Egyszerűen elkészíthető, halacskás ötletek gyerekeknek- Easy to create fish toy ideas for kids DIY

PepiCat! Kids, Cats, Dogs and many, many more… Easy to make fish game ideas. Hi, there! All the ideas you will see in the video will improve the fine motor control eye-hand coordination and creativity. The scales of the fish in the picture are made by making circular sheets and sticking half of them on the paper. We used a shoe bag and a newsletter to make the bottom fish. If you choose this, you might even want to color it. With this picture we are trying to give you an idea of what is possible to decorate a fish. The buttons are clear, the orange fish have crepe paper balls, and we have placed various things on the lemon yellow fish, tiny pompons, aluminum foil balls, cut pieces of colored paper, and beads. Instead of crepe paper, you can use toilet paper or tissue paper for small balls and then paint them. It’s a good idea to use double-sided adhesive for these little things, but if you don’t have such an adhesive at home, normal is fine. This picture shows you how to prepare for making fish when you are going to thread strips of paper. Fold the fish in half lengthwise and cut in several places next to each other. For smaller children, or for those whose manual skill is less good, sticking colored stripes next to each other is also a good idea. What you see now is a picture complementary game. We used twisted yarn, but any kind of yarn would fit this purpose. We’ve played this so that, for example, a sea witch stole the face of the fish, and the kids had to fix it so the fish could swim again in the water. The end result is something like that, but kids’ work is always much better than what you see here! Here we cut three fish out of glitter paper and one out of a shoe box because it is good for the purpose as well. In order to make the cut sections the same, it is advisable to fold the fish in half and cut out these shapes in this way. Here you can see the fish already made with the yarn. In this picture we can see three different techniques. The lemon yellow fish was made with a plug, the green fish with a cotton swab, and the orange with a fingertip. We used “Tempera” paint for all of them because it has a brighter color than watercolors. The body of these fish are made as if we were folding a paper fan. Here you can see in the picture how to prepare before folding. The patterns are just ideas, the more detailed they are, the better they develop fine motor skills. You can figure anything out as a pattern. And you can see the finished fish in this picture! These little fish are also easy to make. You will see how this happens, right away. Their bodies are almost circular in shape and will be folded along the two lines that are visible on the orange fish body. They will be able to stand that way. The body of the purple fish shows the other side that has already been made. The lemon yellow is already laid on its side. The fish body can be decorated with any tiny pattern – as you wish. When the decoration is done, fold the fish along the lines and glue it on top. This picture shows that we decorated the fish with pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds can also be painted as desired. Pumpkin seeds are just an idea. You can use other fruits. Or even pistachio shells. One year, for example, children made scales out of tiny beans. For the last fish idea, you need a toilet paper roll. Paint or cover the roll with colored paper. We chose the latter. Squeeze the toilet paper roll at one end and cut a triangle into it. That’s the fish’s mouth. Staple the other end of the roll so that the tail piece is inside. We hope you enjoyed it and find one of the many ideas! Enjoy your work! If you liked this video, please like it and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel. Bye-bye for now!

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