Evan Flamethrower: Robot Detective

Sector 26. A mechanical metropolis that around 400,000
call home. It’s constantly buzzing with life, energy…and
yeah, sometimes crime. That’s where I come in. I solve mysteries using logic, intuition,
and contrived interactive tools on YouTube. Flamethrower! Good morning chief. Eh, nothing good about it. Got a new case for you. Sounds good. After all, I’m…Evan Flamethrower, Robot
Detective. What the heck was that? It’s a title screen, chief, you gotta have
a title screen in a cartoon. And executive producer credits… NO EXECUTIVE PRODUCER CREDITS! Fine, fine. Let me cut to the chase. Yesterday someone hacked into Droidstar National
Bank and stole 5.7 million dollars. Straight up cash. None of this cryptocurrency nonsense. Did somebody say crypto? I’m invested in Bitcoin and Ethereum but
I hear Tron is gaining momentum… Thanks. Do we have any leads? Yeah, we brought in 3 suspects for questioning. An ATM from the bank where the robbery took
place, a local hacker who has a connection traced to their website yesterday, and the
millionaire whose funds were allegedly stolen. I need you to talk to them and figure out
who’s behind this and where the money is. All right, I’m on it. Thanks Chief. Hmm…who to interrogate first… I can talk to them in any order I want. Then when I’m ready to accuse someone I’ll
go get the chief. Now where to begin….

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