(ENG/JAP) (Weekly Idol EP.312) K-pop Randomplay Dance Robot Appeared [K POP 랜덤플레이 댄스봇 탄생!]

(one of the greatest hits, It’s me # Produce 101) (hey! This song is for you!!) (the heroes of this night are coming to the stage) (Matilda Saebyeol VS MAP6 Sun) (confident)
(little nervous) (a vocal group’s dancing machine) (great idol song to dance to PLZ don’t be sad # Highlight) (MAP6, player change) (B.I.G comes to the stage for the first time) (Saebyeol VS Minhyuk VS Gunmin)
(a heated triangular battle) (dancing in perfection)
Good, good! (not so perfect here) (all united at the chorus) (this is more like a dance-together than a dance-off) (feeling good) (green boy standing out) (putting a break)
Hold on, hold on, hold on Let me tell you two things It’s so good to see you all singing together It’s okay to sing together but you can’t invade another team’s spot to get more camera shots Okay! Let’s continue, play the music! (you’re all very NICE # Seventeen) (oh my! I have to dance to this) (a sole stage for Matilda) (dance boom boom) (Benji from B.I.G comes out to stop Matilda’s sole stage) (but he doesn’t know the choreography) (appealing to judges with his soul) (but fast to give up)
Do you know? (amazed) I don’t know, how do they know them all? (it’s getting hot in here like FIRE # BTS) (here comes dance adrenaline) Yes, that’s it! (surprised) (power party) (Saebyeol VS Gunmin)
Change change change! (emergency player change) (but takes leave again) Go Benji
(MAP6 is getting nervous because they don’t know the choreography) (she’s a dancing machine)
Saebyeol is a dancing machine! (come out MAP6, MOVIE # BTOB) (the dancing machine who just can’t leave) (all we can do is smile, self-reflection time) (it’s as if this is a showcase for Matilda) (this team is also getting nervous) (looks like the match is almost decided)
Matilda is going all the way! (going for the win, Russian Roulette # Russian Roulette) I know! I know! I know! (super dancer red VS pink who doesn’t know how to give up) (and greens who haven’t left their chairs) (pride is on the line in this competition) (so youthful) (very accurate!) (cheering with their faces)
(Gunmin, you can do it!) What a dancing machine (come on MAP6 Darling # Girlsday) (Girlsday!!!) (green boys finally coming to the stage) (it was a long wait but now they’re so energetic)
Just one, just one! (and only Sun was left) (so energetic) (MAP6 wins this round with super accurate dance) (how about this? Rough # GFRIEND) (here comes Heedo) (round 2 for red against pink)
(going my way) (dance overheat) (face working hard) (Matilda VS MAP6 VS B.I.G)
(cover dance competition clear) (the only dancer who danced to all songs) Looks like the winner is decided Are you a fan of K-POP? Yes, I love K-POP Everything? Matilda wins the cover dance competition!! Mom, are you watching? (can’t say no to that)

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100 thoughts on “(ENG/JAP) (Weekly Idol EP.312) K-pop Randomplay Dance Robot Appeared [K POP 랜덤플레이 댄스봇 탄생!]

  1. Those green ones… They do training right???
    Also, pink ones management mentality: "get some pretty flowerboys and paint their hair, that'll make them into kpop artists for sure…"

  2. Bài của bts mà con ấy nhảy kiểu phá bài vler
    Cái bài của người ta nhảy đẹp thế mà nơ phá hỏng
    Nhục thay cho army

  3. ไปรษณีย์ไทย vs แกร๊บ vs ฟู้ดแพนด้า มันเหมือนอ่ะ555555

  4. God those guys took up so much space, my girl only had like a cubic feet to dance while the boys frothed at mouth being on camera

  5. واو شي حلوة انه فرقة b.i.g موجودين اكثر فرقة معبرتنا اتمنى ان الكل يدعمهم😭😭😭😭😭💖

  6. The girl was so light on her steps that it felt as if she was going to fly away which proves that she is an amazing dancer wether she knows the steps or not

  7. Does anyone know the guy from MAP6 that's shown on the screen at 2:09 cause im a lil bit obsessed with him lmfaoo hes so cute
    Edit: The one on the right side of the screen with the darker hair

  8. 👧🇰🇷🇦🇱🇯🇵🇨🇳🇺🇸🇬🇷😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😆👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😅😅

  9. 아 이거 알수없는 유튜브의 알고리즘으로 오게되었는데 마틸다친구들이 좀 더 적극적으로 센터를 차지했어야 했을것같은데 춤을 누무 잘추는데 파워가 장난이 아닌데..

  10. She looked confident throughout the whole thing, even i was questioning if the choreo was correct or not. She completely deserved to win!!

  11. อยากรู้นาทีที่3:33ชื่อเพลงอะไรหรอตามหาเพลงนี้ตั้งนาน

  12. Saebyeol knew all the choreos yet the cameras focused mostly on the boys EVEN when they were SITTING 💀💀💀 Matilda needed all the attention they could get and were great in this episode but weren't recognised 🗿🗿 im happy that at least in the comments ppl are talking about them💕

  13. 마틸다 새별님 하이라이트 얼굴찌푸리지말아요랑 방탄 불타오르네 모르시는것 같은데 왜 mc분들 아무말도 안하시지?

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