– I’m amazing, I’m amazing I’m, I’m, I’m amazing. Did I make it? – Nope, you’re at the entrance again! Turn around and go back. This is awesome. Hi SOTY family. So I am in front of our giant LEGO fort mansion and guys, if you haven’t checked out that video make sure you go and do that after you watch this one
because it was awesome. We spent 24 hours inside of it and we’ve had so much fun playing in this LEGO mansion for a few days now, but I am kind of tired of it and I’m ready to take it down and replace it with something even better. (gentle upbeat music) We are going to be
building a giant LEGO maze. Alright, step one of building
a crazy giant epic maze is getting the layout ready. (gentle upbeat music) Alright, guys we have
our base outline done. Now all we have to do
is build the walls up and we will have the
craziest best maze ever. And kids, good luck
getting through this one. (gentle upbeat music) Guys, the walls are coming up! (gentle upbeat music) Alright, guys here’s a little recap. Our maze is about to my waist and it is crazy. It goes on forever, but we still
have a lot more blocks left and the kids are almost home from school. So we are in a race against time to get rid of all the blocks that we have, build it a little bit
higher before they get home. We need to use all of these blocks. (gentle upbeat music) Alright guys, the maze
is officially completed. Are you guys ready to check it out? How fast do you guys think that you could get through our maze? Now how fast do you guys think
you can do it blind-folded? (gentle upbeat music) Alright guys, you’ve
made it through the maze now let’s see how well each
one of the kids can do. – Alright, I’m going
first on this amazing, I hope, LEGO maze. We’re gonna see who can
go through the fastest. Start the timer, three, two, one. Alright, alright. Okay, okay. It seems like it’s mostly, oh, no nevermind. It felt like it was mostly only one path. So I gotta, yeah. Okay I gotta go left. Whoa, I feel like I’m outside now. I feel like I shouldn’t be going this far. Oh no, I’m lost, I’m lost. Wait was there a couch here? Oh no, it’s gotten wider. Oh no. Nope, have I gone in circles? I feel like I’ve been going in circles. Okay, turn. Okay, is there something here? Oh, it’s a dead-end! Where haven’t I been? Am I going the right way? I thought this was gonna be
easy, it’s not easy at all. Ow! Goodness. Where’s the end? Does it end? Am I just going like, in endless..? Did I finish? Is this the end? Aw, more LEGOs. Of course it’s a dead-end! Am I ever gonna get out of here? Follow the side, follow the side. If I just hold the side. There’s nothing here. Hold up. Did I just make it out? Stop the time! I swear I was walking in circles. I better have the best time ever. – Alright guys it’s Taylor’s turn! And I’m going to take on this maze! Start the timer in three, two, one. Okay, okay is there
like a roof above this? It’s such a tight squeeze! Wait, is there a wall. Ow! Wait, is there like a way down here? Where am I going? Whoa. There’s so many dead-ends to this place! I gotta go back. And it’s a dead, ouch! Oh, no, that’s a wall. Wait, is this the entrance? I think I’m back where I started. That’s an end. Another dead-end? Okay, let’s do it. That’s still a wall. Ow! Nope, that’s a dead-end. How many dead-ends have I gone in? No! I’m so confused! (fast-paced music) Why can I just remove the dead-ends? Okay, that’s cool, you got this! I made it to the end! Stop the clock! I know I beat Stephen. Alright guys, it’s time for Payton’s turn. You guys better watch out
because I’m as fast as a sloth. Start the timer in three, two, one. (upbeat music) Following on them. This is hard. Oh no. There’s a lot of ways. I don’t know there’s too many ways to go! I’m going to try and go this way. See if anything, okay, it’s leading back somewhere. Who knows, huh? Where am I? Okay. Go this way. I’m so confused! Let’s see. Did I get out? I made it to the end, stop the timer! I’m amazing, I’m amazing I’m, I’m, I’m amazing. Jordyn’s your next turn and I’m awesome. Start the clock in three, two, one. (gentle upbeat music) I’m kind of nervous. I need to win this! Did I make it? – [Mom] No you’re at
the entrance, go back! – It’s harder than it looks, people! (gentle upbeat music) Did I make it now? – [Mom] You’re back at the
entrance again, go back! – This is so hard. (gentle upbeat music) I feel like I’m going to the same places! Okay. What am I missing? Did I make it? – [Mom] Nope you’re at the entrance again! Turn around and go back. – I need help. – Yeah, she does. This is awesome! (gentle upbeat music) – Did I make it? – [Mom] Yay, you made it! – Guys I think I won that one! Fastest time ever! – My turn to go to the maze! (gentle upbeat music) Oh, a dead-end. Another dead-end? (gentle upbeat music) I made it out, stop the timer. I’m the best. – Alright mom has come up
with an awesome second round. This round I have hidden squishy toys all over the maze. We’re gonna have two
kids go at the same time. One will start here, the other there. They’re gonna race through the maze, gathering up as many
squishy toys as they can. Whoever gets the most
squishy toys, is the winner! – It’s me. – Versus me! – [Dad] Alright Stephen and Taylor, the game is, run through and find as many squishies as you can. There’s only one rule, you can’t knock ’em out of people’s hands or take ’em out of their hands. – Ooh.
– You’re going down. – [Dad] And once you have ’em in your hand it’s yours, unless you drop
it without being touched. On your marks, get set, go! – [Taylor] I found one, it’s pink. – Oh, I got an eyeball, a brain. I got some popcorn. – [Taylor] I got french fry. C’mon Taylor, c’mon! – Hot dog! Oh there’s all sorts of stuff over here! Pizza! – [Dad] How many do you guys have? – [Stephen] I have six squishies. – [Taylor] I have eight squishies. – [Stephen] You better haven gotten them one at a time Taylor. Oh that’s stuck. Get, get, hey! – Guys, I found one, a sandwich. – No, that was on my side! I have one, two, that’s mine, three, four, five, six, seven hundred! – I have one, two, three, four, five, fix, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. I have ten. – I feel so defeated. Literally and figuratively. (gentle upbeat music) – This round it’s me. – [Together] Versus us! – [Dad] Are you ready? – [Kids] Yeah. – [Dad] On your mark, get set, go! – I found tooth! Put this back. I found a hotdog! – I found this! – I found pizza, Parker put it back. – [Parker] I found choco. – Parker I found a bunny! – I found this! – Parker, I found a sandwich! Okay, go! Parker you have to put it back! – [Parker] I found a chocolate bar! – Look what I found, I found a hamburger! – [Parker] I found a piece of cake! – Have you found a lot of things yet? – [Parker] I found an eyeball! – One, two, three, four, five, six. Six squishies! – And I found one, two,
three, four, five, six! Six squishies! – [Dad] Girls, there’s one more. It’s the soccer ball, go! – Hey I found a soccer ball! – [Dad] What? – I found it! – [Dad] She thinks she found it, she might have dropped it somewhere, guys! Oh wait there’s a bunch
more here that Parker hid. (laughs) Parker instead of bringing
it back to the beginning, decided to drop them all randomly here. – And that’s why it’s not fair to have two people on your team. – Yeah that was kind of
unfair, but I still won! – I won too! (gentle upbeat music) – Thank you guys for
watching today’s video! Comment below what other
things we should do in our giant maze. – Subscribe to our channel! – Comment below! – Give a big thumbs up! – And see you guys tomorrow! – [All Kids] Bye! (gentle upbeat music)

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