Elevated LEGO train station MOC progress update #6

hello everyone this is gonna be a I
guess somewhat of a bittersweet update on this elevated rail station that
pretty much everyone in the world believes looks exactly like a McDonald’s
fast-food joint because it does contain the colors red and yellow but the thing
is reviews season is right around the corner I mean it is upon us
most of the Lego new summer sets for 2018 have been showing up in various
parts of Europe for weeks now and I think the UK has almost everything now
except for the Lego shop exclusives and the United States is going to be finally
getting the broad releases of everything on June the 1st and so that means
they’re gonna be I’m gonna be doing a lot of reviews here pretty soon because
that’s what people want to see it’s what the channel is mostly about and as a
results I will not have time to work on this thing that our Gracie says looks
like a McDonald’s hesitate to call it a restaurant McDonald’s isn’t really a
restaurant right fast-food place but it’s inspired by the airport shuttle Sam
just kind of in the back of my mind originally I was intending to bring in
some of the arch pieces the same types of arch pieces used in that Airport
shuttle set for the back kind of at the center of the canopy area and also off
to the sides where I have these little stairwells that come up so I was going
to do sue me I have to change my grip on my camera here so I can get you a finger
in the shop I was gonna do an arch coming up this way just to cover the
stairwell there and all this was going to be completely open to the elements
and then I was gonna have the same thing on the other side from down here is
gonna come up and out and then just this year was gonna be its own little space
that had coverage for for when it was raining
and you know I mean you’ve you’ve seen kind of the the evolution of this as I
have gone through various changes and tried different things and slowly that
main center canopy has just grown and become a little bit more smooth and it
eventually overlapped what I came up with for the little site canopies and I
decided to just merge it all together it just feels more smooth and and
intentional this way I might do something yet to the ends a little bit
I’m not entirely happy with how those how those end there I do want it to kind
of turn in with some sort of angle I may be going round for those hands would
have been better I don’t know we’ll see for now it’s fine it accomplishes its
goal it does what it’s supposed to do and I think it looks better than what
was there before but yeah this this thing has progressed pretty well and
it’s functional now you know the it’s almost connected the tracks are almost
connected it doesn’t need to be connected at that and just need to put
another couple points underneath to correct the spacing for the ballast if
you will to hold the rails in I did not get around to doing any floor treatment
here or a treatment for the ground beneath or rather behind this as you I
should say in the little alley space between the buildings that will be in
that space there and what worried me you have four minifigures to get into the
entrance gates but I did do a little bit more with the stairs think I need to
close up some gaps on the undersized there but again just taking inspiration
from the airport shuttle set I went with the the white handrail on the outside
and it just it’s a little bit brighter than anything else could possibly be and
since there’s no not a lot of light that gets in there that was pretty important
and it doesn’t look half bad to me then I just have little little bits of walls
on the sides with some ads I was thinking what can I do with the walls
there should I just show that same yellow back there on the back to the
sides of the L should I just use that that yellow white
and orange pattern should I try to do some sort of micro mosaic behind there
should I put stickers on there for the train system company logo and I realized
what would an actual train station have you would have ads of course little
billboard so I put those up my other station had billboards on what are these
these white pieces up here the railing they’re facing towards the the
passengers and I might figure out a way to put that in at some point but I think
it’s good to keep everything low on this side and it’s all the more reason that I
eventually lowered the arch down as much as reasonably possible so it didn’t
stick up too much because ultimately I need things to be shorter on this side
of the table and ultimately this is just looking okay to me needs needs some more
work but I don’t feel too bad saying it’s unfortunately done for now it
definitely needs more work before I would consider it to be what I normally
call done for now especially with just the floor and just little details around
the edges but most of it is functional I mean in the end I might even go with a
light gray color for the floor so it’s not too far off again just following
along with the airport shuttle design but yeah I got the the gates over on
that side and the ticket machine you need to get a couple more stickers for
the ticket machine there on that side I ran out of those but yeah it’s it’s in
place and it’s part of the system I do need to make a couple of adjustments to
the track so I can actually get the elevated train running I realize that
from comments that I’ve seen in the past a lot of folks aren’t aware that there
is a a train that goes around this and you can see a lot of videos on my
channel regarding the train system just showing this as one of the things that
goes around and I also have some videos about just it just a little custom for
why’d power functions powered thing that goes on its own it’s remotely controlled
and that’s that I said it is review season so I will not be working in here
very much for the becoming probably few weeks I’ll try to get stuff done fairly
quickly but I won’t rush things too much just it’s got a lot of other stuff going
on in life in general that requires attention and it’s good to have some
actual free time as well some actual time off for things other than this
hobby which ultimately becomes work once I really get into it and you know
work-life balance has been has been okay recently so I’m gonna try to hold on to
that for the sake of just general life health
and yeah it’s it’s good it’s a good thing to do not work too much but I will
definitely be doing a lot of work on the reviews I look forward to that there are
a lot of sets that I am looking forward to checking out and sharing with all of
you and possibly integrating in some ways at least temporarily into the city
or in tamela me district and even doing some customization and trying some other
things well I’ll be able to still do some creative stuff you know during that
that whole review season which won’t it won’t take forever but we’ll see how it
works out for now this is it for this elevated rail station thank you for
watching and stay tuned for a reviews that are on the way you

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