Fastest LEGO Technic BAJA Trophy Truck with SBrick

75% of power with “kids accelerator”

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100 thoughts on “Fastest LEGO Technic BAJA Trophy Truck with SBrick

  1. как можно писать что он самый быстрый, если найдётся умелец который сделает трофи- трак ещё быстрее этого?

  2. Я понял, что это Россия, когда увидел канализационный люк, а потом Ашан)

  3. Wow nice suspension. I dont know why but this is the most exiting part to see it in action. The camera angle was perfect for this.

  4. Amazing! I'm impressed the axels can take the force! I've sheered them off with a lot less force than that with some of my bigger Technic builds

  5. Hi ,very nice project but, Sorry i dk sbrik: why you use 2 of them and two batteries? Where can i buy the rc buggy motor for less than 60 $ ?

  6. Почему названия на английском? Захватить большую аудиторию?

  7. I'm not going to lie that's really cool but hey I do have a challenge I guess I would like to see it is something I've wanted to do for several years now but that I cannot myself I do not have the financial stability or the time to do this but seeing you do this makes me think back on that I always wanted to build a Lego Short Course Truck something on par with a Traxxas Slash RC I used to have one of those and ever since then I always wanted to build a Lego version and drive it around one of those RC tracks I no longer have any Legos or my Traxxas Slash but it is something that I always wanted to do so I hope I was able to provide you a good idea for your next project I hope that you do eventually end up doing that I personally would like to see it…

  8. Очень красивий я какаето время на ютубе только етовидео и смотрел

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