Draw with Me Timelapse | Woody, Toy Story!

Hi everyone and welcome to a new video here
on the channel. So today’s video again it’s a bit different. We had a
bit of a musical interlude yesterday but today it’s about another hobby and
that’s drawing for me. Something I always used to do when I was a kid and I’ve
picked it up again in this spare time. I did a bit when we made our first badge
but then I’ve just left the drawing pad for months since then. So I’ve got back
on it and what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna scan in this drawing I did of Woody
on to the computer and then I’m gonna use my drawing pad to outline it, colour
it in and then show you the finished product. So what you’re gonna see is the time lapse of me putting it all together. Hope you enjoy. [MUSIC] And that’s the finished result.
The reason that I sort of wanted to put this video out is because the thought drawing
a Disney Pixar character was a bit like yes, it’s Disney Plus launch day! And also
just something a bit quick for you so that you don’t have to spend too much
time away from Disney Plus. We’re currently probably in the midst of our
top 10 things to watch and we’ll be back tomorrow with the vlog of that full day.
Helena did nip out to the shops today and get some snacks, some snackeroos.
So we’ll be having a good day. So as always thank you for your support, thank you for
all the lovely comments relating to our video yesterday when we did the cover of
Can’t Help Falling in Love, the Kitchen Sessions #1. We are actually, we’re
planning the next song already. Got it printed out, got the chords to learn and
hopefully it won’t be too long before we have kitchen sessions #2.
That’s it for this video. We’ll see you in the next one which will be tomorrow at 11
o’clock in the morning and it’ll be a premiere as well so come and join us for
that. See if we managed to get everything watched on our Disney Plus top 10 list. Bye. [Dreams by DJ Quads] SUBTITLES BY MARTYN BELL

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5 thoughts on “Draw with Me Timelapse | Woody, Toy Story!

  1. Please can you do more videos about this kind of stuff because art is one of my hobby’s and I love Disney as well love you and your channel ❤️🤪😁

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