Dolls Have Problems With Barbie’s Laundry Washer and Dryer Kids Toys

La da de da da. I can’t believe I am doing
Elsa’s laundry, this is ridiculous. Being the Queen of Arendale is just amazing. I just love being
clean Mr. Woof Woof. I get to eat ice cream I have Cinderella do my laundry. Oh oh Cinderella
when you car done doing that load of towels can you do a load of whites and some
ironing. Yes Elsa I can do that for you but you do know I am just visiting for vacation I
am not a servant girl anymore I am a real Disney Princess now. Oh this ice cream is delicious
who needs a spoon, oh oh Cinderella just do your chores and stop talking. Oh this is the
worst vacation ever I can believe Elsa is making me do her laundry here she is stuffing her
face it is disgusting she’s even cleaning her face off she’s got ice cream all over her, she
is just acting crazy. Oh Mr. Woof Woof I am so glad you are my best friend and it is just wonderful
to eat this whole carton of ice cream. Oh hey Elsa just stopping by to say hi to Cinderella
oh hey Cindy I’m so glad your in town. Oh what in the world happened to your living room,
Elsa what is all of this? Okay first of all you’ve got ice cream all over your face then you
have a cash register in your living room and a mail box and a shower, some kind of doctors set
and then you’ve got Cinderella here doing your laundry in your living room. Elsa are you
off your rocker or something? Why is your living room all weird like this and why do you have
junk all over your face I mean something has got to be going on here sis. Oh nothing is
going on, everything is perfectly fine. Well something defintly seems up did you see Mother
Gothel today? Did she put a spell on you or something? or did you eat a cup cake or a
muffin from her? No I didn’t see Mother Gothel I had a normal day I visited Kristoff’s rock
troll family and then I went to the grocery store and bought tons of sweets like ice cream and
cake and then I redecorated the living room and it looks amazing you haven’t even complemented
me on it. I just don’t think you are acting normal right now let me go talk to
Cinderella and figure things out. Uh Cinderella do you know what’s going on with Elsa she is
acting super duper strange right now. I don’t know went to visit her yesterday and she was
totally normal and then this morning she ran some errands came back and has been acting
crazy she made me do laundry and reorganize everything. Something weird must
have happened this morning to her. Hey mom I don’t want to wear this dress, it’s
Felicia’s and I don’t want to look like a girl. Yea mom I don’t want to wear Alex’s clothes
please don’t make us do this. Yea mom please. Oh what are you two kids talking about don’t
be silly you are dressed totally normal and cute. Oh my goodness does she have the kids dressed
up in the wrong clothes uh boy. Yea I think she put Alex in his sister’s clothes. We’ve
got to get down to the bottom of this before Elsa gets crazier you know what I think it was
the troll family behind this. I hate these clothes I don’t like it I don’t like it, Aunty Anna
mom has gone nuts. Yea let me give the rock trolls a call I think they pulled a prank on Elsa here.
Oh hi Boulda uh yea I am calling about Elsa she is acting really really strange. Actually
right now she is stuffing her face with cake and she is not even using a fork. Delicious. So yea
I am wondering if you casted some kind of spell on her or something because she is acting
strange. Oh yea we did cast a spell on Elsa today because we just wanted to have a little fun.
We thought it would be like a little prank don’t worry there is no long term damage it will
probably wear out in a few ours. It was all for fun wasn’t it so funny. Okay Boulda I guess
we will just wait a couple hours for it to wear off next time though play a prank on Barbie it
will be way more fun. Hey Cindy I am back and you were right I talked to the trolls and
they cast some kind of goofy spell on Elsa, those pranksters. So we’ve just got to wait a
couple of hours and it should wear off. Well I am glad it’s a spell and not her normal personality
she was acting so crazy lets just get out of here in the mean time until it wears off though. Alright
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us know if you thought it was okay of us to cast a spell on Elsa as a prank I thought it was
hilarious but let us know if you thought it was alright. Oh sweet little puppy don’t you
want a bath in the washer machine oh yea that’s such a good idea. Click on a picture to watch
another fun toy video and click on the question mark tot watch a mystery video. Thanks for
watching and have a great day!

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