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– [Adrian] Um, you’re kind of shiny. – Oh, thank you. That’s kind of what I’m going for. That’s the trend in skin care nowadays. That’s my quirk. After four seasons of My Hero Academia, we’ve gotten to see a lot
of what UA has to offer. From its vast training grounds, to it’s surprisingly plush dormitories, which are bigger than my apartment, UA is clearly a state
of the art high school. But there’s plenty we still don’t know about Japan’s #1 hero school. (chill music) There’s a lot to say about UA, but let’s ease in by touching on the other hero schools first. We got to meet a few new
students and teachers during the Chunin Exams, I
mean, Provisional License Exam, including best pro Ms. Joke. She hails from Ketsubutsu
Academy High School, an institution that’s had a
longstanding rivalry with UA. Ketsubutsu means heroic figure, and its students live up to that name with their excellent
search and rescue skills. Seiai Academy appears to
be an all-girls school, and anime exclusive, we got to see star student Saiko Intelli show off her IQ quirk, which allows her to
multiply her intelligence after drinking tea. That’s not what happens when I drink tea. Seijin High School appeared in the Provisional License Exam episode long enough to show off their awesome red ninja-style uniforms,
but that’s about it. We got a glimpse of
Isamu Academy High School in the My Hero OVA, but that hasn’t showed
up in the anime or manga. Which brings me to another school that’s had a little more
screen time, Shiketsu Academy. With explosive personalities
like Yoarashi in the mix, Shiketsu students made a
big impression on Class 1-A. Except for Camie who wasn’t
exactly herself at the time. I’m excited to see more
of these kids later on. I’m always ready for some
cross-school team ups. But no matter how strong the students from those other schools are, UA’s still the top hero school in Japan. I mean, if your school motto
is, go beyond, plus ultra, it better be great. And it is. With its gigantic campus and
state of the art facilities, I have to assume it has
plenty of wealthy alumni donating to its endowment, or
plenty of taxpayer support. Either way, UA gives Xavier’s Institute for Mishandled Film Franchises
a run for its money. And it has way fewer secret
facists than Hogwarts. And there are plenty of
things you can learn there that you can’t learn at
those other fancy schools. Namely, the art of being a hero. UA’s courses cater to every part of the hero industrial complex. The student body, with
about 220 students per year, is divided into four tracks and 11 classes for three years of rigorous training. So, let’s start with the
department of heroes. All students must either qualify for UA by taking an entrance exam, or come in with recommendations
from the other elite heroes. Ah nepotism, even in my animes. Students that qualify for the hero course are sorted into either Class A or Class B, which Horikoshi assures us are not ranked in any particular way, despite the whole letter grading thing. Each class has 20 aspiring heroes and is led by a homeroom teacher. Eraserhead, for Class 1-A,
and Vlad King, for Class 1-B. From sparring matches
to rescue simulations to good old fashioned rope climbing, students in the hero
course hone their instincts and the use of their quirks to
become the best they can be. It’s nice how the teachers work with the students as individuals. Like, imagine having a guy
who can stick his mouth at the end of his arms in the same class as someone who can float, and
you have to teach them both. The students bring wildly diverse skills and levels of experience, and the instructors always
rise to the occasion. But we spend a lot of time with
the Hero Course in the show, so let’s take a page from Shinso’s book and give the Department of
General Studies some love. These students didn’t quite have the marks to qualify for the Hero Course, but they still benefit
from UA’s well rounded, liberal arts education. Classes C, D, and E make up
The General Education course which is kind of like community college since the students who show their stuff have the opportunity to
transfer into the Hero Course, if they wish. It takes exceptional grades
and heroism to make the jump, but if anyone can do it, Shinso can. I’d guess that General Education students are also allowed to transfer
into the other courses, too, if they feel the need. So let’s talk about the most
innovative branch of UA, the Support Course. Mei Hatsume is the cover
girl for the Support Course, which is made up of classes F, G, and H. This hands on, intensive
track prepares students for a career crafting all
of the costumes, tools, and enhancements heroes
need to do their thing. Led by Power Loader, these
kiddos are responsible for making support items
for their fellow classmates in the hero course. We’ve seen Mei showing off her babbies in the Sports Festival, but she also gets to tweak
and improve support items that students use on a day to day basis. From upgrading Deku’s shoes to helping Iida follow
in Ingenium’s footsteps, Mei and the other Support Course students get lots of hands on experience
during their time at UA. Since the dorms have been constructed, students now have 24/7 access
to the Development Lab, where they get to play with
professional-quality tools. Poor Power Loader. Now, on the business
side of the hero hustle we’ve got the Department of Management. Students learn how to
manage hero agencies, broker profitable marketing deals, raise capital to support
their hero’s efforts, and even pick the most
merch-worthy costume for their pro. ‘Cause you can’t save the world
unless you pay your bills. Thanks capitalism. But the students in classes
I, J, and K help make it work. So that’s the classes and courses. Let’s move on to the campus. All of UA’s students have access to the school’s extensive
grounds and facilities. I did mention the Support
Course’s fully outfitted workshop, but the campus boasts nearly a dozen training grounds for our proto-heroes. First, we have the PE Grounds, which are mai husbando’s favorite. New students train to tackle their quirk apprehension tests there. Outfitted like a traditional
multi-use training field, the PE Grounds feature a long jump pit, pitching cages, a track, and more. If you’re looking for something
a little less traditional, they’ve got training grounds modeled after just about
every type of terrain heroes would encounter in the real world. Ground Beta is UA’s urban landscape, and it’s so vast that heroes in training will feel like they’re in a real city. They’ll learn how to
navigate the close quarters of a cement jungle, while also, hopefully, avoid destroying essential infrastructure. Ground Gamma is modeled on
a more industrial landscape, complete with pitfalls like
buildings under construction, cranes, and other heavy machinery. And there’s Ground Omega, which is modeled after a dense forest, complete with endemic wildlife. But the most notable training
facility by far is the USJ, the Unforeseen Simulation Joint. Maybe you remember it from back when the League of Villains broke in and attacked a bunch of students, but despite all that drama, it’s still the fanciest training facility that UA has to offer, now with new and improved security. This training ground is most often used for Disaster Relief training, a skill to prioritize for
all of our future heroes. The USJ features a domed
Flood Zone in the West, a Downpour Zone in the North, The Ruins Zone in the Northeast, which looks like the set from Waterworld. Do the children know what Waterworld is? Let me know in the comments below. And the Landslide Zone, which simulates my favorite
Fleetwood Mac song. Again, do the children… – [Adrian] I have no idea, I’m sorry. The Mountain Zone trains students
on high altitude rescues, and the Conflagration Zone is pretty much just constantly on fire, like my Twitter mentions. No one talks to me. But let’s talk about the
elephant in the room, the fact that Villains infiltrated UA twice in the past couple of years, and even managed to make off with Bakugo. Our angry boy is finally
acting like a team player! The League was way wrong about
turning him into a villain. I mean we all know it’s
gonna be Mineta, right? Much like my high school, UA decided to hire a strangely
marginalized staff member to patrol its grounds. And if that seems like
stereotyping, we live in a society. Hound Dog’s quirk gives him
all the skills of a dog, including a heightened sense of smell, which helps him locate
intruders on UA’s grounds. He shows his softer side as the
school’s guidance counselor. Because I guess UA doesn’t
see guarding students as a full time job. See, even anime teachers get underpaid. Though Hound Dog’s looking
out for student mental health and physical safety, UA made additional security
changes after the attack. The UA Barrier, a wall
that surrounds campus, got some upgrades, and
new cameras and sensors have been installed to prevent
intruders on the grounds. And most importantly, the
school built on-campus dorms, so UA’s staff can stay on
hand to keep students safe. And give us more slice-of-life moments. Each dorm has a live-in faculty advisor, a kitchen, a common area,
and lots of single rooms. Meaning UA’s students will never have the character-building experience of having to tolerate a roommate. But the rooms themselves are pretty nice, and it’s nice to see Class 1-A’s individual home decor style. Plus it gave us Bakugo’s
whole Levi-sweeping moment. And lastly, let’s just talk
about student life at UA. With students living on campus now, they have more opportunities to take advantage of what UA has to offer, including it’s annual Sports Festival. The Sports Festival
gives students a chance to strut their stuff in front of pros, and work out inter-class rivalry. But I’m all about the
friends and family vibe of the School Festival. Each class has to put something together, stuff like food stalls, live performances, and haunted houses. The entire student body
gets to mix and mingle, and enjoy a cute little
anime high school moment. And finally, without
giving you any spoilers, let’s just say that the festival gives some of our favorite students a chance to show a new side
of their personalities. Also Horikoshi, if you’re watching this, can you just give us a UA prom episode, or like a fun field trip to
Hakone with like hot springs? Just give us what we want. So that was our tour of UA. And if you liked this
video, then subscribe. But even if you didn’t like this video, then subscribe anyway
because we need subskirption. I’m Y Chang. Wait, that was so good,
you’re running the take. I’m Y Chang and this is Get in the Robot, your anime explainer. We love you. (kissing smooch) Is that good? (upbeat music)

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