EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH ¨A Man Has Fallen Into The River In Lego City¨

The Lego City rescue helicopter meme has made its way around the internet Thousands of peeople have poked fun at the commercial but none has wondered about the man who fell I am John the Lego figure, i have been researching this subject for hours and today i am bringing you an exclusive interview with the man who fell into the river in Lego City. My name is K. Qron and i’m the man who fell into the river in Lego City. So, 13 years ago you fell in the river and were luckily rescued by the lego city rescue helicopter. If we go back all these years, i just like many others just want to know. What happened after this incident? Everybody knows what happened during the incident but nobody knows what became of you after the whole thing. Tell the world. So after i got checked in and eventually released from the hospital. I got back to work on december 1st in 2006. I was there for a day and then the company said i wasn’t fit after the accident so they laid me off until i would be deemed recovered. So i put the construction thing on hold and looked at other options. I wanted to join the Lego City fire departement but they wouldn’t let me they said i wasn’t made to be a firefighter. They said, you’re just a ¨construction worker¨. Can you believe it? I’m telling ya, the amount of discrimination going on among the professions in lego city are insane, absolutely insane. What did you do after they rejected you? I retired. I went under the radar for a couple of years. Until there was an opening, they wanted a construction worker Lego Juniors. I applied, got the job and that was it. It was a one time thing. Now I’m done with Lego City. Looking back at these images 13,14 years later, how does that make you feel? Lucky. i’m forever in debt to the Lego City paramedic and foremost, the crew of the Lego City Rescue Helicopter.

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12 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH ¨A Man Has Fallen Into The River In Lego City¨

  1. He’s hiding something, he also used to be a criminal in a couple sets, he was angry of the discrimination so he did the only bad thing you can do in lego city: Become a criminal

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