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what’s up everybody its dad city we got
a very special exclusive game footage for you today you know what this is
what it’s Lego DC super villains we want to thank WB games for bringing me out
all the way across the nation so I took me down for Nia it was super cool I got
to see the this warehouse pulled all the Batmobiles that they used in movies
before he fainted he fainted people when he walk we’re in the Batcave where they
store all the Batmobiles from the films look at this this is the bat flick
Justice League Batman V Superman mobile yep this one’s Batman forever this is the unpainted tumbler from The
Dark Knight series and it’s so cool I’m gonna get in it and drive off the black
version does it come in black so I also got to see the Justice League museum the
DC movies museum they had the actual Superman and Batman I got to see like
all the gear and stuff that they used in the movies my knee is a movie studio
green-screen and they’re about to port me in on the bat-cycle or the Batpod
into the Dark Knight film Batman film and I’m pretty sure I’m gonna look
exactly like Batman pretty much looked exactly like Batman
just like I thought it would it’s good to spend a $40.00 it did I got to go in
this room and see exclusive footage it why are you what did you just do I got
to play through the created character sequence for DC supervillains you know
who I created evil flash so we’re about to show you exclusive footage of that
hopefully all the way through the creative character will show you evil
little flash and will show you how that character is integrated into the story
and this is exclusive footage that you can’t find anywhere else except if
you’re also invited by WB games yeah here we go I’m already on route to strikers Island
with our special suspect callin detective Bullock you can look into the
breakout our specials respect it’s always sunny in Metropolis yes
about your right side of the tracks it’s part of a world miss our lease
isn’t without its problems mr. Gordon officer I’m expected is
everything ready sure mm-hmm yes sir Thank You officer stay frosty
he’s eating his doughnuts good day sir mmm frosty who is it normally our precinct wouldn’t
ask for the hell this is someone with your reputation but since you’re the
closest thing we have to an expert in these matters I need to ask you what you
make of this I have to admit I’m a little out of my league with this one
we’re inside the classified files for the creative character screen so this is
where we go in and we we create evil little flash ah okay okay so we’ll go to
the appearance first and will customize the head sideburns okay
just normal face oh man no beard purple face pink face blue face blue
face yellow beard I love it yeah it looks just like you
let’s spider-man eyes so you can make like an Evo spider-man normal face
hehehe okay let’s get out of this and let’s customize the hairpiece see what
you like here we’ll test a few different out like old white afro you like a white
afro okay I used to work for a guy that had a white afro yeah ooh
Elvis blonde Elvis hair mmm you could do Wolverine with that all right you need
yes comes down on the side let’s give you a mohawk oh I got a mohawk there you
like it oh you like it now he’s into it all right so let’s get you but little
attachment yep honk honk okay so OOP Oh wings there you a dinosaur tail I
get one yeah we’re gonna give you a green tail with purple spikes just not
very good okay well you know everybody gets to do their own
let’s do arms here that’s hairy arms blue Scott like a sky bright blue I’m
ready for my body you’re ready for your body and legs yes okay let’s go to
helmet pieces do you want like a mother Mary Mary and Joseph yeah Indiana Jones
how about a about like a swamp thing you don’t want it like a lizard character
I’m gonna call you the lizard man okay what I really want to do is give you
some apps let’s get some ABS there we go let’s match that pecs in six-pack so I
also want to give you a logo on your chest sit here I’m gonna go for this no
music no star you wanna so we want a goal because it looks awesome and evil
yeah okay cool all right we’re getting there let’s put
your some get you some white white panties yeah so you need some white
panties there no blue you like these uh orange and green okay so now we’ve got
you soon yeah matching oh yeah yeah so give you some white boots and yes white
gloves oh man that’s awesome we’re gonna give you this backpack make
it blue it’s actually going to weapons and give you baseball bat but it’s a
magic bass if you want tennis racket no what about a guitar a whisk okay so
yeah we’ll do a baseball bat it’s a popsicle this is a magic baseball
bat I want to do the axe okay we’ll put that in later mechanical axe hammers and
axes claws you could put claws nice okay nice okay and that’s for when that part
of the story comes into play okay so we’re gonna name this evil flash save it
very nice look at that you like it status all right well it’s a status hero
okay so let’s continue the story with this guy in there so that locks our
character into the selection and we’ll lock will unlock more characters as we
go we’ll be able to find it right there but we’ve got a Strykers Island file a
suspect was apprehended as a laboratory break in the lab belonged to an old
colleague of yours mr. Luthor professor Ivo let’s listen I’ve oh I still fail to
see what a break-in has to do with me the good professor and you were mixed up
with the amazing project the Android capable of stealing powers from
superheroes if our suspect has acquired similar abilities they have the
potential to become a huge threat maybe if you cooperate and decide if they’re a
danger we could see about knocking a couple of decades off your sentence I’ve
no interest if you had another superpower loser yes who designed your
costume someone stole my Donuts hello better late than never let’s get out of
here oh this is the point we escaped come on rookie come on you’re with
lassie for now the greatest ever criminal mastermind all right patience
you understand soon enough the new new piece of the level in that
continuum changer that’s our time the containment chamber let’s get down there
okay so evil flash Oh selfie mode you’re gonna take a selfie
hello yes take a photo here okay it’s need some coins because we use
coins to unlock more villains oh yeah okay so the rookie just superpowers it’s
just like Professor Ivo is amazing all right so we’re we’re acquiring
superpowers here good use new ability unlocked
okay so we unlocked a new ability heat beam and we can go in here and we can
customize what it looks like the different styles let’s make it let’s
make it white a white beam just go with this because if we didn’t catch it and
we’re gonna make it come out of your bat no let’s make it come out of your chest
that skull it’s a magic skull hmm nice so that is the exclusive creator
character mode comment below and tell us what your characters gonna look like
what superpowers he’s gonna have what you would name your villain what’s your
villain name evil flash what’s your villain name and we will have more
gameplay footage very soon from Lego DC supervillains all right ah do a super

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