Fallout 4 but it’s destroyed by mods

Fuckface: War never changes I’ve used this mod once on the channel before but I can never get enough of it. Anyway, hey there friends How’s it going? My name is Kevin and they were gonna be destroying fallout 4 with few mods We might start off a bit slow because obviously we’re starting off in the house But we’ll skip into the main gameplay then. “What’d ya think?” Oh my god. Stop stop. It’s so hard to create you Don’t. Stop doing that stuff. How manly would you have to be to just grow a beard just spontaneously like that. Oh my god that look she gave me as I was leaving. Whoa it sounds like he’s been summoned from hell *Shaun’s demon screeching* “Shau Shua Shaun Shaun Shuan” forgot I put on this, it’s like fuckin’ Heavy Rain. “Shaun. Shaun?” “Shaun whatever you’re selling i- Shaun. *Irish man Kevin laughs* You can’t begin-” “Give me Shaun, the real Shaun. Right now.” This guy must be terrified he’s a professional through and through though. “Shaun. Shaun. Shaun. Shaun” He looks so angry. “Maybe I don’t Shaun.” Oh, it’s such a simple mod, but I love it. “Have you seen Shaun?” He’s just really proud of his new son I guess. “Where is my son?” Oh, how come it was that voice? “robotic: Where is… normal: shaun” Is this hilarious or is it just me? It’s probably just me “You’re not Shaun!” *Shaun.exe is having some shauning problems* “Wonderful, that’s everything. I’m “Shaun” just gonna, walk this over to the vault.” He’s tryna’ get away “But he absolutely refuses to calm down” That’s because he’s the spawn of the devil “Shaun! Shaun! Shaun! That’s not your son that’s the television. *Shaun* Fuck me daddy *wot* Seemed a bit forced. I don’t think they’re actually worried. You can have him the kid is a demon. You’d think he’d be terrified that I’m still talking in here. Wait, I pulled an arm off the radroach. What the hell? “Oh fuck!” Poor little Roach went out swearing. “Fuck!” These things swear like sailors. Jeez those roaches really are big look at the size of its arm it’s crazy. All right you know, I’ve had enough of this voice so I’m gonna go back to another save outside and get rid of the voice. All right, I had this save where I was in the Museum of Witchcraft Jesus Christ that is terrifying Dude that is so scary. Oh my god, the mannequins faces make it even more terrifying these mannequins are fucking terrifying. You may or may not be aware that there is a uh… Deathclaw in here and I may or may not have replaced him with macho man. Oh Jesus Christ, oh go after my son. Look, he’s right there. Go after him. Just look through this hole go on get him boy. Oh My god, I don’t know which is scarier. Okay, come on. Let me kill him. Oh My god my ears. Maybe that wasn’t such a good idea. Okay, I’ll just load a different game a little bit earlier Oh right in the middle of a predicament. How can I help friends? Don’t come any closer friend No, I don’t think I’ll want to know with that face. We like this thing. Sure Why the hell would we risk that a good point just kill him. You know what? You should kill him. What No, oh He bent down just asking for it Jesus Christ, it’s the zoidberg’s. Oh man, they’re more terrifying than the air and that Skyrim version The Skyrim ones were like cartoony. These ones are absolutely fucking terrifying. Oh My god, sorry Zoidberg loved you in Futurama I’ll perfect sake and and that guy kills me. Alright, let’s just use my special pip-boy to just get out of here. Gorilla What are you doing? Where’s he run off to do something. You’re useless this case useless Oh Boris now you’re not useless maybe just beckon hates me Oh, would you look at that moon? It’s beautiful really really makes you feel small Anyway, I got to get the diamond City. I got stuff I need to do. Oh god damn it I thought I left you behind dog found an enemy. That’s my son kill him No stupid I just wanted to visit him. Oh god, this parrot isn’t stupid though. This parrot is terrifying Okay, I like that thing and all but it’s starting to kill my ears, they’re gonna start bleeding pinging yeah Yeah, whatever just part ways. Okay. Oh my God my God look at so much pain Enjoy that. Oh my god. It’s like the Joker times 100. Can I just skip this it’s really scary right now Oh No, get out of my camera Is fun. Wait, what’s that? That’s what I was thinking. I think I heard my son. I’m already inside. I saw snuck around them Interesting cutscene. Do you feel honored yet? uhhhhh. I feel something Look at that he actually built the wall What the hell was that getting visions of some sort? Oh, there’s some town assembly. I want to go up there. I’m heading off It’s still talking. Oh now you’re gonna entertain your folks don’t I that’s right. That’s what you came here for, isn’t it? It’s much more entertaining than any old speech, huh? All the mayor’s coming back. He’s still talking about I Wonder can I push him when he comes back up? I can get the hell out of my face It’s a slow dance this time, it’s really majestic. This is beautiful. Oh They like it they like it a lot better than the booty shake. Oh, I’m full of shit Apparently I wonder where the mayor is. He’s not come back in quite some time No one likes my performance. They’re done. I wonder can I push these people move? They just smashed into the wall newcomer, yeah, I’m a new comer the default Push force is 5 I have it set to like 24. Oh, you got a baby there I forgot I replaced all the bats with little babies yargh, you know God my voice has changed back Shit, I did not mean to hit them away. Now, I gotta chase after that man with a baby stick. Oh there you ask Oh Who’s that oh it’s the baby it’s sounding like a demon again. Holy shit. This is so scary Doll that might have been me. Yeah can’t be having you spreading rumors. Ah, this is the building. I’m looking for the Science Center I have a new theory about how the Institute makes the sinths. Hey stop pushing your science The Earth is flat and I don’t want to hear anything else. ergospheric albondigizer Oh Jesus let’s just be very careful with this. Oh my god, they’re still alive. They’re still alive. Jesus Christ. Oh, Shit I think that actually killed him I didn’t think he could die. Well there goes my light to dislike ratio Thought it sounds like someone’s slurping on soup it’s nasty. Yeah, this thing is fucking dangerous. I gotta be really careful with this I’ll sort this Lose someone in this town did more than just standing Yeah, at least someone did something right through a time someone took action and really took care of things around here Jesus Christ There’s just fountains of blood in there. Oh I’ve reached level for it good God I think that leg just kicked that robot and killed him So yeah get out of here, what do you think you’re doing show is over You know what? I need to load the game before I got this monstrosity. I need my dog back I’m looking for a place called choice chops Kate I’m not interested in the truth. Oh, there we go. I think she hit a pole on the way down to me Twice that scared me I gotta turn that voice off again. This is it Hell was that noise always probably a baby I hear a lot of war noises Where did I send him? I don’t know where I’m sending them. I guess I’m sending them there Okay, the blue portals in here Jesus Christ, I don’t think I should be using this is too much power it’s too dangerous Can I send away this mannequin? Thank you. That’s all I really needed. I’ll count done with this on this baby carrier Oh, my dog is stuck in a loop. He was running to me, but he gets teleported back leave that guy with the baby I swear one more step out of line. I’m gonna smack you so hard with my baby. All right, here we go Got his arm folks. I put him down. You’re welcome Let’s try on someone who isn’t so surrounded So I just go unarmed and I just pull off their own and I’m gonna hit them with it run away Drive It’s driving me nuts. Oh, here we go. This is what I need kids. Love bubbles Goodbye kid he must return to his home planet. You think that’ll pop Oh fact it will oh, He’s fine. Cuz he’s a kid shame. I don’t have killable children on Wow. Oh Jesus he’s still good. Do I get out of here farewell? The moon is judging you All that got him. I think I’ve only got two more items and one is a cat cannon all cats are strong Wait, who’s puing at me? I just peed on my dog get out of here dogs hate cats Oh, he’s fully support this weapon. And lastly. I have a special fat man that shoots teddy bears It’s like being killed by a giant hug. All right, you know what? I have one more score to settle before we end this video. All right, come on Shrek. Please work. Please work This is my only hope please fly away. Oh, thank god when he’s gonna land in water, though That did nothing to him Still played smash me Oh fuckin hell how did he get me overlays? Okay, I’m gonna try and teleport him into different people that can deal with him is a teleport iam I don’t think it okay. It worked. This should do other people will take care of them now for me. Perfect *All Star is playing* I like this is background music. This is so fuckin’ weird! Wait do they deal with him? I think they killed him. Oh would you look at that it’s raining men. I just to finish off the last ones. Let’s give him a big old hug of death Okay, I’m pretty sure all my debts are settled now I can’t see anything But hey, at least I figured out how to use the portal gun I think you’ve just got to put it away and then take it out again. Let’s go up there. Ah See it works. Oh my god that moon is so good. Oh I landed in a pool. Here, you can take my spot down there. Oh wait, you didn’t hit the pool? *laughter* Alright let’s get some momentum. Oh god too much too much. Oh no, I’m good. Okay phew oh there’s someone This is great, okay, I think I may have abused it too much. I really like this portal gun one I should’ve tried you figure it out a bit earlier, but I really like it, it’s cool. I mean, it’s not as good as the Shaun mod. Ah, there we go Oh character you got a happy ending Interesting interesting Look at that one! Oh Jesus he got a horrible faith. All right, I’ve god mode on so I should be fine with this I think we need a doctor for my son he’s falling over. So Zoidberg is qualified right there so scary I think we need more Shaun’s Stop attacking me. I’ll get my son on you. Oh god, I think I frozen at the worst possible moment Look at that face. Okay, and for the outro we have Shaun’s we have Shaun’s and Somewhere there’s baby Shaun’s. Shaun get out the way. Yeah. Listen to him Shaun’s just settle down for a second. Alright fine Do I have your attention now? Oh Jesus. I think I’m outnumbered Alright look we’re gonna end it here I keep getting distracted, but I hope you enjoyed the video if you did at all, enjoy I would really appreciate a like I usually never asked for that. But I’ve spent literally all day on this Well, actually it’s seven minutes past midnight now, so I’ve spent barely any of my day on this I got up I did a different video because I knew this would take a long time and I edited that and then I had Something to eat now and straight into this and now it’s midnight So yeah, if you enjoyed I’d appreciate a like, but other than that, I’ll just say appreciate you folks I really hope you enjoyed it and I’ll see you next time. Bye for now Jared patreon soldier fortune Adrian Adrian K Alexander carat Almighty Pina anaconda Kiwi NER 34 Ashley Oh Morgan bad speller brand new throwback Hannibal owl cat has leash an McNeil Chloe pappagiorgio cookie Min Young Daniel Fernley Daniel Neil David Olsen’s Derek Williams story the exploring. Dr strawberry eccentrically blood semen Emma Hampshire Ethan MacArthur a fluffy beetle in curvy limit *and Cody for subtitals*

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  1. Why is there no mod for me, Well whatever. Anyways theres another settlement that needs your help, here ill mark it on your map.

  2. “I have a new theory’s about how the institute makes Sinths :U”
    “STOp PuShInG yOuR sCiEnCe!”
    shoves at the speed of light
    “the EaRtH is flat and I don’t want to hear anything else”

    Also me:if you put it like that I BELIEVE

  3. I need to know what the mods are. Especially the one that the sole survivor sound like a caveman. Maybe then my father will stop ridiculing me for Fallout being a boring game.

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  8. Yeah, so, thanks Kevin. I got a fucking warning letter from my housing company for noise related stuff in the silent hours. How the hell am I supposed to watch any of these with a serious face?

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