Fake Robot: VFX Before & After Reveal

Sup guys, so we released this Boston Dynamics video over the weekend and tricked a lot more people than we thought we would, I just want to break it down for you guys real quick. It’s almost funnier in a new way, but more than anything else it gives you guys a look as to what we did to make this video a hit. As you probably already knew, we put a lot of work into this video, took over three weeks for us to put this together. If you enjoyed it, do not forget to subscribe both to the (Corridor) Crew channel and to the main Corridor channel. (Airhorn) If you really want to go that extra mile, take a look over at CorridorDigital.store, pick up some cool merchandise for yourself, it helps support more videos like this. Thanks guys! (More airhorn) YEAAA-

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100 thoughts on “Fake Robot: VFX Before & After Reveal

  1. 1 minute silence for those who were watching this Humanoids video and thinking it was real.

    R.I.P 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  2. Yeah, so when robots do end up going berserk in the future then people will just think that it's all fake and nobody will take it seriously. Real good guys, real good. 🙄

  3. Fantastic spoof of we all know who, can't wait for el president to pick up on this and re-post
    as the real thing. Got to go and get a tissue to wipe away the tears from laughter. Oscars all round.

  4. I understand you have to justify a joke to rest people that is just a joke, but no joke in a few years there will be no cops because those robots are going to pull the trigger, laugh is now

  5. That’s how Americans faked the moon landing. They are masters at film making. So many film making organisations in America like NASA, Boston Dynamics, Hollywood, US airforce, military, army, Navy. All fake. Bunch of faking Americans

  6. I thought only Chinese were good with fake stuffs but compared to what you guys did they are nothing! You guys are fake kings!

  7. this video will be used by robots in the future as fake news propaganda as a reason why they wanna kill us all. they will use it as mistreatment on them by human, therefore, they have the right to kill us….hahaha….please everybody remember this video in the future in case it happened.

  8. Obviously paid for by Boston Dynamics or there would be court action , so the real question is why the need for satire ?

  9. Good day) tell Me and your robot was animated manually or movements were removed from the actor? I do not see on actors markers for cracking (

  10. I thought it will be an evil robot after i watch the robot video but it's just cgi it looks soo real so awesome the detail is soo good and i watch corridor vids and never knew the robot was one of their project

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