EXPLORE | At the LEGO store! Augmented reality: 2D turn 3D! #DUBAI #BUYNEWLEGO #LEGOSTORE

Welcome guys to my channel, my name is Moosa and today yeah at the LEGO store and we have a a
toy to buy today so let’s get started Do you know, do you know what is aug-men-ted reality? It is something, like we take this this box I stand on this button we hold
it and then we can see what it does just like this I’ll click on and now this
listen that is not the one we are gonna buy because we are doing a surprise and get to the boxes, it gets 3D first it was 2D we can see it’s flat
and now it’s 3D.. its build we can see how it was so flat
right now the box when we can’t see it and then then we can, it gets.. woooo wooo See guys, first it was 2D and now it is 3D, see the LEGO built it so guys, see this is the LEGO box and really big.. Wheeee it’s a surprise so we will open it
and do it at home I hope you enjoy this video I hope you like my trip to the
Lego shop wait for tomorrow the unboxing video.. good bye.. bye.. bye guys..

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