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100 thoughts on “Extreme Hide And Seek At A Huge Toy Fair!

  1. Can you play hello neighbor and Jordan should be it then audry then ty then dad then mom and then last of all jake please do this pretty please

  2. So you travelled to New York and left your kids at home and your filming hide and seek
    Or you live in New York?

  3. That youtube3family if you are reading this which I don't think you will love you and thank you for making video for us!!!:-)

  4. Oh oh my home I Live in Australia Ballarat Victoria this is my address five Grey Street in my street is grey Street it’s so Close to my school guess what today I woke up in the middle of the night

  5. Hi thatyoutube3fam you guys are amazing i love your videos so much you guys mean everything too me you make me happy ☺ when I'm sad I love u guys please give me a shout out please please

  6. Are you guys okay!? I heard about the earthquake in salt lake City Utah. I'm also a part of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints and I'm bummed about how the temple was destroyed.

  7. I got a huge problem guys you didn't defeat the doll maker he or her is coming back next fall I promise I saw it on his insta

  8. do yu guyes live in woody land in canada because serchad maby yu live in canada sort of where it snows alot but do yuvlike snow

  9. Are
    You tubers
    (Read here)
    That. Tube fam
    Ur clue is the recording people today:3
    Love u guys
    Hope u make more content
    I wanna send fan mail
    But idk ur address

  10. Since we have been stuck at home I went back and binged watched villains I really think y’all should bring it back like have granny and grandpa Abigail and the other dolls baldi and I don’t know maybe his wife and just have like more than one villain in each box to make it harder and just pair them into duos

  11. For the trade swap flip challenge when u said Poiple it’s a Pokémon from Pokémon sun and moon idk if that’s actually how u spell it

  12. I love you guys but I would like to ask that you could do some more bandit videos it always makes my day into a adventure

  13. Hi ThatYouTub3Family I was wondering if u could ask Jordan and Audrey if they could add me and my friend back on Snapchat. My username: isabellejade09 My friends username:makenna_d20 Plz!thx

  14. Hey I love you guys but I really missed the adventure stories that you do plz if you want to do it I misses that.

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  16. Wow, that's lot of YouTubers! That would be hard to find everyone in hide and seek! Also it would be really fun to meet all the YouTubers, including u guys!❤

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