Drunk Vs. Sober Assembling Legos

you can mess it here play with mono play with yours oh yeah when I was like 11 or 12 I built the Death Star so this is gonna be this is just child’s play for me I have little to no experience building Legos probably say I’m a beginner I have a lot of experience stepping on them destroying them I’m gonna be building a bulldozer I have been tasked with building a multi-piece Lego set a dinosaur a train and a tiny house we’re back baby we have three and one Legos I believe I have a dinosaur without you a robot my box says seven plus which means it’s like 7 to 15 mine is 7 to 12 literally ages 7 to 12 here we go all right first thing about Legos we opened the bag you have to just spill it all out good that’s good we got some music right okay so the first thing I wants me to do is build the guy they gave them a like one of those drills which is weird because if you’re driving a bulldozer you don’t need like one of those drills but hey she’s unstick listen Legos are not for the weak all right Legos for the strong Legos I’ve heard those who are aged seven and above stop grow up I’m building a house right now is this a race we race none enough whose hands are meant to do this oh wait I have very big hands that’s a lie but they’re still too big for these Legos I’m still gonna outperform everyone’s expectations because let’s type it in the big jewel that I am people don’t expect movin on I am in step number 10 happy for you I’m on the 31 number ten outages number ten of the three things which means I’m basically on the same step as he of interesting math thing this I don’t wanna fight I do I’m on step three one step three one six slowly when you’re better than everyone it’s hard you just have to walk out what the haters does the haters don’t they just don’t want you to build what would we say to the haters wait wait wait wait you’re saying your pants are tight yeah you stand up real quick and tell people please show everybody your pants these are no no these are did you see that they’re not pants pants whatever pants too tight in the front what zipper you won yep that’s what I thought this is like really nostalgic for me like a pretty girl just Yellin be mean to me I’m just trying to build Legos and the whole time being yelled at but that’s your problem you know what I mean all right guys you got the wheels on mmm-hmm ready Lucy I’m not really building a dynasty does this look like other makings of a dinosaur to you is seriously like what does it look like up it looks like I’m building another phone what is what I build a tractor both thank you how to build a bulldozers what’s it like to build Lego I’m not gonna help you anymore you’re not alright you haven’t helped much at all so whatever I’m over at Turner okay this is a powerhouse I really need your help you serious no this is the beginning of keyboard and it’s shocking because it’s so lifelike key one boom I looked at you Legos these are legs these are legs you guys they stand up I am shocked and confused these are wings this is so the guy can fly and he’s gonna fly far we’re going back can you get this off for me so this is my dinosaur but I think it says that I’m done now what are all these extra pieces for all right I’m putting the jetpack with the flames on the guy oh that’s tight isn’t it you guys are that it is it is tight your ashes but I’m actually not sure how this is supposed to go because Oh got it it goes the other way oh wait I’m done that’s it I’m just done that’s that’s it I’ll wait for you to finish take your time I’ve got nothing better to do did you know this my friends is the finalized product hold on okay this is the finalized profit hold on no he has legs that can move he has oh I can move tickets but just chillin waiting for you to finish hey how’s your daddy start coming it will be nice if you ever finish I mean how does it look like I did pretty incredible I smashed it it’s magic look at my collection this belongs yours okay I think my work speaks for itself you know I came out here and I perform I built five things he built she built this little dinosaur what I do this in my free time drunk or sober probably dropped if I would just like hypothetically build Legos in my free time that I pathetically I probably do it both sober and drunk and there it is and that in it and there it is the end good job [Music] [Music]

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100 thoughts on “Drunk Vs. Sober Assembling Legos

  1. “I’m nostalgic a pretty girl is yelling at me while I’m playing with Legos”

    Was he talking about his mom?

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  3. Can someone help me out I have a poll or a survey to take. I am from a Mexican background, first generation and I have never played with Legos. Can anyone else relate because I don't find it common among Latinos. Correct me if I'm wrong.

  4. "Legos" is what Millennial morons say. The brand is called Lego. What you actually play with are Lego bricks, or Lego components. "Legos" do/does not exist unless you are talking about two or companies of that name.

    See, that is why I am tertiary educated and make $180k/a, and you lot don't.

  5. Our giant bag of legos has 2 generations worth of scuffed pieces due to first my dad and then 30 years later me trying to pry apart pieces with knives. I'm in my 20s and Christmas is still not complete without a box of legos which dad and I still then build together. One such Christmas a scandal befell our family when my grandpa sent my dad bionicles instead of a regular set. We were confused lol.

  6. Child – "So what did you do at work today?"
    'Adult' – "I played with legos"
    Child – "So did I!"
    'Adult' – "Yea, but I did it drunk and I'm still drunk and I probably shouldn't be driving you home"

  7. He makes me think of Ashton Kutcher for some reason. I think it is the cheeks and lips.

    She makes me think of Megan Fox. Smile and everything else.

  8. Idk Buzzfeed you need better personal to make good videos!. Like i get the hot girl but c'mon you can do better than that.
    Do like Drunk vs Drunk challenges and i like to see that they are really drunk cuz they can be acting "drunk".

  9. It took me half the video to realize that they were either both sober or both drunk, not one sober and one drunk

  10. I noticed half way through the video that in the drunk section the backround is all tilted and the lamp shade isn’t straight and the pictures are just… 😂😂 ahhhh.

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