ENG / – Monthly Gacha! – 3月のガチャガチャ

Gacha Gacha World Cute Block lab swing 9 I want this Blue I wonder what if Get what you want Yay! The name of this character is “Katsubushiman” “Anpanman” is very popular with children This is so cute that kids and adults can enjoy it Good move The neck moves favorite Miffy clips I want this This is my third time to get this capsule toy It was a clip I already had It’s okay because it’s cute The collection has increased Panda maste holder I want this I wonder what? Normal pose I will try using it For 15mm tape Good! Cute tail Japonica study book mini pouch The location of this capsule toy was banned from shooting Product lineup Japanese children always use this notebook. There are various types depending on the subject What i got・・・ What I got is “Kanji practice book” Wow! This product is very good Cloth is moderately thick Texture like an eco bag It is reproduced very finely Nostalgic Cute I like it very much Eco bag imitating product packaging size? I want this Actually, capsule toys are sold out I was able to get a prize because the same capsule toy was nearby Not good at folding eco bags・・・ Eco bag of baked sweet potato package I’m afraid it will break if I release the button・・・ Wow Big Size comparison with iPhone The fabric is very thin It is dangerous to put heavy objects Convenient to carry and liked Fold It was easy It was a surprisingly good product Outing pocket I want this Kikirara tissue case Cute tissue case Sanrio @ Taiwan I got a capsule toy in Taiwan I went to the other day The place to put money is a little different from Japan I was very tired at this time, so my voice was weak Blue Small container Taiwan Sanrio Official? Cinnamoroll Oh? It is a ring for children Cute Not fit my hand・・・ The same kind of container can be stacked Capsule toys are also popular in Taiwan it was good to get capsule toys that are only available in Taiwan I remembered a good trip Thanks for watching until the end Please subscribe to my channel!

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8 thoughts on “ENG / – Monthly Gacha! – 3月のガチャガチャ

  1. また早く見れた笑

  2. 待ってました😊ジャポニカのポーチ私もやりました🎵台湾のガチャも見れて良かったです😆

  3. かつぶしまんwwwレア過ぎるwwwわたなべちゃんのガチャを見ると無性にしたくなる😋休みの日にしよ

  4. わたなべちゃんの、ガチャガチャ動画ほんとに大好きです💕

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