Double Decker RV – In Lego!

a few years ago I converted a
double-decker bus into an RV I’ve shown that in some videos. If you haven’t seen those yet check them out here Then I got an email: Hi Ron, I’m Markku from Finland it said Markku saw the videos, got interested in my bus and built it in Lego! And he sent me a link of the photos of it. we all liked it very much and my wife eventually bought it from Markku. That’s why it’s here now. Now isn’t it beautiful? sitting area kitchen microwave 4 burner gas hob AC microwave 4 burner gas hob AC utility room water pump water heater water pump water heater bunk beds bathroom stairs bedroom bicycle You might want to check out Markku’s
website. He built some remarkable things Thanks for watching!

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41 thoughts on “Double Decker RV – In Lego!

  1. Hey, I'm looking to do the same, Though i was wondering what MPG you get with a bus that size? Fuel is pretty pricey in the UK and i dont think it would be afordable.

  2. This is so funny, i've just started making lego models of peoples cars for people, and i watch your double decker bus video, and find this lego version! i see this as a sign of good luck 🙂

  3. do you have instructions to purchase or order in pdf form? If not please do it as I must buy 1!!! How many bricks are needed? Please kindly revert. Thanks

  4. Very clever – I love it that there are some mad people out there with talent – keep on truckin' – Well done Markku.

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