Dora The Explorer and Diego Backpacks Filled With Toys For Sandra Kids Toys

Hi, I’m Sandra,
the Disney Car Toys channel with.>>Spidey Spidey Awesome
>>And today, we have some new backpacks, well, new used backpacks. I have Dora and.>>And Diego Rescue backpack.>>Yes, and I got these at Goodwill for
a dollar each, so yay for Goodwill.>>Woo.
>>And I actually got a lot of Barbie toys at Goodwill too. So you’ll see those in
the next couple of weeks. I’m really excited. They’re like, from the 90s.>>Vintage.>>Yes.
Vintage 90s. And so now we’ll open up our backpacks, just a little clip, and
let’s see, should I go first?>>Yes.
>>Is that okay? Okay.
>>You can go.>>What is this? Oh, a Littlest Pet Shop blind bag.>>Oh.>>And this is,
I think from the new year, yeah, 2014.>>Oh, very nice.>>So, brand new.>>Well I can’t wait to see what’s inside. I love blind bags because it’s
always a big surprise and lets see I see a little blue bucket and
oh, it’s a little pony. That’s adorable and
it fits right inside the bucket. Looks like we got this pony but
in a different color scheme. Our pony is brown with blond hair and
huge eyes that are so cute.>>Very good deal. Okay, and I also have a blind
bag of Spongebob Mega Blocks. Love it.
Hopefully I get a Spongebob this time. I’ve always been getting fish. So hopefully this is not another fish.>>[CROSSTALK] I, how many of
the purple fish have we gotten? Like two or three?>>Oh, at least yeah.>>Yeah so.>>It’s all the same thing.
So hopefully it’s different.>>The stores keep on giving it to us so.>>Oh, too many.>>All right let’s open up this
Mega Bloks Spongebob Set and see what we’ve got inside. I really hope it is not another fish
because I keep getting fish all the time. Okay, let’s see what we’ve got here,
and it look, oh yes perfect. All right, we’ve got a Squidward,
all right. I was wanting that one. So we got this caveman Squidward, and
it looks like it is a common one to get. Now let’s just put him together. [MUSIC] And here’s our little Bega Blocks
caveman Squidward all put together.>>Now, I have another one.>>Oh.>>And this is another blind bag but
I’ve never had one of these before. This is a blind bag My Little Pony ring,
which I’m really excited. You can get Rainbow Dash.>>Oh.
>>Or Princess Cadence. So, I’m excited.>>Oh, it’ll be fun.>>We’ll have to see what we get. Now let’s see what’s inside
this My Little Pony blind bag. This is a pretty unique blind bag
because its actually a ring and the packaging says that it lights up. And who do we get? Oh, Rainbow Dash. She’s one of my favorites. This is really cool. Okay. It comes with this tab. So, let’s rip that out, and if you press
this button in the back it lights up. That’s really cool. And you get rainbow colors too. This ring is so cool. I love how it’s heart shaped and
how it lights up with Rainbow Dash.>>All right. Let’s see what I’ve got in here. And oh, this is a big one. Oh, Minecraft mini figures. That’s pretty cool, you can get all kinds
of different characters from the game.>>I, yeah, except my niece, I talked
to her on the phone the other day and she told me to buy these so.>>They’re really cool.
>>This is for you.>>All right, I like Minecraft so
it’s cool, all right. Here’s our three pack of
Minecraft mini-figures. We got a creeper, a skeleton, and a pig. Let’s open it up and
let’s see what they look like. [MUSIC] So it looks like there’s four
different types of set you can get. Each one has three figures. And we got the one with the Creeper,
skeleton and the pig. Here’s our cool little
skeleton Minecraft figure. He’s pretty cool. Looks like he got a bow and
arrow or something in his hand. Here’s our creeper figurine and
he is, indeed, pretty creepy looking. And here’s our little pig figurine. He’s got little eyes, and
a cute little ring tail at the back, and, kind of random with the two
creepy things, but oh, well.>>Okay.
What else do I got? What else I got? Oh.>>Oh. What’s this?>>Oh, it’s Santa. So that’s the perfect stocking stuffer.>>Oh.
>>Or backpack stuffer. And this is Santa Claus, and it’s a putty. So kinda like Silly Putty or
Play-Doh, we’ll have to wait and see.>>Oh, very fun. That’ll be fun to mold.>>This is the perfect stocking stuffer,
even says it on the box. So let’s open it up and
see how Santa works. It’s kinda like a surprise egg. Let’s see, and oh, here’s the putty. Kind of a funky yellow color. And if feels just like silly putty. Almost feels like gum too. It stretches. Woo.
That’s fun. That’s really cool. Oh, and you can rip it even apart. It’s kinda like taffy. And just like silly putty,
it bounces too, just like a bouncy ball. That’s fun. [MUSIC]>>All right. Let’s see what I got here. Aw, it’s a little Cookie Monster!>>Cookie Monster!>>How cute!>>[LAUGH].
>>I should put him on my dashboard.>>[LAUGH] Yeah, and
just drive around with Cookie Monster.>>Kind of like a little hula girl.>>[LAUGH] I wish I could walk around
with a tub of cookies and it was.>>And not be judged for it.>>Yeah, not be judged,
just, me want ookies. And everybody, everybody could be like,
oh yeah, that’s normal. That’s Sandra, cookie monster.>>Yeah, that’s how it is.>>That’s cool.>>Here’s the cute little Cookie Monster
figurine holding a little jar of cookies. And he’s all furry and just cute. And my last present, this was it.>>Oh.>>This is Barbie I can be series,
and she is a little pet vet.>>Oh.
>>A veterinarian. That’s cute.
So we’ll open that up in a sec.>>A little veterinary Barbie.>>And here’s the mini Barbie doll. I got her at Target, and she’s about the
size of Polly Pocket or a Magic Clip doll. All of the dolls in this series are career
dolls, like a teacher or an astronaut. And this one is a pet vet. She comes with this cute, tiny,
tiny, little kitty with a white paw. And like other dolls,
her legs and her arms move.>>Boom.
One more thing. Cool, oh it’s a little ball, and it is
a Squishy Pops My Little Pony figure.>>Yeah. I’m excited for this, cuz it’s tiny,
I mean you can like see it, super tiny. But I think a fun little
My Little Pony pops out of it.>>Oh.
This will be interesting.>>I hoping it’s like, I’m hoping
the ball like, explodes or something.>>That would be awesome.>>And this, and this pony like,
this big that comes out.>>That would be amazing.>>That would be awesome.>>All right, let’s open up this
My Little Pony squishy pops ball, see what we have inside. Okay, let’s see what we’ve got. And oh what are these? Oh, they don’t. Oh, this isn’t a pony actually. This looks like two beads. Alright.
Oh yeah, these are beads that you
can put on a necklace and you can collect all the different kinds
and make like a My Little Pony necklace. So, okay. So, I’m kind of disappointed. Kind of wanted a pony, but oh well.>>That’s it. That’s all we have in our backpack.>>Aw. Sad.>>I want more.>>But if you had liked this video. And you wanna see some
more surprise backpacks or anything like that,
please click like and subscribe. And in the comments, let us know who you think got
the better toy in their backpack.>>I did.
>>Me or Spidey.>>Click on a picture to watch
another fun toy video, and if you click on the question mark,
you get to watch a mystery video. Thanks for watching, and have a great day. [MUSIC]

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