Epic Fail 🌊 Summer Fun Double Water Slide! Review of H2O Go With Speed Ramp like Slip n Slide

Hey guys, today I’m gonna have lots of
fun on this waterslide the h2o go now I’m gonna play with this with my little brother and this is a double slide so this is going to be so fun
this is pretty heavy so I’m going to open it and then we’re gonna go down
this water slide and its going to be so fun yeah let’s do it! So, we’re going to open this box And we’re going to take it out and see how it looks like.
So here we’ve got, like black pins or something to make it stay on the ground or
something like that and then we’ve got a big waterslide here It’s hard to pull out! There! so here it is. so this is very, very very big so what I see some orange, some red Hey Brent Lets go put it on the side of house
Brent, that way we can go down to hill instead of being sideways. Somewhere around here I think is the directions or something waterslide instruction so we’re going to
hook it up to this this hose and see see how fun it is, right? Okay, let’s do it!. Okay, so drag it over there. Should I stop. Yeah, that’s good here’s where the water goes that’s where
the hose is it hose attaches so I can get the water inside. Okay so now that
we’ve got out the air into the water side we’re going to attach the hose
which is what we already did and you can see right there. So now one last quick turn And there we go, so let’s turn on the water and see what happens David, here comes the water Not too much Water!!! Yes, David. There’s water At first it did barely anything There was not too much water coming out but now we made a few adjustments and
now the water is much stronger so there’s lots more coming out. alright, you ready to run down that thing? Okay… ready! Set, Go! [Laughter] That didn’t work at all! Good one David! right off the thing David Well, at first this turned out to be not too fast but then at the end it got faster and faster and now it’s very fun
me and David love it so I’m going to go back to sliding. Well, I’ll see you in the next video. Bye! Hey guys, here are some of my other videos and I know you are going to love them so go ahead and watch them.

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