Ellen Toys with Her Audience’s Emotions in ‘On the Spot’!

The craziest thing
happened to me. I got to tell you what
happened this weekend. My friend Bruno Mars
texted me and begged me to go see his show
in Las Vegas– something about me being his muse
and blah, blah, blah. And obviously, I’d love
to go, so I started researching hotels,
and, oh my heavens, I don’t know if you’ve seen what
they’ve done to the Venetian. It’s their 20th anniversary. Look at what they’ve
done to the Venetian. It is stunning. Whoa. It’s a perfect place to
celebrate any special occasion. And look at this. [MURMURING] Nobody knows celebrations
like the Venetian resort in Las Vegas. So I thought, what
if I mentioned the Venetian on the show
several times, like I just did, you know– [CHEERING] So we’ll see what
happens tomorrow because I said I’ll mention it. [LAUGHTER] But, so they said maybe they’d
send me some tickets for people to stay for free and they did– [CHEERING] –not enough for
the whole audience. No, they’re not that generous. They said half the audience–
how many people you have there? I said, like 350, and they
said, nope– like, 150 is the most we can do. And I didn’t want
to ask for more. I felt weird and pushy, so
here’s what I’m going to do. It’ll be very fair. I’m going to split the
audience in half, and– [LAUGHTER] –we’re going to play a
game called “On the Spot.” Whichever side wins is going
to get a three day, two night stay, dinner for two, and
passes to Canyon Ranch Spa. And here’s how the game works– I’m going to divide
the audience in half. A word will appear behind
me and I will randomly point at someone who will stand
up, give me a one-word clue, and then I have to
guess what it is. If I guess it right,
your side gets a point. And then I go to the
next side, and, anyway. All right. So let’s divide the
audience in half. [LAUGHTER] All right. All right, some people– some people not
feeling as confident and moving their side over. All right, I’m going to
start here on my right, and– yes, with the jean jacket. Yes, stand up– no, the
jean jacket behind you. I’ll get you next time. Yes? Um, a pole. That’s two words. Sit down. I’ll get you in the– [LAUGHTER] All right, one word. Money. Stripper. [CHEERING] All right. All right, we’ll go
to this side now, and the word will
appear behind me. OK, with the flower in
your hair– yeah, stand up. Presley. Elvis. [CHEERING] One point, one point. All right. All right, ma’am stand up. Uh, coin. Bit. [LAUGHTER] [BUZZER] Eh. Like, what, am I a pirate? Coin. All right, let’s
go to this side. [GROANING] Aw. All right, some
people– hands went down because it looks like
it’s a tough one. All right. Yes, ma’am, you’re so excited. Yeah, stand up. Yes. Yes. Dice. Dice. Um– uh– gambled. [GROANING] [BUZZER] Oh, of course. I haven’t been to Vegas
recently, that’s– that should have been so easy. That’s my fault. All right. Yes sir, yeah– yes. Um– Venetian. Vacation. [GROANING] Aghh. It’s a hotel, what’s
wrong with me? That’s my fault and I’m an– I’m an idiot. It’s a hotel. [APPLAUSE] I– yeah. All right, it’s tied 1-1. This could win it. One more on this side, or
I could be an idiot again. Um– uh– sir, are
you confident or not? You keep putting your hand up– you went like this, and
back down again, and– all right. Yeah. Blackjack. 21. [GROANING] [BUZZER] No wonder you put
your hand down again. Blackjack is not poker. The hotel thing is
on me, I take that. All right, this side. Yes, yes, you, uh-huh. Drunk. Alcohol? [CHEERING] [BUZZER] [LAUGHTER] Still 1 to 1. God, we’re going to be here
till tomorrow, and it– all right, we’ll go
to this side again. All right. Yes, in the blue back here. Yes, you. Yes. Machines. Slot. [CHEERING] OK. We’re out of time. This side is going to Venetian. You’re going to the Venetian. [CHEERING] Yay! [APPLAUSE] I’m sorry. I’m sorry, but– I mean– I– [CHEERING] –all right, y’all going
to the Venetian too. [CHEERING] [MUSIC PLAYING] [CHEERING] All right. All right. Yep. Yep. [CHUCKLING] [CHEERING] I mean– let’s– have a seat. I mean, your faces
were just, it was– I just wanted to ride it
out as long as I could. [LAUGHTER] Some of you were like, oh,
she’s going to come back to us for sure, and some
of you weren’t sure. Oh, that’s fun. I love my job. I love to get– I get to toy with your emotions. [APPLAUSE]

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