't actually build anything new with Legos until you scrap your old creations for parts. Aka, break them.

    There was fun in this movie, but even to a die-hard lego guy (see my avatar and channel) this movie had issues. The lower numbers were, sadly, predictable and deserved.

  9. I didn’t like the fact that Bianca was portrayed in the right despite stealing and defacing Finn’s toys, and basically destroying his creations for five years. Finn didn’t do anything to her until after she stole HIS things, all because he didn’t want to play with her


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